Letters from Mom: April 2014

April 7, 2014

Oh what a week it has been!  Wasn't General Conference just so great?  It always is, but it was wonderful.  It seems that everyone who listens to it might have a different interpretation of what the overall theme or tone of the conference might be.  To me, I was struck by how often our leaders talked about kindness, about being kind to all people including those who might revile and persecute for differences in beliefs.  One of my favorite quotes was "There is no room for ridicule, bullying, or bigotry."  I think I'm going to post it on a wall in my classroom and at home because I think it is that important.  Ridicule is the "humor" of the day, but what it is is just a "soft" form of bullying.  I see it in my classes, and it is rampant in the halls.  So, I'm going to dedicate my home and classroom to being  ridicule, bullying, and bigotry free zones.  Also, I loved the personal reminder to me to step up and work harder.  It seems that all things fall apart during play season, and that is not good.  I have felt my personal distance from my Father in Heaven keenly the last week, and I am anxious to redouble my efforts to repent/return to Him.  I'm excited to hear what you found most profound or lovely from Conference.  :D

So, in other news....

Finally, I am feeling better - I had to take three extra days off before I felt up to school, a full ten days for recovery, but I am doing well.  So, that's a relief.  Sam is doing well at work.  He spent one three hour day in front of a computer/training, then two days later he went back and cooked fries, nuggets, and fish fillets from 11am-3pm for the next three days!  hahaha  The first day at the fryer "wasn't too bad" - he even said it was kinda fun - but the second day he hated it and said he did NOT want to go back. hahaha  I reminded him that any new experience, including working at Wendy's, required 40 days and 40 nights in the wilderness while we grow accustomed to the newness.  I told him he needed to give it at least 6 weeks before he even thought about looking for a different job.  Happily, the next day wasn't too bad.  This week he works 11am-5pm M-F.  Yeah... that should be crazy.  I hope he'll survive, and I hope he gets paid at the end of this week so he has a giant carrot to keep him going!

We're finally back to a more regular schedule - home in the afternoons.  It's always a little scary and disconcerting for me to have the house back in focus after 6 months of rehearsals and ball games... lots of cobwebs and dust bunnies and slimy windows.  So, we've got our work cut out for us, but we'll get 'er done.  And, happily, one of the bonuses of my weight loss adventure is that I'm not so tired at the end of the day in part because I'm not carrying around so much extra weight.  I already feel more vitality and energy, and I'm not even a quarter of the way to my goal (close, but not quite 25% there).  So I look forward to being able to come home at the end of a school day and still have energy and gumption to do more work around the house instead of collapsing on my bed!  hahahaha   BUT I don't know if the girls are too excited about that - if Momma's workin', they all is workin'!  :D

So, yesterday we met Aunt Trina's boyfriend, Brandon (I can't remember his last name).  I think I may have told you about him, yeah?  He's a convert of two years, a divorcee with two little girls, and a very interesting guy!  He's 33 and has lived quite a life - he's been in the Marines, he's worked and lived all over, he's lived a party life, and a serious/conservative life.  All in all he ADORES Aunt Trina and the feeling is clearly mutual.  Sadly, he moved from Rexburg to Boise about a month ago, and Trina is committed to finish her massage therapy schooling until November, so they are long distance for a while yet.  But, she went up there a few weeks ago to meet his family and to be there when he received the Melchizedek Priesthood - he is the only member in his family and catches quite a bit of grief for it.  And he came down this weekend just to be here, I guess.  So we all went over to Sean & Tammy's house to meet, eat, and greet.  He's really nice - he's a keeper in my opinion. 

We had a fun time at Sean and Tammy's - out of the blue and in their tiny little living room, suddenly wrestle-mania began.  Sam, Meg, Janie, Zaine, Quinn, Alyse, Trina (a little and against her will) Sean, and Dad - even Grandpa Dixon got in on it a little... from where he was seated on the couch.  hahahaha Quinn had a thing for Janie - he attacked her specifically and relentlessly (I think he has a little crush on her) and kept jumping on her and licking her!  Janie, as you know, is not renown for spending time with small children, so it was a shock to her to be the object of his attention and frustrating because she really did not know how to handle it.  I just laughed... and laughed and laughed until my stomach ached - I'm not completely healed yet!  hahahaha  I wanted to take pictures of Brandon and Trina (so you could see them together) and I wish I had pics of the wrestle mania, but I left my phone at home and Dad's phone was dead!  Gah!  So all you get is pictures of Sam in his Wendy's-ness. :( 

Grandma Price, Aunt Cathy, and I went to Camary's bridal shower on Saturday night. It was fun to see Camary - she is really such a lovely person - and everyone was really kind to us as the "ex's family."  They are going to be moving a couple of hours outside of Oklahoma City a couple of weeks after they get married, so they'll be driving distance from the Tanners.  She was happy to hear that, because she's a little nervous about being so far from home.  They'll definitely have a place for Thanksgiving and July 4th and all that!  I'm not sure if I told you already about all the changes in the Tanner family.  Zach and Carrie are buying Chris and Dale's house - moving in on May 15 - and Chris and Dale are moving to a house in Blanchard, outside of Oklahoma City, that is in the country - they will have over an acre.  Zach graduates from college, Owen graduates from high school, and Clark gets married... all of that in May.  Ca-razy!  Pray for them! hahaha

So, typically, this is too long.  But, I have to tell you a couple of funny stories about Grandma Price.  On the way down to Pocatello, to Camary's shower, she was telling us how frustrating it is for her and Grandpa to be getting old.  She said that one day she wanted to record something, but couldn't find the remote anywhwere... they looked all over and couldn't find it anywhere.  The next day, as she went to hang up the phone, she found the remote sitting in the phone charger.  hahahaha  THEN, just minutes after we finished laughing about that story, Cathy was telling me about this reunion the Hatch's have planned in August.  She said, "It's a whole week!"  Grandma pipes up, "Who has to go off whole wheat?"  Aaaahhhh it's funny, but also kind of sad.  I think we're going to have to start checking up on Grandma and Grandpa more often!  hahahaha

Well, my darling, I love you.  I hope you've had good feelings this week, that you've been able to recognize those moments when the Spirit is with you, guiding you, and teaching you.  Line upon line... precept upon precept.  You are loved, my darling, on Earth and Above.  We pray for you daily, and for the people in Chile who are looking for more in their lives.  

You I love.


April 14, 2014

Hey, darling!  I'm so excited to hear from you today, and hear all about your week.  What a new adventure for you!  I hope it's been good - not too rough.  :)  Things here at the farm have been pretty good... well, good and bad - as is life.  :)

I'm feeling really good after the surgery.  I get a little sore after a long day, but I'm doing quite well overall.   I was able to go to the Dixon girls night out, and we had a great time.  We laughed loud and long and even got a "your disturbing others" visit from the front desk at 2:30am.  We were only telling funny stories and laughing. but we were laughing pretty loud.  Lynette was telling us this story about riding in the big truck with Bailey and having to go to the bathroom so bad after waiting for so long that she had to go #2 in the cab of the truck in a garbage can.  She was telling it in such a way, with such details and facial expressions... oh, my goodness.  I was crying I was laughing so hard.  hahahaha  The night that I was gone, Dad was playing host to a double girl party at home.  Janie AND Meg and friends over.  Sam, wisely, went to Tommy's house.  :D  The Prices just go back from a trip to Cancun - 12 days.  LeAnn said they had a great time, but I haven't heard any details yet.  

Sam had a busy week at Wendy's.  He worked 30 hours, from 11-5 each day.  And then he quit.  Yeah.  He said it was too stressful.  They tried him on something else, but for some reason he just couldn't do it.  Gah!  Sometimes I just want to say, "Dude!  This is real life.  Life is stressful.  Work sucks.  It's just the way things are.  Deal with it!"  But I know there is more going on inside of him than that.  He's really struggling - paranoia is becoming an almost constant unwanted guest.  And he's been hurting himself again.  He showed us scars on his thighs - high up and hidden beneath his underwear where no one would look - where he has been picking at himself to release some of the pain....scars the size of half dollars.  He's been having really dark, suicidal thoughts... thoughts of worshiping Satan to get powers.  It's as though we're right back where we were again.  We watched a movie as a family last night for Family Fun Time and then prayed and all parted for bed.  Twenty minutes later, Sam came in and asked if he could be with us for a while because the desire to hurt himself was so strong.  So, we tucked him into bed with us - he left sometime in the night.  Probably couldn't sleep with all the snoring.  :)  Fortunately, we have an appointment with his doctor on Wednesday.  I hope we can make a real plan because to be honest the future looks pretty bleak for him right now.  

Sorry for all the dark stuff.  Keep him in your prayers - as I know you do.  I'm trying to be more specific in my prayers, asking for clear direction in how to help him.  I've stopped asking the generic "please help him," so much and am trying to be more specific.  It's been a good thing for me.  

OK - moving on.

The camera.  We found the warranty - it's a worldwide warranty, happily.  But we're not sure exactly what to do next.  We're still trying to figure out if you have to send the camera to one of the locations (the nearest one to you was Mexico City) or if you can just take it to a certified Olympus retailer/repair place.  I think you can take it to a repair place if you have the warranty, which we have here with us.  It has a bar code on it specific to your camera, so I'm wondering if we could scan and send a copy of the warranty so that you could get it repaired sooner than the time it would take to mail the warranty to you.  We're still looking into it - sorry for delay.  It's just about being available to call when the company is available to answer! hahahaha  We'll get it, though.  We will. 

Other news. Brad and Ami found out they're having a little girl.  Justin Dye got his mission call to Baton Rouge, LA.  Beau Merril is going to Milwalkie, I think, and I can't remember where Corbin Hanson is going.  Tate went into the MTC on Wednesday last week.  Karder said he was the only one who didn't cry, and that he's excited to move into Tate's room soon. hahahaha  Grandma and Grandpa Price went down to Oklahoma City this weekend - that is great for them.  Did I already tell you that Nate and Cindy are having a boy?  Oh, and Dad and I are going to Hawaii January 11-18 with Aunt Nan and Uncle Reece and Gramma & Grampa Gold.  It's official - booked - a done deal.  It's surreal, but SUPER exciting!  hahahaha

Alright I just got your text that you are online, so I'm going to send this to you now.  You I LOVE, my dear, dear missionary man.  Can't wait to talk to you on Mother's Day! 27 days away!  We're missing you so much - Meg changed her wallpaper on her computer login to be one of your Senior pics... yeah, she's missing you bad.  :D



wow! lots going on a home! i guess 8 months is when lots of new things start happening! Super hard to hear about sam! i so much want to be there with him right now. but... it will all be ok. i will keep the prayers going. im glad you are feeling better! thats at least good! keep taking care of your selves and keep up the faith, i love you guys lots and lots.

there will not be a camera repair place here... the closest one is in antofagasta... and i cant really do that... sooooooo i dont know. but we will see.

i know! im so psyched! less than a month! how these 4 months have passed... love you guys! miss you tons!

Elder Gold

April 20, 2014

Hello, my darling!  Happy Easter!  It is a beautiful (albeit breezy) Easter morning at home.  Yesterday we all "found" our Easter baskets and today we are working to remember what Easter Sunday really is all about.  On Friday, while visiting teaching, I was commenting on how poorly I've done in preparing myself for this Easter Sunday and how sadly little I've thought in depth about the Savior, His life, and ministry this week.  But then, we talked about how THAT example, right there, is exactly the purpose behind the Easter season: the Atonement allows us to repent, to remember, to return to Christ.   I feel so grateful for my Savior today.  I am so grateful for the Atonement.  

So, a busy week! What else are we going to have?  On Tuesday, Meg got her hair cut, as you can see in these pictures.  The cut really makes her look grown up and frames her gorgeous face.  She has received a lot of compliments, duly deserved.  She will be 16 in less than 6 months - CA-RAZY!  On Wednesday, Sam asked Emily Simms to Prom.  She is addicted to Sunkist fruit snacks, so he bought 10 boxes of said snacks and put a riddle in each one that would end in a poem asking her to Prom.  The poem reads: Roses are red, violets are blue.  Prom with Sam?  So, as an example, for the second word of the e "poem," "are," Sam's riddle in box number 3 was "A pirate's favorite letter of the alphabet."  It was pretty fun.  He was going to put them scattered all over in her car, but Emily has a fear of murderers getting into her car while she's at work so her car was locked up tight!  So, Sam put them under her car and put a note on the windshield that said, "Did you check under your car?  There might be a bomb!" It was a fun time.  He hasn't received an answer yet.  Janie decided with her friends to sing in the talent show next month, so she's been practicing and getting ready for that.  We'll all have that song memorized by the time she's done! hahaha  

This week, on Thursday actually, the well pump died - no water for Grandma & Grandpa or for us.  YIKES!  So on Friday, Dad and Sam helped Tom Hatch replace the well pump.  Grandma said that that pump has been in the well since before they moved in  37 years ago!  There was a chance that we'd have to dig a new well, but luckily we have enough water (SO grateful!).  Today, Dad is really, really sore.  Hahaha  On the other side of the city of Shelley, at Grandma & Grandpa Dixon's house, we had the annual Easter Egg hunt (yesterday).  It was a good time.  We met Brandon's kids - Brandon is Trina's boyfriend.  He has two little daughters, and they are super sweet - adorable little girls.  It will be interesting to see how that relationship turns out.  He is ready to marry her today, but he moved to Boise last month.  She still has school until November, and she's been living on her own for the past 10 years, and it's sometimes hard to surrender your freedom and autonomy to share a life together after such a length of time.  So, when he has needs and she isn't inclined to meet those needs, she finds herself struggling.  But, she really adores him and he treats her like a queen.  So, we'll see... I'm rooting for him as the next brother-in-law.  His daughters really seem to love Trina, and she is good with them, really sweet.  We'll see, we'll see.  Oh, and Grandma and Grandpa got a new tent - they are so funny.  After the Easter Egg hunt, we helped set up their new, big wall tent (the canvas, army, scout camp type) because their other one was all but destroyed.  So, somethings change, and some things stay the same. Oh, and Grandpa broke his ankle on Tuesday.  Yeah.  He's really happy about that.  He's got a big old boot and crutches.  I hope he mends well!

Last night, after the Dixon Egg Hunt and traditional BBQ, we went to Prices and colored Easter Eggs.  It was a lot of fun!  We waxed quite creative - Pintrest is the best! hahahaha  Meg made a special egg just for you.  On that note, I am sending you some Peeps and skittles because it's been far too long since you've recieved a package from us.  With our luck, you should get it by July... but hopefully sooner.  I wish I was more on the ball, but I'll just have to try again next year.  :D   In a total switch in the conversation, Lexa sounds like she is having a marvelous time in China.  I'm really glad for her!  I'm glad she is going to get out there and experience life.  It's fun to read her blog - I don't know how much in contact you are with Lexa at the moment... so I'm not sure what to say more (or less) about that, what you already know or don't know... Anyway.  OK - awkwardness.  Why do I feel awkward?  I feel awkward at how awkward I feel right now!  bahahahaha

Clearly, it's time to close this letter.  I hope you've had a good week with Elder Thurman.  We'd love to learn a little more about him, where he's from, etc.  Also VERY IMPORTANT: We would like to send you a new camera.  We figure it would be cheaper to send you a new camera and then use the warranty to repair yours when you get home than to try to ship cameras back and forth.  So, unless you tell us otherwise, we are going to send you a new camera this week with your Peeps and Skittles... OR, if you want to get a camera sooner, we can send cash and you can purchase one down there.  OR we can try to have Amazon ship it to your house instead of to the mission home - whatever you wish.  Just let us know.  Today.  If you don't say anything, if you don't give specific instructions, we'll probably put one in the mail this week.  FYI :D

Love you like crazy, son!  Three weeks until we get some face time!  Can't wait!  May the Lord be with you and with Elder Thurman in your labors.  

Love from Mom


hahahaha :) oh mommy :) :) i love you so much :)

Oh, i need to apologize for something. i dont know if you remember. but one time, i tried to take control of the house because i thought that i should be the head because of my priesthood. i was so very wrong. thank you for being so mature in my moment of.... idiocy. looking back, you handled it Incredibly well! so... sorry for that. i love you so much. thank you for being my mom :)

Hahahahaha. dont worry about packages! we have skittles here! but thank you for thinking about me :) the camera however is looking a lot more attractive... do you want me to send you my old one still so you can get it repaired within the year mark?

I think it would be good to send it straight to my house since i will behere for like 2 more months... at the least 1. my adress is:

Elder H. Gold
Amancay 655 #210 Bloque B
Vallenar, Atacama

I would love that yes.

That all sounds lovely! yes! Meg looks insanely different! i kinda freaked out when i saw that photo! wierd! thank you for the Egg! i love you all tons!

Also, dont feel wierd for the Lexa thing... its just... casual... super duper casual.

I hope all of your wildest dreams come true.

Elder Gold

April 28, 2014

Let's get on with it:  Braden Tomlinson is going to the Rochester, NY mission in September.  Dalton Nelson had to wait 4 days to open his mission call because his dad was on a business trip!  He's going to Lima, Peru and he leaves in July - 364 after you left.  There are three Seniors from Shelley going to Peru this summer, actually: Dalton, Jacob Sutherin, and Corbin Hansen.  It's that season - lots and lots of mission calls!  It's super great. 

That's really all the big news I have right now, but it's a great subject line, right?

Oh, there is other big news.  Uncle Brent is home.  It has been so wonderful to see him and he is so mellow and sweet to be around.  Also, Camary is a married woman!  She and Justin had a really lovely wedding, and we had a nice time.  You know the Prices, we're not afraid to have fun!  They had a live jazz band and we danced it up!  Jake even started The Macarena to some old 1930s song... there we were, the Price side doing the Macarena... and nobody else.  hahahaha  I uploaded some photos in the One Drive.  Oh, and speaking of photos, a new camera is on it's way!  We found a great one... but it's not dust proof/water proof, like the last one was...  sorry.  Oh, and one more thing.  Sam sang in church today with Kolby.  They sang a really great duet of "I Know That My Redeemer Lives."  They did a really good job.  It was nice to have Sam in the pew with us, but even with our gentle and persistent invitations, he went home after Sacrament Meeting.  Ah well.  He seems to be doing better in many ways lately - his sleep seems to be more consistent and that makes a huge difference.  Also, he's thinking of becoming a welder via ITech  It should be interesting to see what the future brings for that boy.  Prom is this weekend, so that should be an adventure, too.

Things are going pretty well at home right now.  Dad  was passed over for a promotion this year, but they did give him a $1000 award for sheer awesomeness.  Of course, the government will take 35% of that, but we're grateful to have it.  Dad and I went over our budget last weekend and we were both amazed and humbled to see how it was working out right now.  They all talk about the blessings that come from having a missionary in the field, and we are seeing them.  Somehow, miraculously, we're able to meet all of our obligations AND snowball some debt AND set aside some long-term savings.  Thank you for your service, and for allowing us to support you.  Speaking of money, you finally got paid from your work on the farm last summer.  We'll put that in your account this week.  I think I may make a separate account, like add a checking account to your savings account, so that money can just sit there and have babies until you get home. :D

Last thing - you mentioned last week about a time when you were trying to "rule the roost" because you had priesthood authority.  In all honesty, I don't even remember that incident or time specifically.  So, no worries there, but thank you for your sweetness in apologizing for it. 

I am so grateful for the fullness of the gospel in our lives, my son!  I am so grateful to have living prophets on the Earth to guide and direct us.  It is a tumultuous time: so much good and so much wickedness; ups and downs, like a stormy sea. I am truly grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ, and for his Infinite Atonement that allows me, personally, the time and support to work more diligently each day to improve myself and overcome my weakness... to deny myself of all ungodliness.  Thank you for your efforts in spreading the gospel to His sons and daughters in Chile.  We love you and are counting the days until we get to Skype your handsome face (13 days!).  

You I love,


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