Letters from Mom July 2014

July 28, 2014

Yup.  Fourteen days from now I will be in my classroom preparing for another school year at Shelley High.  It's amazing how fast the time has zipped by!  But that is the way of things, yeah?

So I added lots of photos this week - there is so much going on!  I think I told you that Brad and Ami had their little girl, Marlie, on July 16, and then yesterday, on July 27, Michael and Ally had their little girl, Isabell Mae.  Ami and Brad had a smooth delivery - their baby came about two weeks early! - but Michael and Ally struggled.  Because Ally has gestational diabetes, they were really concerned about not allowing her to go past her due date.  So they tried to induce labor Saturday morning and then broke her water later that afternoon to get things moving, but after 24 hours they decided it was time to go in and get little Izzy, so Ally had a C-section.  It was a difficult experience for them, but little Isabel is here and safe and healthy.  I think we're going to go up there today/tonight to meet her and to see Michael and Ally.  Boyd and LeAnn were able to be there to meet their little granddaughter; they were planning to leave early Sunday morning to drive part of the way to Arizona to pick up Tommy.  But they were able to delay their departure until Sunday afternoon so they could greet little Izzy.  

Tommy will be finished with his program on Friday!  Boyd and LeAnn check in on Tuesday and then join him in the wilderness later that day.  They will spend the next two days with him in the wilderness and then they'll come back to the center and do what they need to do, and then they'll head home.  He has made some important strides.  Most importatly, Uncle Boyd has made some important strides.  This treatment program has been as much for Boyd and LeAnn as it has been for Tommy.  I guess over the past few weeks, their family therapist has really put Boyd through the grinder, so to speak.  He's made him look inwardly and see that his curt, sometimes abrasive, "coach" style of parenting may have worked for him, but it is NOT working for Tommy (or for Michael, but that's another story).  Boyd has had to really look within himself and recognize that his way of communicating love ("this is what you need to do to be better") comes across as "you're not good enough; try again."  So... it's been quite a summer for their family!  It will be interesting to see how things go when they are all home again and living with each other day to day... their struggle is not over yet, and they are all aware of that.  Keep them in your prayers.  :)

We are almost finished with our porch project!  It's been a good experience, and we really love how it looks and feels out there.  The last thing we need to do for this phase of the project is replace the front door.  We already have a door picked out, we just need to install it.  That will be nice!  We were planning, hoping to put a roof over it, but we ran out of money so we'll wait to put up railings and a roof for next year.  

So, in addition to hauling lumber and concrete for the porch project, I got to switch classrooms last week as well!  I have moved into Clif Davis' room - so I'll be next door neighbors with Hobson, who took Miskin's room - down the senior hall.  There was, as always, good and bad to the move.  The bad was that Clif took his personal items but left a HUGE mess behind him.  He had three teacher desks in his classroom all stuffed with old cables and electronic equipment and papers and junk.  He left two filing cabinets FULL of old debate papers... from, like, 2009 to present.  He left stickers and posters and old debate trophies and dried up paint from when he used to teach drama old drama art projects and boxes and boxes of plastic utensils and nacho trays and hot dog holders, bags of little salt & pepper packets, dried up glue sticks, moldy and broken book cases, and a full sized refrigerator that doesn't work!  And that's just all that comes off the top of my mind.  That is by no means all that he left. I filled 6 garbage cans with all of the crap from his room and moved the rotten book cases, the broken fridge, and one of the now empty teacher desks into the hall as well as his two filing cabinets that were so rusted they could barely be opened.  Ugh.  It was a mess.  It took me over 7 hours to clean out his room enough to move myself in.  It took an additional 3 hours to move my stuff down to his/my new classroom, since they are on opposite sides of the building!  I'm not done yet, I still have some filing to do - decisions about which papers/books/catalogs to keep and where - and the walls are pretty blank! So I want to do something to brighten up the place a bit.  But the major effort is complete, so I can move forward during the hours when Meg is at soccer conditioning or open gym for basketball.  

So, yeah.  School is about to sweep over us and take over our lives again.   Meg and I are going school clothes shopping today.  Janie and I went last week.  And Sam... well.... yeah.  Sam.  We're still trying to figure out what to do there.  I really feel that he will not move forward until he is ready to.  He has to make the choice to move ahead, to change his lifestyle, to want more than basic survival.  All we can do is try to love and understand him and keep holding expectations for him - he is expected to do things around the house and to shower and be morally clean, etc.  We can suggest school and employment, we continue to invite him to join us at church, but if we push too hard things go bad in a hurry.  We will continue to walk the fine line and endure... long-suffering, and all that.  ANYWAY, so that is that.  

Yeah.  Another long letter.  I'm glad that you like them because I really don't think I can change.  I have tried to write less, to be more brief, but it just isn't natural or true for me to not be honest and give you the full story.  So there you go.

We love you like crazy.  I hope this week with your companion has been more fruitful.  We have been praying for you both.  Relationships can be so messy! hahaha  Working relationships, family relationships, church relationships, love relationships.... it's all a hot mess that we keep going back to again and again!  Oh, speaking of messy relationships, Trina and her boyfriend, Brandon, have called it quits.  And now, sadly, we see the true Brandon who has turned out to be a prime idiot.  He is trying to manipulate Trina into coming back to him by telling Grandma Dixon private things that Trina entrusted to him, by sending his temple recommend and vial of oil to Trina to show that because of her he is going to leave the church, by having random friends in Boise call Trina to tell her that he is missing and might take his life, by telling Trina's friends in Boise that Trina is delusional and mentally unstable.  Yeah.  He's turned out to be a jerk.  So she dodged a major bullet there.  So, now she can truly focus on finishing her schooling - we have loved being her practice clients for her massage therapy training! - and then see what happens.  There are lots and lots of people who are interested in her, and she has so much to offer.  It will be interesting to see what the future holds.

OK so I'm really leaving this time.  Can't wait to hear from you!  We love you so much!

Love from Mom

man... sometimes people get mad when we tell them we only talk to the family by email and once a week... but i know that if i was more in contact i would not be able to focus! so many things! sometimes i feel like i just have to kinda cut it off. let it get through my brain but keep it out of my heart. God will do his work and everything will be ok. all i cna do now is pray. i hope that everything goes well. send my love to Trina, Sam, Yourself, Mike and Ally, that family in general. to everybody, but to those people specifically lots. i love you.

P.S.  So there are some pictures of eggs in the folder called new babies.  One morning last week, we opened the eggs carton and found this tiny little egg in there.  We were amazed! We took pictures of it and laughed about it.  I was so suprised that I hadn't noticed it when I bought the eggs at the store because I always open the carton to check the eggs.  I was even thinking of calling the company.. and then Sam confessed.  He punked us!  He found that little pigeon egg out in the barn and cleaned it up and put it in the carton.  He got us hook, line, and sinker! hahaha  That kid!

hhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa. that. is awesome :)

July 21, 2014

Life is one big project.  Don't you think?  We plan projects, decide to do projects on the house, at work, at school... we often think of people as projects.  It's kind of funny.  The wordsmith in me wants to find out the word roots behind "projects" just to know what its' all about!  It sounds like your current area and companionship is a bit of a project.  I know that things will work out.  I am proud of you for staying true to what you know is right and not caving in for convenience or popularity (at least as far as I understand things, anyway). That is a hard thing to do - we may all cave a little... sometimes more than others, but as long as your foundation is solid you're good.  And I know you're good.  Keep the faith, my darling.  We will most certainly keep you and Elder Jimenez in our prayers.  :D

We are also working on a project.  The front porch, I don't know if you remember, had begun to sag in a bad way and it has been getting steadily worse.  We are fixing it! Finally!  And, as a bonus, we are adding a small porch/deck that we will eventually cover with a roof structure (not right now because we don't want to go into debt on this project - aren't you so proud of us?!).  I have long wanted to change the architecture of our house from long rectangle to something with a little more dimension and visual interest.  We figured, since we have to tear off siding and stairs and carpeting anyway, it's as good a time as any to add that little porch!  So it will be nice. As we speak, I am uploading pictures and video clips of our progress.  I am excited to send more next week when its is all completed. 

It was a nice being home this past week - no parties or reunions or gatherings... just us at home.  Aaaaahhhhh.  We had "family fun time" last night and after everyone putting in suggestions, we ended up playing Follow the Warden (we drew out of a hat).  It was a fun time!  Meg was the warden.  I don't think I've ever played that game before, and I was - not suprisingly - the first one caught and then I ended up laughing and giggling for far too long.  I thought I might as well give up because I'd never be able to hide without laughing, but I finally got my act together and became a good hider.  hahaha  It was fun, too because I could actually run and crawl and get up and not be heaving for breath or dying of pain.  I am super grateful for my increasing health and strength and energy.  I am so grateful to my Father in Heaven for this great gift!

So, I'd better get back to the project.  Dad stayed home today (he'll flex work on Friday) so we could get at least the base of the deck done today, so we're all pitching in to get 'er done. 

You I love, sweetheart.  Thank you for your excellent work.  Remember to trust in the Lord.  For me, sometimes it's easy to say, "Of course I have trust in the Lord," but then I go about doing my own think and not trusting in Him... a lot like a parent who asks their child to do something and then goes along and does it themselves because they want it to be done just so or in their own time and fashion.  I find myself doing that with the Lord a lot.  I need to trust Him and trust His time and His ways and not try to micromanage the Lord (that is embarrassing to write, but it is, in essence, what I find myself trying to do, unconsciously of course).   This is especially true with Sam right now.  I really don't know what more we can do for him or with him.  He is in a holding pattern right now - just surviving from day to day - and I want him to move forward with his life in MY time-frame and in MY way.  But that is not necessarily Sam's way or time, nor the Lord's time and way (like how I used "nor" - I'm such an English geek!).  So I need to TRUST in the Lord.... trust Him because only He knows Sam's time and way... I don't.  I will keep doing all I can, but I need to acknowledge that my power and influence over Sam is limited - the Lord knows all.  And so I will trust IN Him.  

OK. I'm really signing off this time.  I love you like crazy, dearest darling!  We are excited to be on the downhill side.... from here on out we're only getting closer to being together again!

Love, love, love you!

Love from Mom

WOW! i should have know that you guys would do some huge crazy project! thats so awesome! and  yes i am proud :) i saw the pics and it looks amazing! way to go!

and i just got the new baby pics! wow! both! i didnt have any idea! thats so exciting! wow! how fun is that!

trusting in the Lord... its funny, i have been feeling like this is what im supposed to be learning... we are currently walking in a minefield so i am relying on the lord to guide Every step so that there are no explosions. its been good. lots and lots of prayer... like... everytime i speak. its been good! learning!

but youre my favorite english geek! you make up for all of my crap grammar :)

love you guys! thanks for the trunkiness ;)

Elder Gold

July 14, 2014

Well we have just completed the family reunion circuit for 2014.  Whew!  We posted a bunch of photos from the Dixon Reunion (aka Randouise) this past week - it was a great time.  Katie and Brant were in charge this time around and the theme was "Carnival" so we had lots of games and a photo booth and even a clown who did magic and tied balloon animals!  It was a good time for all ages.  Sean built a dunking machine, or rather a drowning machine that had a bucket of cold water that would drop on you when the ball hit the lever thingy.  We were entertained by that for HOURS!  Everyone - well, most everyone... the Phillips family are becoming quite the sticks in the mud - took turns getting doused.  It was cold, but it felt good in the 90 degree heat - AND it was a lot cleaner than the canal. hahahaha  Maybe next year, after the family reunion circuit, we can take a family vacation out to Tennessee.  A lot will depend on when you get back, which, as I understand it, depends a lot on when transfers occur with regards to your release date.  If you come home a few weeks shy of the full 24 months, it might be a good time to drive across the country, visit Jordan and the Tanners in Oklahoma and then visit the Prices and Petersons in Tennessee... so you can meet little baby Peterson boy who will make his debut in about 6 weeks from now!  Anyway, it's a thought.  We shall see how it all shakes down, and is of little consideration in the present moment.  :)

We had a really fun time last night with a wonderful friend.  Lexa came over and gave us a "slide show" presentation of her adventures in China.  She really had some fantastic adventures!  I'm so proud of her for going out there and taking life by the horns!  I asked her what was one thing that changed her forever, or in what way has she been changed forever by this experience.  She told us that she knows she is more self reliant.  She got separated from her group on a subway once and found herself alone 30 minutes from where she was supposed to be, but she found her way back, on her own and that was a very empowering moment for her - she can take care of herself.  I thought that was awesome.  There were a couple of other experiences, too.  She really wants to become fluent in another language because she loved the freedom of being able to communicate when others couldn't - she would take Chinese classes when most of the others wouldn't and it proved useful when she became an interpreter and mediator on one of their many trips.   She really is just such a lovely person.  She gave us a little chess set and some Chinese sweets - it was so thoughtful of her to bring us something.  Anyway, it was great to see her again.  It will be interesting to see what the future holds for her by way of school - there have been some changes in her program that may prevent her from going into the nursing program when she planned to go and/or at all.  The great thing is that the Lord is aware of her and will direct her in the paths that she needs to go.  So it will all work out as it is meant to do.  Isnt' it wonderful to have that reassurance?  Isn't it so humbling and wonder-ful to have that knowledge that our Father in Heaven is still an active part of our lives?  I feel so grateful for that knowledge and truth.

Things here at home are going pretty well. For the next few weeks, we will be home... for the entire week.  Not just home long enough to recover from the last big event and prepare for the next one.  That is a good feeling!  It feels slower paced and more relaxed, and that is a blessing.  We haven't had much of a slower pace in.... well in about 7 months! hahaha  And I just got the word that I will be teaching only speech and the two drama classes next year.  I am so grateful for that!  Sometimes, I feel like I am weak, like I couldn't do it all.  Then, I think about "all" that I DID do, and I feel knocked over by all that has been on my plate.  The ONLY way I was able to survive was through the power of the priesthood and blessings poured out on me from my Father in Heaven.  I think back to how incredibly stressed I was four months ago - I wasn't able to sleep well, I was losing hair, like handfuls of hair in the shower, and I would cry at the drop of a hat.  I have since learned that when your body is under a lot of stress it will direct nutrients away from less essential things, like hair and fingernails, in order to sustain and maintain the essential things, like the heart and nervous system.  So the fact that I was losing hair is a clear indication of how much stress I was under at that time.  It still makes me cry even now to think about that - it was super difficult.  But I survived, not with perfect dignity  and poise, but I survived.  I feel so grateful for that.  And so when I feel tempted to feel like a failure that I can't handle six different preps in school AND two major productions AND a son with mental illness AND church callings AND the day to day of family life, I run my fingers through my hair and choose to praise Heavenly Father that I will have only three preps this year and two major productions and a son with mental illness and church callings and the day to day of family life. hahahaha   But truly, things are looking up.  Meg will be able to drive in less than two months, and that will help a lot because she is the busiest one in the family right now!  That will free up a lot of my time to do other things that might help me to feel more stable and grounded this year.  Maybe.  I don't know what the future holds - I don't know if the coming school year is going to be better than the last two years were, but I hope so.  I am not going to build up a bushel of expectations for this school year.  I am going to take it one day at a time and be grateful for what I have, and I know that I will survive.  The Lord will be with me and with all of us, and we will be alright.... maybe even better than we've been before. hahaha

You asked about the surgery thing.  Things are going well!  I hear a lot of people (on blogs or forums) who have gone through weight loss surgery say that they are "so much happier," but I refuse to say that.  I am not happier, but I do feel better.  I have more energy, more strength and stamina, and that makes much of life easier... but not necessarily happier.  Happiness and easiness are definitely NOT necessarily the same thing! hahaha And that is true of this!  It is difficult because I can eat such a small amount of food - like a cup of food/water maximum at a time.  Mostly I aim for about 1/2 C of food for meals.  So I'm still figuring out what that really means.  I mean, we've been doing the family reunion thing and I don't carry measuring cups with me, so I have to guess on portion sizes based on the size of my palm or the volume of my fist and stuff like that, which I can barely remember.  Most of the time I am in some type of distress because I've eaten too much and am in pain or I have three bites left on my plate and I'm full... but it's only three bites.  How can I leave those three little bites?  It's not that big of a deal, right?  Aren't I supposed to clean my plate?  So then I eat them and am in pain.  Yeah.  It's a crazy thing. It's much easier to manage when I'm at home and am in control of what I eat and have access to little baggies or containers where I can put those last three bites and save them for later.  That is not really an option at a family reunion, especially a Dixon reunion where carbs are the main ingredient!  It was a carnival theme, so we had nachos and tacos and corndogs and pork sandwiches....  not highly nutritious, unfortunately, or loaded with protein (I need 60-80 grams/day), so I had to supplement with protein shakes and nuts.  But it was all good.  My doctor has told me that if I approach this as a diet - a temporary lifestyle to meet a desired goal - then I will burn out and most likely regain the weight.  I have to approach this as a lifestyle change, so he told me to eat a cookie; have a piece of cake; eat the way you will eat for the rest of your life!  When the Phillips made homemade corndogs for lunch on Saturday, I had one... half of a corndog.  I ate nachos and tacos and pulled pork... I just ate it my way and in my amount.  That is what I'm working to do right now, make lifestyle changes rather than be on a "diet."   The same advice from my doctor applied to exercise as well - he told me not to become a gym rat to lose weight, but to exercise if I felt like it, if I liked it.  So, I have.  I swim, as you know, and have met my goal to swim a mile!  It takes me a full hour, but I can do it!  I feel so accomplished! My new goal is to swim a mile in 55 minutes - increase speed.  

OK, blah blah blah.  Enough.  This was a lot about me this week, ugh.  I hope that didn't come across as too fat-headed.  Anyway... we'll move on.  I can't wait to read your letter and hear all about your week.  I love your letters so much, dear boy... not boy.  You are no longer a boy.   Dear man.... yes, you're a man, but that sounds weird, too....  My dear son.  Yes.  That is it.  You are my dear son, and I love to hear from you.  You know I am going to get all kinds of weird in coming years.  I think about how funny/quirky Grandma Dixon has become and how funny/old Grandma Price has become and I know that there is going to come a time when I am funny/quirky/old.  Those will be good times. hahahaha

You are deeply loved, Darling.  

Love from Mom

PS - spiritual thought of the day: I was reading 2 Ne 1: 5 the other day, "Notwithstanding our afflictions..." I have come to love that phrase.  "Notwithstanding our afflictions..." Father Lehi could see all the good that the Lord had done for him and his family.  Those three words are, to me, the essence of gratitude.  "Notwithstanding our afflictions..."    LOVE YOU!

also... not to be tunky but you were talking about dates and all so i figured out what day i will get home... the 15 of july maybe the 16

July 7, 2014

During the fireworks this year - you know how they have the narration that goes along with the fireworks show - they narrator guy talked about how blessed we are to live in a free nation; despite the challenges before us right now, it remains the promised land (he didn't actually say those words, "promised land," that was just my interpretation).  That was a great thing to remember.  There is so much doomsday-ness out there about the state of the nation, the politics, and all of the problems we are facing, but truly we are still living in the promised land.  There are still enough who love God and love freedom that we are still free.  What a blessed thing to live where we do!

That is not to say anything negative about Chile, my dear.  I'm just saying that the United States of America>the West>the Northwest>Idaho>Southeast Idaho>Snake River Valley>Idaho Falls area>Shelley>Woodville is a great place to be!  I'm grateful for what we have.

So, we are excited to hear about your first full week in Copiapo with Elder Jimenez.  And I want some details - what is the town/city like? big or small? how does it compare to Arica & Vallenar? We googled it, of course, and it looks like a beautiful place - still deserty, but lovely.  Yeah?  And is it just the two of you in an apartment/pension or are there other elders?  We hope it has been a good week for you and that you can keep the fire that you had with Elder Turman in Vallenar - you seemed to be pretty darn happy there.

We had a busy/eventful week ourselves.  We had a fun Fourth of July celebration with the Hatch clan (Boyd & LeAnn ran away from home to SLC for the weekend).  We set up tents, turned off the wifi, cooked dutch oven, and watched a movie on the projector outside.  Then we slept outside and had a fancy pancake feast the next morning, then played some games - Kuub - and just enjoyed the day.  The Hatches went to a fun place up in St. Anthony where they went bridge jumping and were going to float the river, but ran out of time if they were going to come back for the fireworks.  We opted to stay home, cleaned up, and fell asleep! hahaha  It was a nice day, topped off with some fireworks!  The next day, Uncle Brent, Aunt Cathy, and Grandpa Price climbed Tablerock.... we had a Mission Impossible movie marathon intermixed with chores and swimming.   It was a lovely and relaxing time to be all together.    

Other big happenings last week included the news that Mr. Clark hired a new English teacher, which means I will be teaching Speech and drama next year - no English.  In many ways that makes me a little sad because I was finally starting to get the hang of things and even had what I thought to be a really good plan for this coming school year.  But I also know that by the end of the last two school years I have been fried to a crispy crisp - my nerves so raw that I would cry at the drop of a hat - and I had to spend the first month of summer trying to heal.  Teaching Speech, which requires no essays, vocabulary packets, or grammar assignments, will be a welcome break.  I feel very grateful that I was able to teach Speech this past year, so I am familiar with the curriculum and I can work to improve upon it this year rather than try to figure out what the heck I'm doing while I teach it.  hahaha  It will also leave me with some time to fine tune the drama classes, which have become the neglected child behind the monster of English.  So, today I feel super grateful.  I still don't know what lies ahead - who knows what the coming year holds; I shiver to speculate because living with Sam is like wrestling with rollercoasters - and so I am on my guard, but I do feel the possibility of some relief in sight.  I told myself that I would give it one more year at SHS and if was as difficult as the last two have been, then clearly I am in the wrong profession... or at least at the wrong school.  I still feel that way.  This is my final year at SHS if I can't make things happen more effectively without falling to pieces by the end.  I've worked to simplify and do what I can to ease the burdens, and I am hoping that the opportunity to change curriculum will prove to be an answer to prayer.  OH!  And I get to/have to change classrooms, too.  So I will no longer be in the epicenter of the drama that is the English department.  It's been a negative place to be because this teacher comes in to talk about that teacher and everyone is frustrated because no one is teaching the curriculum as well as they are.  Good grief!  So, I will be free of that, too.  I think I will be going down to Clif Davis' room - it will be nice to be down by the coaches who aren't gossipy like that... of course, they have their own drama.  I guess Coach Hadley and Coach Hobson had a falling out - two big old egos - and Hadley resigned as offensive coordinator.  I dunno.  The good news is that they more than likely won't be coming into my room to talk about it for an hour after school. hahahaha  Oh, and speaking of teaching at Shelley High, Jake Trembath is applying for one of the math teacher positions.  They hired Tringle Witt for one of them, but the other one has had only one applicant that I guess was not very palatable to Mr. Clark.  So, Jake is applying under an "emergency hire" umbrella where he would have 3 years to become certified and be mentored/monitored for those three years.  He also applied at a community college in Sheridan, WY (did I already tell you this?) as a business professor and/or an outdoor adventure coach/teacher/guy.  So, we'll see what happens.  It appears that Jake is being directed to teach, but we shall see. 

Meg has been working for Grandma & Grandpa Dixon this past week - she made over $100 last week!  They are generous employers!  She is driven to get a job and to earn some dough, but she is still only 15 and so her options are not very much.  She also got asked on a psuedo date the other day by a kid who moved into Shelley this past spring.  He is not a member, so I don't think he "gets" the whole waiting until 16 thing, but he is a nice kid.  Meg said it would be fun to go to a movie or something sometime, and "who else should we invite?" hahaha  That was a big boost for her cute little ego... well, little/big ego.  Did you know that she is as tall, possibly taller than me now?  I know that isn't all that difficult to do/be taller than your shrimpy mom, but she has grown that much this past year!  I think she's grown 4-5 inches!  It's crazy, and she is looking forward to the freedom of driving and being sixteen like nobody's business.  She is eager to drive the Honda to school, to call it "her car" for the time being.  hahahaha

The Nicholas family arrived yesterday, or Saturday, at Dixon's place and Janie and Gracie were quick to reunite.  They are so fun and funny together.  Gracie was here with us last night, but I think Janie is planning to stay out there with her for the rest of the week!  We'll have to see about that!  The big Dixon reunion is this coming week, so we'll be all together, and then the Nicholas clan will head home.  And then we will have three weeks at home, three whole weekends with no reunions or trips or major plans of any kind before school begins.  I think we are going to be repairing the front porch because it is in dire need of some attention!  hahahaha That should be quite a project! 

That about wraps it up for us this week.  I will be sure to take some pictures of the Dixon reunion and send them along next week as well as pictures of our other adventures.  We love you so much, dear son of mine.  You are always in our thoughts and prayers.  May the Lord be with you as you make the needed adjustments in your new area and with your new companion.  I know that if you remain close to Him he will guide your thoughts and actions to make the transition as smooth as it needs to be.  

You I love,


OH, and I DID post some pictures in One Drive, fyi.  LOVE YOU!

arent things just as crazy as ever! im glad that you decided to stay for one more year! wow! lots of happening! its crazy how much happens in such little time! im glad that your are enjoying your summer!

Mom, you look fantastic! how has the whole surgery lifesyle change thing been going anyway? it looks like youre rckin it!

Thanks so much for the pics! i love them always... although, i was dissapointed when meg only wanted to say hi to me... but i guess thats just life, i have been trying to send videos, but this camera is just so awesome that its hard to say enough stuff in such a shourt amount of time... the video is just to incredible it takes up to much space :) but thats ok, we will see how we can do it.

love you mommy!

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