Letters from Mom December 2014

December 28, 2014

Christmas is coming; the goose is getting fat! Won't you put a penny in the old man's hat?  If you haven't got a penny, a h'penny will do.  If you haven't got a h'penny, then GOD BLESS YOU!

Good morning, my darling one!  We have had a fun week connecting with parents of missionaries in town talking about how many days until we get to see our sons/daughters and how excited we all are!  Monica Nelson was saying that in addition to a phone call from Garrett (no Skype from Ghana) and Skype from Dalton, Dalton and Garrett get to call each other for 15 minutes, too!  Isn't that so awesome!  I thought that was great.  So it's been a fun week of anticipation for so many of us.  hahahaha

OK - first things first.  You have mentioned several times in recent letters that you're having a "sad time" or a "sad week."  I really need to know some context.  You are, of course, as always in our prayers, but if I had some context or specifics, my prayers could be more specific also.  And, let's be honest, the lack of details behind "sad week" are killing me!  I mean, if I had said the same thing to you, wouldn't you wonder?  And if I said the same thing for three weeks in a row, wouldn't you really wonder a lot?  Of course you would.  So, it's time.  Fess up, my love.  :)

Alrighty then - moving on.

OK - so that was your letter from LAST WEEK!  The start of it anyway... cursed draft folder!  No, it's my fault - it was finals week in my classes and as soon as I sat at my desk, intending to finish my letter to you, I got super distracted with other things.  Not a great excuse, but an explanation.  I am sorry, darling.  I'm sure it doesn't make you feel really great when you don't get a letter.  I'm sorry for that. 

It was great to see you on Christmas Day.  You look great, my darling.  Same as always, but different - focused, more confident, more assured.  I have to admit it was difficult to speak for such a short time.  I'm sure you were following the counsel from President Dalton, and I admire you for that.  

Son, I have to confess that there seems to be an underlying... thing... about you lately.  The thing I mentioned in last week's psuedo letter, the "sad"-ness that you've mentioned... it seems like it was there, behind your eyes when we talked.  So what is the deal?  I spoke to Dad about it because, truth be told, I was kind of disturbed to see a shadow behind your countenance when we spoke, and he wondered if it was the strain of having a companion who is going home in a month - of trying to motivate yourself AS WELL AS him to keep moving forward.  Or, it might be the struggle of being a zone leader - not having the time to do as much work with members/investigators - and the adventures that calling holds.  Or it might be the holiday season - knowing that seeing the family and Lexa is going to stir up emotions that we all keep safely sequestered for the time being.  I imagine that could be similar to the feelings you expressed as you and I walked into the hospital when you were getting your second knee surgery... you knew what was coming, yeah?   

Maybe I'm reading too much into all of this - it would surely be the first time I've ever done THAT, right?  :p - but I am concerned for you.  You've been in my prayers doubly for the past few weeks, but especially since we saw you on Thursday.  If it's better to just absorb and move on, let me know and I'll work with that.  If it helps to barf it out, I am ready to receive it and will try to help shoulder any burden you might have.  I just want you to know that I notice and that I love you and that I want to help you if I can.   If it makes things worse to talk about it or if you feel it would not be a good idea, I will accept that, too.  Just want you to know.  

So the Christmas break has been great so far.  We've loved hanging out - a slower pace.  It's such a gift!  I'll upload some Christmas Day pics and videos for you on OneDrive.  We're leaving tomorrow morning, Monday, bright and early to go to Island Park.  Jake and Katie organized all of the cousins to pool money and take the families to a cabin for two days/one night.  So we're staying at Stan Searle's cabin and planning to go on adventures up there.  It should be fun time.  The planning and preparations have not been without their little dramas, but it will all work out.  I'll try to take lots of pictures for you.  

So I was really wrong about that verse that Elder Gillespie gave us - it's D&C 104:82.  It's made quite an impact on me.  I feel so strongly the truth of that three principle rule:  If you seek a "vicory" you have to be humble, faithful, and prayerful.  You need all three.  The humble part is the one that is really clicking for me right now.  Sometimes being humble is putting aside my own wants/entertainments/diversions to do what the Lord would have me do at with that time, or being humble enough to accept a calling, to be willing to substitute the Sunbeam class (:-o), or to be humble enough to be gracious when you don't want to be.  I feel so strongly right now that humility is integral to faith.  If we are not humble, malleable, contrite in our hearts, then it is much more difficult to give our will to God, to be subject to Him.  Yes?  Anyway, I have loved that verse so much.  It has really been a catalyst for good change in my heart and mind these past few weeks.  

Yeah, so this isn't much of an update letter, is it.  hahahaha  I suppose what I really need is a full-disclosure update from you.  I know you want to stay positive and have a good attitude, and you are/will/do.  At the same time, I want to be there to "mourn with those that mourn and comfort those that stand in need of comfort" if that is what is needed,  Know what I mean?  So you either need to spill it or reassure me that there is another who is helping you, mourning with you, comforting you... whatever you need.   OK?  I know you have a special connection with Lexa, even writing physical letters from time to time, and I am super grateful that she is a comfort/friend/confidant for you in your life right now.  I know you're not alone, and I hope you know that you're not alone.  I ALSO hope that my noticing the theme of "sadness" doesn't create temptation for you to button things up even tighter and suppress those feelings even more so we won't worry or ask or bother you with questions or whatever.  That isn't healthy either, my dear one.   You don't have to be superman.  You're allowed to be sad and angry and frustrated and bored and homesick and tired and all of those things.  It's what you do with those emotions that counts.  Sometimes you have to suppress them, yes, but not always.  Choose wisely, dearest. 

Alright, no more lecture.  Know that I love you.  We all do, and we are grateful for the experiences that you are having out there right now.  We are grateful that you are safe and healthy and that you are serving the Lord with integrity and honor.  

We love you.  I love you.

Talk with you soon, my love.

Love from Mom

PS - Sad news:  Jill Wray passed away today around 4pm.  She fought the good fight for so long.  My heart aches for her family, but it soars knowing that she is free after such a long and difficult battle, ya know?  She was/is a great lady and will continue to do great work free from from the shackles of a broken physical body.  It makes me wonder what she is doing/learning right now .  Actually, I'll bet she is comforting Vince and her family and loved ones right now.  She is letting them feel her love for them and doing all she can to help them through this transition time of loss.  Of course she is.  

Aight... imma try and answer your question about the sadness thing... you had me worried for a second and so i went back and looked at all of my emails, and like 3 weeks agao yes i did have a bad week, lots of stuff went down and i was feeling sad. i totally admit that and thats what i told ya. it was a sad week. but since then i havent been sad! like in excess. i have been very much normal and happy UNTIL the call home. That was really really hard for me! i dont know why, the last two times have seemed to be a lot easier, i just talked to you and i was happy and i continued on my way, but this one was like heart wrenching! the whole thing, i think i just didnt let myself enjoy it. i was on a little tablet in some guys living room with everyone there, and the picture and connection was wful. plus i knew it was only gonna be for 40 minutes and that was just heart wrenching, i know i shouldnt have that attitude about obedience but this christmas that was my attitude... didnt want to obey so i just had to do it and trust. so yeah. i was really distracted and wierd during the call and such, so i think thats what happened more than anything. it was just the phone call and the fact that i miss you guys TONS! but i truly am happy and im doing good here. there is no biug underlying problem it was just for that one day, my comp noticed it too, and another member haha. but im good now. i promise im not buttoning up even tighter thats just honestly how i feel. it was a suuuuuuuper super trunky day. It was so hard for me to say goodbye.                          the only other thing that is bothering me isnt a big deal, but having my comp who is going home makes me think about how relatively close i am to being in that same place. 7 months. ridiculous. but that makes me start to think. many things. marriage: LExa is still around... so if that continues i see like 3 potions. really really quick, in like september or something... a little later in winter time in school break, and possible later on in june like a year from i get home, thats obviously if we get married but shes still around sooo... i dont know how thats gonna work out, plus school. i need to be going in august... i have no idea what im doing and i dont know about classes nor housing nor my scholarship nor anything... then mix that with marriage... possibility that i get married... Lexa is studying in RExburg... sooooooo how is that gonna work. Plus, if we dont get married i dont want to wast that much money coming home so often even though i know its gonna be a huge temptaion. now, to top it all off, my knee is basically held on by a few tacks that we found left over in the pension... surgery in my mind is basically inevitable... i could wait... but the longer i wait, the more problems im gonna have in the future... so i get operated quickly, and then i have to go to chool on crutches... to a place ive NEVER been. walking around alone on crutches. trying to find classes and all that crap. basically it all just looks like a problem. everytime i think about what im gonna do when i get home these three things come to my head. and together they are all a problem. because solving each one individaully could be easy, but solving them all together is hard. yep. however, i  do my best not to think about that either because i know that there is nothing i can do about it and it will all just work out somehow. i just need to keep doing what i need to be doing right now and getting lost in the work. but yep, that is the only thing that i am worried about right now. but all is good. so, yet again. it was just a really hard day for me on the phone call because i wanted it to be better and longer, and i dint want to say goodbye, thats why you felt the wierness. but im happy. i love ya lots momma. that my story, i hope you can believe me.

Oh my darling, I do believe you.  And I appreciate you helping me to understand. I feel so much better understanding,  now I can go to work: be more specific in my prayers for you, make some phone calls about school and housing in Provo, become informed so that when the time comes for YOU to male some decisions,  I can give you add much info as possible to help you make those choices.   Sadly, we are going to have to have a few talks about the future as July approaches, but we will limit them so you can focus on your work as much as possible.  I am happy to scout and gather info - that is something I can do to lighten your load.

You do have some pretty big choices ahead of you.   I have thought about all of those scenarios,  too, with regards to the lovely Lexa.  So we will have faith and be faithful.  We will be humble and prayerful,  and the Lord WILL direct or paths.   

So,  you can set your concerns about school in provo (or not) aside for now.  I will gather info and then we'll talk again in a few weeks/months about all this future stuff: knee, school,  marriage.   But we'll probably focus our talks on the knee and school.  Ha ha ha

You I  love!

December 15, 2014

It's beginning to look alot like Christmas around here!  We got our Christmas tree all put up and decorated for FHE last week but it was still, like 50 degrees all week.  We didn't even wear coats!  And then, yesterday morning, we woke up to white stuff everywhere!  Somehow, snow just makes it seem more festive, ya know what I mean?

Well, we have absolutely loved looking at all the photos and videos you've sent.  Congratulations on rolling your R's.  Well done, my friend! hahahaha I was wondering about the photo of you with what appears to be half a sweater... a cream/white sweater that is either pulled up above your belly & nametag or has been ripped?  hahahaha   And the photos of the service projects you've been involved in are pretty intense!  I mean, wow!  And you are so right - we are so incredibly blessed.  Yesterday in Relief Society, the lesson was about "Individual Responsibility," and how we have an obligation to take care of ourselves and meet our own temporal needs.  Yet, at the same time, we shouldn't become overly focused on meeting those needs - we eat to live, we have a house for shelter, clothes for warmth and modesty, cars for transportation...  what other purpose do they serve in the grand scheme of things? And yet we all too easily  become obsessed with a house/car/clothes for the praise of men, right?  Anyway, your pictures of digging a toilet and the humble home of the members there... plywood walls... reminded me of that.  We in the decadent USA feel so sorry for people living in a house with only plywood walls, and then are astonished to find that those people living in the plywood walls are often much more happy and at peace with their lives than those of us living in palatial homes with the finest furnishings.  Perspective... perspective.  

So, as always, we've had a busy week.  We've been to basketball games, of course.  The JV team beat Firth and Snake River; Meg had some pretty sweet ball handling moments literally dribbling between the legs of two players who were trying to trap her, tripping over their legs, then landing on the floor with one hand and getting back up to run down the court all without losing her dribble!  I wish I had it on video, but at those moments I tend to just watch intensely and the camera sits in my hand, dead.  So, I'm going to renew my efforts and try to send you something from one of Meg's games this week - they play Marsh Valley and Idaho Falls, which should both be pretty intense games.  Maybe I'll ask Janie to be the photographer since she isn't as interested in the actual play of the games as I am! hahahaha

Sam turns 18 this week.   He is so funny-such a minimalist!  He can't think of anything he wants or needs for his birthday (or Christmas) except oragami paper and a pocket chair (one of those "as seen on TV" deals with a little fold out stool that fits in your pocket... if your pockets are huge!  So, since he doesn't have specific wants, we get to give him things that he needs, like new pants!  I forced him to try on some jeans this past weekend when we went Christmas shopping and he has grown from a 32x32 to a 36x32.  Yes... he's my big boy!  hahahaha  But he is doing better.  Each day is a little better, I think.  He is a lot like a 12 year old boy.  He doesn't shower or clean his clothes unless specifically requested to do so.  Yesterday, I made him schedule showers AT LEAST twice a week into his tablet with reminders as well as a day to wash clothes.  AND I made him put reminders in to eat - he forgets to eat and then has low blood sugar shakes.  Then, when he does eat, he eats way too much of the wrong stuff.  BUT I would rather deal with these issues than trying to convince him to stay alive for another day - so I'll take a stinky boy with acne and a pot belly who is a little obnoxious in dispensing information to all around him without stopping for breath!  I'll gladly take that over the depressed boy who laid on the couch and stared at the wall and only stayed alive because he knew it would break my heart if he acted on his impulses to take his life.  I am grateful for what I have.

Janie is struggling with the job of "parenting."  I told you last week that she has full responsibility for this little dog of hers, and potty training has had it's ups and downs.  Truthfully, she doesn't know how good she has it - this little guys was already potty trained to go outside before we got him, but he hasn't quite figured out how to do it at our house.  He is so easily distracted with leaves and grass and anything he sees when Janie takes him out to go to the bathroom that she brings him in after 10 minutes and THEN he goes piddle on the floor.  hahahaha  Also, he is enamored with Kitty, who is NOT enamored with him, and he cannot seem to learn that she is not in love with him.  She has growled and even nipped him repeatedly and yet, he is still looking for love in all the wrong places.  Yeah, we'll probably get him neutered quite soon.  hahahaha  But he is a sweet little puppy.  He doesn't yap or bark when people come to the door and he is really easy going and friendly with everyone.  He's fun to have around.  I hope your body/allergies will like him, too, when you get back next summer!

Also this week, Heidi comes home!  Josh is flying out to Tennessee tomorrow to pick Heidi up and then they are driving back to Idaho.  It will be fun to have her back again, but I do feel sorry for the Peterson kids - what will they do without Heidi, who has become like an older sister to them!  Lucy especially is going to be heartbroken!  But, Grandma and Grandpa Price are flying out to spend Christmas with the Petersons next Tuesday.  So that will ease the loss somewhat.  I'm really excited that they get to go out there - that will be a fun Christmas morning for all of them.  Little kids make Christmas morning so much fun!

Sad news for the week  - Jill Wray will probably not be with us for much longer.  I may have mentioned that last week, but it is official.  She went down to the Huntsman Cancer Institute, but is home again now.  It's simply a matter of time.  He has to have fluid drained from her lungs 2-3 times per week - quarts of fluid - so the cancer may not take her so much as pneumonia.  We pray for them daily.  Also, Jonathan Adamson was hit by a train on Wednesday and died - his brother, Jared Adamson, was in alot of the plays we did, and I had Jonathan in class a few times.  Pretty devastating for that family.  And finally, Aaron Andrews came home this week.  I don't' know the details about why he came home early from his mission, health or depression or anxiety or something else, and it really doesn't matter - that is between him and the Lord - but it is a difficult time for his family.  Hopefully he'll be able to go back out after a time.  Hopefully.  

Wow - that was depressing.  I suddenly feel like Grandma Dixon who is always sure to tell me some tragic news when I talk to her!  Yikes!  I am super tempted to erase that whole paragraph, but I won't because it needs to stand as a reminder to me to not do that again.  That is a major downer.  Don't be a downer.  Bad news is real and happens, yes, but I need to make sure there is a purpose behind telling it rather than just... to share it.  I dunno. I gotta figure that one out. hahahaha

OK!  Happy note!  We get to see/talk to you in 10 days!  We're anxious to hear a time and for how long we get to have you.  Also, please let us know if there is anyone you'd like to have there besides the 5 of us. Grandma & Grandpa Price will be gone, but do you want any other extended family?  Dixons?  Prices?  Hatches?  Any friends?  You say the word and I'll do all I can to make it happen.   Also, did you get your Christmas gifts yet?  I think you said you go to Antofagasta next week, so if you don't have them already, I hope you'll get them then.   Also, how are you doing for money?  I haven't checked your account in a while, but the last time I checked it seemed that you hadn't really used all that much.  However, I know you've had to take taxis a lot lately, so.... I guess I better check that out today!  hahaha

OK.  YOU I LOVE!  Have a wonderful day, my dearest.  I hope this week has been less sad than last week.  You have a great attitude, but sometimes things are still sad even so.  Know that you are loved, missed, admired, and prayed for by dozens of people who love you.  

Have a happy!

Love from Mom

December 8, 2014

So it's really warm outside.  I mean - like 50 degrees is the high for today.  It seems we had December (below freezing temps, tons of snow) in November and are having November in December!  Gah!  Idaho!

Christmas is coming and with it comes all kinds of hustle and bustle.  Already, it's December 8th!  Christmas is just over two weeks away!  On Saturday we had the ward Christmas party in the morning and the Dixon Christmas party that afternoon, then yesterday, Sunday, we had the Price family gingerbread house extravaganza.  So much busyness!  Yesterday afternoon as we were zipping from here to there - yes, on Sunday... even on Sunday - the Spirit reminded me of something that I had felt last year.  I told Dad how at the end of the holidays last year I had felt disappointed that I hadn't done more to really feel the spirit of the season.  It had come and gone in a blink with all kinds of rush and hustle and hubub and I hadn't stopped long enough for the spirit (or the Spirit) to catch up to me and allow me to feel that magic.  So.  I feel so grateful that the Spirit reminded me of those feelings yesterday before we're too far gone.  I've made a more concerted effort today to "embrace the gift," and already I feel the effects of that minuscule amount of effort on my part. God is great.  He asks so little of us... I mean, "on paper" the things He asks us to do are so small and simple.... why should we struggle?  And yet we do.  Sometimes those small and simple things are the most difficult to do.  It's a strange oxymoron of life.  I'm grateful for every day He gives me to continue to wrestle with the natural man and work to submit my will to His.  I hate to admit how complacent I have/can become, how easily I am mollified by a "good enough" attitude.  It's all part of the plan of life - our eternal lives, yes?

Speaking of eternal lives, we loved the pictures you posted of the baptisms.  How wonderful to be part of helping someone open that door to their own eternal lives.  I am so happy for you, for that experience (those experiences) and for all that you have been able to feel and learn and experience over these past 17 months.  What a singular experience for you.  How life altering.  Tommy is preparing to go on a little "life altering" experience himself this coming summer.  He is going to go to Ecuador to help build an orphanage.  It's a two week program sponsored by the Church, I think, and will be a great opportunity for him.  Last night at the gingerbread fiesta, Jason & Cathy had invited some friends - the wife is from Ecuador - and they were telling Tommy all about it.  It was really exciting stuff. I'm glad for him.   Also in the way of life altering experiences, Kayla McEwan is a new mommy!  I'm sure Lexa will tell you all about that, though.  The one constant in life is change... so fun and wonderful and hard and scary and difficult and blessed and humbling and significant.  God is great.

OK.  So, family update.  We've had a busy week of basketball - oi!  My back is broken by those blasted bleachers!   But the girls won their games against Skyline and Firth last week (Meg dropped a coupla 3's), but lost quite soundly to Rigby.  This week they play Firth AGAIN and Snake River.  Should be interesting!  Meg dragged Janie to her first early morning testimony meeting for seminary, and they both came away on fire!  I'm so grateful for seminary!  hahahaha  Sam seems to be on the upswing.  His mood is becoming much more stable and his odd thoughts are just... odd, but not openly psychotic.  His psychiatrist, at Sam's last appointment, said that he is seeing real improvement in Sam, and we really are.  He's not nearly as down and depressed as he had been in the past.  Hopefully, soon, he'll begin to feel some twinges of motivation to do something more with his life.  We will continue to pray, and continue to apply gentle/subtle pressure/structure to keep him from falling backward, but we are seeing more and more that this process is not quick.  He is, in many respects, still crawling out of a deep dark hole.  We're coming on the two year anniversary of when this all began.  Looking back is a dizzying experience - almost like looking over the edge of a cliff!  It will take time for us to heal as well, for us to be able to see clearly all that we've been through without getting vertigo!  Dad finished a big install out at the site this week - he's been prepping for it for upwards of six months!  Now comes all the tweaking and adjusting to get it working perfectly, but he seems quite relieved to have it behind him.  

Janie surprised us this week.  She is a tenacious, unrelenting little soul.  We had asked the kids for Christmas Wish Lists, and Janie's included fancy colored pencils and sketch paper and art markers and paint and a camera and food and... a dog.  Well, actually just a furry pet that she could love and cuddle and call her own who would sleep in her room with her and be her pal.  We laughed it off and ordered the fancy pencils and paper and markers, etc.  But when Janie put her Christmas wish list into a priority, a dog/fuzzy pet was numero uno.  Again we laughed it off.  No WAY were we getting another dog.  (yes... you can already see how this ends, right?)  Anyway, long story short, Janie traded in ALL of her Christmas presents PLUS gave us all of her birthday money (nearly $100) AND agreed to take full time care of Kitty AND her own dog if she could only have a little pet.  Now, before you think Dad and I are entirely too soft (which may or may not be true) know that we gave her a firm "No" at least three times this week, but she was so determined - without being a brat at all... she really was not a brat about it, just determined - and had such sound and strong arguments....  So, we found a puppy that is hypoallergenic (a shih tzu) that the price had been dropped from $400 to $250, which, with Janie's contribution of cash, will still allow us to give her one small gift to open on Christmas Day.

  Everything else is being returned: the markers, the paper, the fancy pencils (that she had been asking for for a full year).  In many ways it feels meant to be because of how it all came down. (Don't scoff.) So I posted a picture of the two of them in the backseat of the Mini on the way home - it's not very clear.  But I'm SURE you'll be getting more pictures of this little guy, who Janie named Cricket, soon.  From this experience, I learned that Janie will be able to do anything she sets her mind toward.  I forget that sometimes because she's all young and little and loves girly things, but she is every bit as fiery as Meg... in her own way.  I was not expecting that!  hahaha

OK - this has gone on long enough.  You I love, my dearest one.  You're in our thoughts and prayers always!

Love from Mom

PS - The other pictures I posted are of the ugly sweater contest (thank you SHS costume room) at the Dixon party as well as pictures of little Kyle (Bailey and Lynette's little boy, soon to be big brother) and Marlie, Brad and Ami's little girl.  Lynette and Bailey just bought a new house, awesome news for them, and Brad has become the super manager of a dog training business that is really taking off!  He has sold trained dogs to famous people - like NFL stars!  It's pretty cool!

hahahahahahahaha! i saw the pictures first and said..... new dog? and there it was. so she got a shi tzu! awesome! i hope she loves it all her life. we will see if it bites me in 8 months when i meet it haha. bailey and lynette are expecting again???? wow! they will have 2 that i dont know! goodness! thats awesome for brad! he is the manager... but did he start the business? still cool tho.

its funny how all humans fall into those comfort zones... we just get so complacent so fast... but thats how life goes! we gotta work for it! thanks for the letter mom! i love you guys so very much!

December 1, 2014  Everbody Wants To Rule the World...

...that is what I just heard Sam singing in the living room. Hahaha He pulled an all nighter last night, so he is a little punchy. I am home in bed today recovering from a sinus infection mixed with bronchitis...yeah. Loads of fun there.  I've been on antibiotics for about a day and a half, but am still feeling pretty lousy, so I'm taking one of those precious sick days. Consequently,  I still had to get up early to make sub plans and worksheets.  Ah well!  I'm on the mend.

We love all of your pictures! thanks for taking time to send them!  You look great.  Janie was commenting on how much older you look, and it's true! You've grown into such a man - your chin and jaw are more cut and distinct and your eyes have a much more mature look to them...And have you gotten taller or are people just short down there?  You're quite a looker! The girls down at BYU don't stand a chance. ;)   

Thanksgiving was great - tons of food and pies! We had 23 at Grandma Price's house and 15 pies. Hahahaha  grandma and grandpa invited a young family from down the road who don't have family in the area, the Farley's.  They  are super great, have two adorable and precocious kids, and are both covered in tatoos.  Of course, that doesn't matter one whit, and I say that only because Tom and Bernice Hatch were also guests at dinner, and yes, she did say something to Paul (Farley) about his tatoos... right after he talked about how he used to grow Marijuana  in Washington (where it is legal) before he moved here - they are renting and will be returning to Washington in about 6 months.  So, yeah...Bernice is Bernice,  but did I already mention that the Farley's are awesome?  They were so chill and took it all in stride - just 100% themselves.  It was great to get to know them better.  They have made it clear that they have no interest in the church - grandma and grandpa have been fellowshipping them like the great missionaries that they are - but the "soil" is softened, and who knows what may be in the next weeks, months, years?   So that was a great experience.  

Over the next few days, we did some Christmas shopping (online mostly, although Dad did venture out a bit) and read books and played games with the Prices and watched movies and ate pie....and I finally went to the doctor and got antibiotics.    It's been a nice break, but we surely missed Janie who had a nice time with Gma and Gpa Dixon and the Nicholas family.  Happily, she missed us, too. And when she got back, she was bent on cutting her hair, so we took off about 6 inches, thus the pics in One Drive.   Oh, and we included pictures of Meg's fancy shoes with all of the  customizations.  They  are pretty fly, and she LOVES them! I'm glad cause we aren't buying another pair of bball shoes for a few years!  If she grows out of them or they get ruined, she is on her own... that was the deal.  

And so it is December.  Time has just flown by! But I am grateful for this time, this season of the year when most people are less selfish and more giving, more open to the gentle prompting of the Spirit.... it's a beautiful time.  And we're so excited to get to talk to you!  We look forward to hearing details about the day/time of that call in coming weeks.  So have you been to Antofagasta lately? How far away is it from Maray?  How often do people  come from the mission office? What I really want to know is if you stand a chance of getting your Christmas packages by Christmas!  Hahaha  I'd like you to have a better experience than last year! And don't be tempted to think chastising thoughts about our sending packages when you told us to just save the money for when you get back.  That was never a realistic thought, my love.

Alright it's your turn.  Can't wait to hear from you!  I find myself getting "trunky" for your home coming - making tentative plans for shopping trips and family trips and trips to Utah to get you settled down there before school begins....  BUT THEN I remember how important it is to live in the moment.  The future will arrive soon enough and there will be plenty of time to make those plans, but not quite yet. Right?  Enjoy this moment... your last December in Chile...for the foreseeable future. 

You I love, darling son.  

Love from Mom

PS Glenn Turpin has been  called to serve in Guatemala! He leaves in March.  So exciting and quite impressive, don't you think?  Love you!

Sounds so awesome... MAray is my sector thats in the city of copiapo that is like8 hours form antofagasta, we actually went up there this week. annnd yep.  that. hopefull it will get her for the christmas conference on the 23rd of december. we will see. yaaa. i gave up on the package fight. i just love you guys and thats all that matters. hahaha. you are definatley getting a bit trunky. just remember that i have 8 months left. im barely at 2/3. happy mission time :) just havin a blast. ive got lots of work left to do!

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