Letters from Mom: May 2014

May 5, 2014

So it's been a typical springtime here in Idaho:  55 degrees and snow/rain mix on Monday, then 75 degrees and gorgeous by Friday, then 60 degrees and raining again by the following Monday.  hahahaha  what can you do, eh?  But, being Idahoans, we have embraced those beautiful days!  It's been so fun to see the grass turn green and the leaves are budding and flowers are blooming... I like this time of year.  We have 15 school days left, 18 calendar days, and we are ALL getting antsy for it to be done and to enjoy the break!  Hallelujiah!  Although there is an "opportunity" for me to teach summer school (half days for three weeks)... Janie says, "NO WAY!" But the extra $1200 sounds good to me... hmmmmmmmm

I hope things have been good for you this week.  You last letter sounded like things had been going really well and that you had felt a lot of personal peace and increased spirituality.  I'm so glad.  It's amazing how much you learn when you are the teacher - I'm sure Elder Thurman will appreciate you so much throughout his life.  I'm excited to read about your week.  I love to hear from you.  

Speaking of that, do we get to talk to you on Sunday?  If so, let us know the details!  What time? by phone? Skype?  how much time do we get with you?  hahaha  I have to say that Meg would like to spend a little one on one time with you - or at least have a real conversation with you - she still hasn't forgiven Sam for cutting us off so abruptly at Christmas!  She misses you a lot.  Your Senior pic is the wallpaper on her computer login.  She looks up to you a lot, my friend.

The family is doing well.  It's crazy how much our lives are changing, how rapidly everyone is growing and moving up and on and out.  I mean, Heidi graduates in two weeks and then she is going to Tennessee for the summer/fall and to school in January.  She is a young adult - no longer a little teeny bopper!  Sam is done with school - he finished his GED with honors in Math and English - and is preparing to enter the work force.  Happily, he has a motivation for earning money now:  he wants to take the welding program at EITC and become a welder (I know, right?), so he has purpose for earning/saving money and that will hopefully help him stick with a job.  Katie is married, Camary is married, Brad is having a baby in a couple of months, Michael is having a baby in a couple of months, Clark is getting married, Zach and Carrie are adopting their four children and moving in to Tanner's old home.  It is the circle/cycle of life, I suppose.  It just seems strange because a blink ago you were all playing in the ditch and walking to Elmo's.  And who knows what will happen when you return next year?  Will you go straight to BYU-Provo?  Work for a while first?  Come home long enough to repack and head back to Chile to marry some gorgeous Chilean you've met down there?  ;) hahaha  It's a time of change and readjustment... but I think all life is like that, just different types of change, different types of adjustment.  :)

Well, I love you.  I am going to save most of my yammering for Sunday.  We can talk more then, but I am super excited to talk to you, dearest.  Hopefully we can get Brent to come over so you can chat with him a little.  It's so great to have him back, but it is a mighty transition for that guy.  Going from one lifestyle to another in a matter of hours can really throw a person's groove!  You'll find out about that next fall.  hahaha

Be well, my darling.  Know that you are loved, always in our prayers, and missed.  Know that you are a great example, and your sacrifice of time, talent, and energy is providing blessings for all of us.  Thank you for that.

Love from Mom

P.S. These are pictures of Sam going to prom with Emily Simms, oh and one AT prom - Uncle Jason & Aunt Cathy were chaperons

May 19, 2014

Good morning, my darling!  I am so, so sorry that I didn't write to you last week!  Epic fail!  I got all lost in the hustle and bustle of school, which has sucked me out to deep waters like a riptide!  Only 5 days left!  yay!  So, we had a regional/stake conference this weekend.  We had a meeting on a stake basis on Saturday night and then a meeting that was broadcast from the BYU-Idaho Center on Sunday.  It was super amazing and really gave me the spiritual kick in the pants that I, personally, have needed.  I am sending you my notes... I don't know why, but I just want to, so take them for what you will. (The ones with a * are my own little thoughts)  The whole focus of the meetings was around missionary work and how the Lord is hastening his work, how THIS is the time that he is hastening, and we can see that so clearly with the throngs of missionaries going out and the numbers of people IN THE POCATELLO, IDAHO MISSION, that are joining the church.  There were some incredible stories of missions and wards that have doubled and tripled the numbers of people being baptized into the church.  All in all, it was a great conference, and it made me really look inwardly and do some timely self-evaluation.  I am so grateful for that.   There are a lot of changes in our lives right now, as we discussed last week, and it is a good time to try to implement some needful self-improvement and re-dedication.

We went to Heidi's Senior Recital last night.  We went to a chapel and listened as she played seven pieces that she has been working on over the years.  Wow, is she ever an accomplished pianist!  It was really wonderful.  Then, of course, we gathered to eat some treats at Hatch's house... when the family gets together there will always be food involved!  And THEN we stopped by Prices to give Uncle Boyd this funny little BBQ tool set (spatula, tongs, fork) that we all shaped like golf clubs in a little mini golf bag.  We found it at a thrift store on Saturday and we just thought we were so funny! hahahaha  So we were only going to stop for a half hour, but you know how that goes.  We were there for 4 hours and had a lot of fun.  We had a really great discussion about the gospel.  Sam, as you know, has a lot of questions about the gospel that have created a rift within him and he no longer feels comfortable at church.  We have had lots of great conversations, but I have not been able to meet his needs, to answer his questions in a way that will penetrate and unravel the knot of thoughts and questions in his brain.  But Uncle Boyd has such an authoritative and complete understanding... I wonder if our conversations last night will have any impact on him.  Only time will tell.  We will continue to invite and to include him in all things church related.  

Alright.  This is part one.  I have more to tell, but I am out of time this morning.  I hope, hope, hope that I can finish this letter during my prep hour today, but I'm a little nervous, to be honest. Today is SOB assembly and then finals begin.  I have a lot to do to help my students prepare... but THAT is another story.  I fear that I may be swept away again in all that must be done this week.

SO if I don't get back to this letter, know that I love you so much and am so, so grateful for our conversation on Mother's Day.  I am grateful to be your mom and for the things that I learn from you.  There is a reason Heavenly Father sent you to me - I have things that only I can teach you, and you have things that only you could teach me.  This is part of the purpose of families... to help each other return to our Father in Heaven.  Thanks for all you do to help me, personally, and all of us on our journey Home.

Have a great week, my dear.  Next week I'll be able to send photos of graduation and some of the fun family stuff!  Uncle Brian and Aunt Kathy will be here in 5 days - first time in 7 years!  

OK. Gotta run.

 You I love


Mom, i just love you to pieces. so much. So... as i learn immensly i hope you arent offended as i try to share parts with you... but! this is what i have been feeling and lerning that has really helped me. in the same way that you have Children to watch over and protect, i have investigators who are growing up in the gospel, and though i know its not even NEAR the same magnitude... i still feel super responsable for them for there actions and for there progress. so! something that has really helped me is the fact that i can recieve personal revelation! as i pray about specific problems and outline specific plans and ask heavenly father to bless my actions and to help me to be guided and directed and to change my plans if at all necessary. i hope that within that there is something that can help you. but it has helped me to make my prayers a lot more meaningful and sincere and helped me feel more of the Lords guiding hand in my life. it has also helped me to do more than just worry about things without ever actually thinking about solutions or anything and just being worried.

I love you so much and im so grateful that youy are my MOM. thank you for the incredible example and spirit that you are. you are wonderful!

Love you always Elder Gold

May 26, 2014

So this will be a short letter largely because I am writing it on my phone and it's kind of a pain.  The keyboard is so small!  But I promise that next week they're will be all kinds of photos and info about the big wedding and family conflagration! 

So we made it down to Utah last night at around 11 pm. Meg drove the entire trip- even salt lake city! She did a great job. So everyone is sleeping in bit I AM AWAKE! and it's time for breakfast,  so I took sleeping selfless with all of us because I won't have any big group photos until later. 

Graduation was nice.  Heidi was named 
Miss Shelley high with a first time ever tie with Lincoln and Jacob Suthetin.  That was super cool.  Also,  Embree redoing our kitchen! No,  it's not the remodel I want. .. yet. .. bit it is s step to song more room and functionality.  We moved the table into the living room and added a kitchen island where the table used to be.  The photo of meg is worn one of the islands we looked at,  but not the one we purchased. The coolest part is that we didn't go into debt to do it!  It's all from savings!  Ha ha ha that is a big deal for us.  

OK.  I'm going to sign of for now because although you are totally worth it typing on my phone is super annoying and Janie is hungry.  So we're going to eat.  Can't wait to hear from you! Love love love you! 

Love from Mom

Janie loves you too! She wanted me to put that ;)
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Im excited to hear and see all of that! thanks mommy! i love you lots and lots! and the sleepy selfies are bombin! hahaha... you all look so tired! and sam just looks... well... insane hahahaha.  but in a good way!

Send me lots of pictures of that! thats exciting!

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