Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The best story i think i have this week has to do with kissing...

Hey guys!

Its been another great week in Arica! Last week we set goals as a Zone to try and work for more lessons to investigators with members present and to have more people in the church, we have been working with a lot of less active members and worked really hard this week to make sure that all of them were in the church! We didnt have all of them that we wanted but we had a good number of people in church! we brought 6 less actives so hopefully we will be able to help them continue going!

This we we also tracted into a lady, she is a tourist guide for cruises in the mediteranean, but she came to chile to have her baby, She lives in Athens and her husband is currently on a cruise boat in the mediteranean. We have only taught her once but she was really nice and they were excited about having us back!

We also have been working with one less active (Pamela) who is seperated from her husband and had been trying to move out of her parents house. we helped her move and everything and she has been really posotive about going to church and really excited to listen to us, she said it was harder in her parents house because they didnt want us to come over. but the other day when we went over she asked us to help her niece out. she has been having lots  of family problems and was feeling really down about everything, so we invited her to a family home evening with Pamela and her family and she loved it. Yesterday in church Pamela couldnt stop telling me how much better she was feeling and that she wanted to talk to us again. it was awesome!

We have also been waiting this whole week for a big decision of some court in holland. Peru thinks that they deserve more of the ocean and they have been petitioning to change the boundaries, which could be potentially fatal for the city of Arica, there has been TONS of hype over the whole deal but i doubt anything is gonna happen. just lots of hype

Im going to do more of my papers tomorrow in the morning and i think that within the next few weeks i will be getting my Chilean carnet, which will be fun! I will be totally good to run around Chile doing all sorts of shenanigans ;)

But the best story i think i have this week has to do with kissing. I was told that going to Chile with blonde hair and blue eyes there were gonna be lots of People whistling at me and stuff like that... and it is very true. ive been asked more than once by girls in the street for kisses, but the bigger problem... has been the drunk old men! Ive been repeatedly hugged and attemptedly kissed by drunks. especially this week! I had one that asked me for a "favor" and then blew me kisses as we kept walking away, another who told me he loved me and tried to kiss me. And the worst was this saturday. The most drunk person i have EVER seen was walking/trying to not fall over in one of the streets we had to go down. IT was a narrow street so i could really escape but he came up to me with arms wide open so i grabbed his wrist to keep him off me as he hugged me with the other arm and tried to kiss me. the whole time saying very strong swear words in english mixed with random singings of the words "love of my life" i just kept walking and strained my neck to keep out of the reach of his lips. then when he almost feel over i ducked under his other arm and got away. Yes, all three of these experiences just this week. And they are not the only ones. I dont know why this happens so much to me! but thats the way it is haha.

The theme for this week has definitely been love one another. We know its one of the greatest commendments... so im sure we could ALL use more work on it. If more people were just more loving, the hold world would be a lot better of a place.

I love you guys lots! youre awesome!
Elder Gold

Monday, January 20, 2014


Hey Fam!!

So this week has been good! We got a new Elder in the pension. Elder Silva from Argentina. That means i am now the only Gringo! SO hopefully this will help even more with the whole spanish deal. Its not really a problem anymore, i say a lot of dumb things now but thats because im not taking the time to think them through so much because im speaking more fluidly. but thats slowly getting better as well. i have noticed that i am already dreaming in spanish, wich is wierd but fun! Sometimes i dream about you guys and you speak to me in spanish! So even if you cant speak it for real, you can in my dreams if that makes you feel better :)

This week we had a Talent show that we brought some investigators to. one of them did a comedy skit and the other did a sing a long to violetta. it was pretty good! we dressed up as fat people and did exercise and fake fought. 

Also, on Thursday the river came down! it was... magical? then we had a meeting in the church. Afterwards we went to the bathroom really fast and when we came out. it was LOCKED DOWN. everyone had left and there was no way out. of the church or the fence. we were alone. i will send a video of that. it was funny. at the end we called someone from the ward to come save us but i was laughing :)

It was cool this week, as i was reading the Book of Mormon in personal study time and it seemed like just about every day as we visited people i found specific uses for the scriptures that i had read that same day. that was fun. Theres no way to not feel guided when it happens so perfectly like that. Even though i didnt feel it in the moment i was reading, it was obviously happening, i wonder how often that happens, i bet more than we think.

I love you all lots and lots!
Elder Gold

The river

 Night of Talent

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I wanted to swim so bad hahaha

Hey Fam!
Cambios were this week! Im staying here with Elder Rodas for at least one more Cambio in Rio San Jose. But Elder Knowles, who has been here for my whole time is finally leaving. well, left. off to antofa again! a little wierd! i think thats how its gonna be every time there is a cambio but im excited at the same time. We had a pretty good week here. We helped this less active family move into their house and then they were so happy. they came to Church again and they want us to come back during the week to dedicate the house.

Its been ridiculously hot here! i dont care what the thermometers say online or on tv or anything! The one we have say its at least over 90 every day. and this is literally the strongest sun i have ever felt. I am so grateful for sunglasses and sunblock! The good thing is that im not really getting burned that much. Its just hot. 

This week we went to a few tourist sites here in Arica right after sending off Elder Knowles in the morning. so i have a TON of pics haha. we went to a sweet beach with a bunch of caves in it and lots of tide pools and stuff. it was a good time! i love the beach. then we went to another beach after that was just beautiful.  sand for miles and miles with massive waves. it had a super slow decline too... i wanted to swim so bad hahaha. the water was like chilly without being freezing... yep. thats all.

Love you guys tons!
Elder Gold

Elder Knowles