Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Another hot week here in Arica (12/30/13)

Hello once again Family!
It was so great to see you all! seriously! loved it lots and lots!
Its been another hot week here in Arica! On saturday we helped paint a house and i got volunteered to be outside... i made sure to put on lots of suncreen because i knew it was gonna be super strong, but i forgot my legs.... so im fried on my calfs now... its a good deal. but its always fun to do service, its a little break.
I dont know what all to tell you this week cuz we talked on Christmas! but im well! im happy! 

I really missed spending Christmas with all you guys but I am very blessed to be here, there were missionaries that didnt have easy acess to skype or computers to talk to the family, lots who didnt get invited over to any houses on Christmas. i am very well taken care of here with lots and lots of friends.  

As always during the Christmas season it has been a great week to be able to get closer personally with my Savior. I honestly feel like the more we understand his sacrifice and his plan for us we will want to do whatever we should. I gave the lesson the sunday before Christmas and i realized how much information there is if we look for it. Even just reading in the gospel principles book it was truly enlightening. I encourage all of you to try and gain a little more knowledge about what his sacrifice really means to you, not just what he did, but why its important to you.

I love you all tons!
Elder Gold

Christmas Pics (he said nothing about the picture above... who is that guy?)

funny story, we had a zone conference and this dog randomly started following some of the missionaries on their way over. they got to the church and shut the gate so it couldnt come in.... then it did this! and got 100 percent stuck and high centered! we had to work on it to be able to squeeze it between these bars... i dont know how it fit! either way! plus it was a street dog so it was covered in... grossness and filled with fleas. good stuff!

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