Tuesday, January 14, 2014

there was looooots of blood (1/6/14)

Hello everyone!!
I hope you have all had an awesome week! Took advatage of new years day with Family, watched the ball drop or something; and ate lots and lots of deliscios food! We spent our new years in the pension! had a dinner with a family at night then they went to go watch the fireworks, we went to the pension then at 12 climbed on top of the roof to watch a little bit of fireworks and listen/watch everyone else party. suuuuper exciting! but thats ok. We didnt have to productive of a week... really hard to get appointments, but we still worked! until friday that is, we were walking over the hill to get to our sector and my comp stepped on a broken bottom of a bottle that somehow twisted and stabbed into the side of his foot, through his shoe, and like another inch. that was interesting! there was looooots of blood. we hopped him down the hill to a members house as he is bleeding and dying of pain, bandaged him up then went back to the pension. so he couldnt walk friday or saturday and not much on sunday either. Friday i worked with another elder in our house in my sector and saturday we worked in theirs. so i wasnt dying to bad of boredom. I was grateful for that. but my comp was going nuts. sometimes after working lots and lots you think it would be nice to just not do anything, but you can only sleep and read scriptures for so long. and we have nothing else. So! this week should be a good one! with all sorts of motivation! The Vargas family are officially moving to santiago, they leave wednesday. I really think they are gonna join the Church, he just didnt want to do it when they were gonna move. So im happy to have been able to help them even though i didnt get to baptize them. im going to have to make sure to stay in good contact with them. Its so crazy sometimes just the apartness of being a missionary. but it is also something totally unique and beautiful. im so happy to be able to do this. Life is good.
I love you all like crazy!!
Elder Gold

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