Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I wanted to swim so bad hahaha

Hey Fam!
Cambios were this week! Im staying here with Elder Rodas for at least one more Cambio in Rio San Jose. But Elder Knowles, who has been here for my whole time is finally leaving. well, left. off to antofa again! a little wierd! i think thats how its gonna be every time there is a cambio but im excited at the same time. We had a pretty good week here. We helped this less active family move into their house and then they were so happy. they came to Church again and they want us to come back during the week to dedicate the house.

Its been ridiculously hot here! i dont care what the thermometers say online or on tv or anything! The one we have say its at least over 90 every day. and this is literally the strongest sun i have ever felt. I am so grateful for sunglasses and sunblock! The good thing is that im not really getting burned that much. Its just hot. 

This week we went to a few tourist sites here in Arica right after sending off Elder Knowles in the morning. so i have a TON of pics haha. we went to a sweet beach with a bunch of caves in it and lots of tide pools and stuff. it was a good time! i love the beach. then we went to another beach after that was just beautiful.  sand for miles and miles with massive waves. it had a super slow decline too... i wanted to swim so bad hahaha. the water was like chilly without being freezing... yep. thats all.

Love you guys tons!
Elder Gold

Elder Knowles

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