Monday, December 23, 2013

I'm so stoked for Wednesday!

So! im so stoked for wednesday! i Get to talk to my family after almost 5 months! is that crazy for anyone else? I still dont feel like that much time has passed... its just cruising by. but thats ok! as long as there is progress! and i believe there is!

This week was a good week! we are finding new people, having sucessful lessons, talking to lots of people, and working hard! 

My favorite part of this week was actually yesterday in a sector attack! we all got split and put with a young man from the stake, and apart from the fact that the guy i was with was sweet, we had some good sucess! we had a really short time but we had a good lesson with a menos activo then went to go try to find people for a bit. we knocked a few doors and then came to almost the end of the street and knocked one, and the lady next door answered us... so we just pretended it was on purpose and asked if we could talk to her and she gave us 5 minutes but we shared a little about Christ and she seemed really interested, and kept talking to her daughter who is studying a lot about churches right now! I just felt like it was guided a lot for the spirit, it was sweet.

We have been working hard to find new people to teach, and we had a sweet activity on friday where the whole ward sang according to organization and there were lots and lots of less active in active and investigators there as well. we talked to all sorts of people and hopefully will be able to contact more of them this weekend or next or something. its difficult with christmas and new years haha. but thats ok! we will make it work!

here are a few more pictures as well, my sector, my comp. some lights. yep :) love you guys lots!

See ya!
Elder Gold

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