Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I'm now just a junior comp and not a trainee

Hey family! again... i have almost no time... sorry!!! this week there were cambios, Elder Villavicencio and another Elder in my house left. it feels so wierd! my companion, Elder Rodas from guatemala, will be getting here tomorrow early in the morning, and Elder Knowles companion just arrived, Elder Lopez also from guatemala. so im chillin with them tonight, but i finished training! nuts! im now just a junior comp and not a trainee. this weekend we visited tons of people and they all cried. it was way hard for Villa too. ah, sometimes when cambios come you kindof want to leave and get a change, go to a new city, all of that, but its gonna be really hard to leave people here! there are lots of people that im already super attatched too and im probably gonna be here for a good 3 months more. blegh. spanish really is just moving along. it just keeps coming, im super blessed with it. and crazy excited to talk to you all on Christmas! whew! isnt it crazy how fast time goes?!?!?! yea, but now i have to go. Love you all tons! i promise i will get back to righting decent emails haha.
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