Sunday, December 22, 2013

9 Days!!!!

Hey fam! 
9 Days!!!!!
Yea, im pretty stoked for that. i should be calling around noon thirty or 1. around there.

Im just movin right a long here! just like every week! the language just keeps moving and moving. im finally to the point where i can have a conversation with investigators or members and actually talk to them, not just smile and nod or reply on my comp. that makes things a lot easier! Its funny how different christmas is here, there are barely any people who decorate, and you can barely tell the difference most of the time. christmas isnt really their priority as much here, but thats ok. we have lots of invitations to come over so we will be well taken care of haha.

Its crazy to be getting a new comp but really fun at the same time. there are lots and lots of new things to learn and he is very very different from Elder Villavicencio. Elder Villa was largely silent and he just kindof did his thing, but Elder Rodas talks lots and lots. we have lots of good times. its way fun to do contacts with him because he just tells these random stories as he gets reminded of things and its very funny. i will send a picture of him.

Oh, also. the photos are the Vargas kids. and the Trash pic... the trash was in paro (ummm stop? nobody was working, what is that called? strike?) so there were these HUGE mountains of trash just sitting around everywhere. finally they got that figured out, but now there are just tons of flies all over the place and its kinda gross. worse in the poor houses because they cant close everything so easily. so they just get mobbed.

oh and one picture of my district.

So yep! its strange to be away from you right now but im having a good time! feeling happy with life and everything! just working and growing and learning and all that crazy stuff that is the mission.

love you all!
Elder Gold

New companion - Elder Rodas

 I'm guessing these are other elders in the house....

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