Sunday, December 22, 2013

Lago Chungara..and LOADS of photos/videos!

Whew! so! im finally here! ummm yea! so we went to lago Chungara! everybody told us it was the highest lake ever. buuutttt apparently that was false ahahaa. but it was still crazy high. we went up in a crammed little jeep with a memeber and her 2 year old. the problem up there is there isnt much air so it makes it really difficult to breath and lots of people get really nacious. we drove for about 4 hours up to the lake on these switch backs with thousand foot or more falls... it was a little sketchy. and the roads were awful and full of pot holes, plus its an intercontinental highway so there were tons and tons of semis on these tiny roads with hairpin switchbacks... yep. thats all. when we were about 3 minutes from the top the two year old finally hit his wall and spewed all over my leg which was fun. but we kinda just tried to forget about it becuase there wasnt much we could do so far from people and such. 

The lake was Beautiful. seriously. its got a few volvanoes in the back ground and everything. seriously it was amazing. with flamingos and other birds and some llamas too. but again with that whole lock of oxygen thing it made it really difficult to walk much. Elder Knowles and i struggled a lot! we could walk like 20 steps then we just had to sit where we were so we didnt fall over. but it was fun stuff! it just took lots and lots of time.

Then the next week we had cambios. they said they were gonna call on saturday night, but they never called so it was a pretty restless night and they finally called at 830 on sunday morning. Elder Villa left me. its crazy. we had all sorts of attention from the ward and ate ttoooooooonnnnnnnssssssss. but it was good. Elder Villa kinda struggled with the time thing though... so we busted it out the door after visiting tons of members on monday and he BARELY made it on the bus... and he left a TON of stuff hahaha. including his name tag! but we can send it to him for free so all is well. then i waited with Elder Knowles and his comp until tuesday morning when mine arrived. i was a little nervous and it felt a little crazy! but he arrived! Elder Rodas from Argentina is freaking hilarious, i love our group right now. he makes the work a lot more fun and he is totally set to work like crazy. im excited to spend the next few weeks with him! i also have a bunch of videos from the vargas family. so i hope you enjoy all of that. I love you all tons and im crazy excited to get to call home on christmas! thank you!

Elder Gold

The city workers were on strike...

This is one of the moments when we lost air hahaha. had to sit down. 

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