Monday, September 23, 2013

I cant believe that its been just under 2 weeks already

Hello Family!

Just another fantastic but crazy week here! Time FLIES out here. its crazy. I feel like ive been here forever... but i cant believe that its been just under 2 weeks already. i know two weeks is no time at all but it still doesnt feel like its been that long. The language is the slowest part. im decent at everything church related but as soon as we stop that and end up in real life... i just sit there in blankness. but its better! always getting better! maybe in a few months i will be able to say i can talk to people :)  

This week was independance day for Chile. september 18. they love it so much. the whole country basically stops working and just chills. for the whole week. so it was a rough week as far as missionary work went! we tried to visit people but even members didnt want to talk to us. so not super productive but thats ok! saturday it picked up again! Saturday we did contacts for like 5 hours in the afternoon. we had people screaming at us that they didnt want to talk to us. a few drunk people ( drunk people think they are hilarious, they see that i am a gringo and they start screaming out random phrases in english "my name is!" "wheres the bathroom" "i will buy that" "how much does this cost?" and always followed by a huge train of laughter). but mostly we have the people who are just to busy right now, but we can come back another time! but they dont know when because they never have time. sooo that always good. but it never seems that bad for some reason. i thought it would be a lot more depressing than it is. you just have to keep your head up. cuz actually finding people rocks!

This week we had one of the ladys that we have been working really hard with came to church. i was nervous! but she liked it! so we will meet with her again, adress some of her fears and see where we are! Also  on sunday we found a family knocking doors and taught them the first lesson... that rocked. i love teaching so much. i love those moments when everyone is feeling the spirit. the kids stop  moving and everyone is just listening. We also found another guy who had work so he couldnt come to church this sunday but we are gonna keep working with him, and hopefully his family too. I love how the Lord just guides through unsuspecting actions. we talk to random people or knock random doors and find people that even if they arent going to come to church we definitely affect. its awesome. Its the seed mentality, even if they arent ready for us. we plant the seed. and you can definitely tell when you plant a seed.

Its fantastic to be out here! I have a way nice house, good food and great people in comparison to most of my MTC district. And yet, its a massive leap down from the states. We are SO blessed to live where we do. we have so much. SOOOO much.

I love you all! thank you for everything!

Elder Gold

Also! we found this guy that spoke english. I LOVE ENGLISH! i could teach! Well! and answer all of his questions! and not worry about my words! ah. loved that

 Last pictures with the district in Mexico City at the temple and the CCM

First pictures from Arica, Chile: with his trainer (from Peru) Elder Villavicencia, the house(?), Chilean Independence Day celebrations, food, and.... other mysteries of missionaries in Chile

(Henry gave no explanation for these photos... I'm not sure if it's a natural medicine for sunburn, or if they all love tomatoes so much they want to wear them, or....)

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  1. I think it's crazy that Henry is so tall, yet in the photos they all look about the same height!?