Sunday, January 4, 2015

I love the mishhhh (December 15, 2015)

So, im just gonna start his letter off talking about life. Its funny learning things. i have always always heard how we learn things line upon line right. but its just awesome everytime i learn something that i already know but i learn it just a little deeper than before! I learn about the importance of challenges, and then i learn it again, and then i start to connect it with other concepts... this probably isnt even making sense! but!!! God is Perfect! His plan is Incredible! everything just goes to help us... gah! We need to pass through hard things. its truly a need. if we were to just be in happyvill forever we would be so miserable. i used to get all sorts of worried when i had a bad week on the mish, when stuff would go wrong. i would worry that i was doing something wrong and try and figure out what i needed to do to be better. but the honest truth is that sometimes we just need to hae bad days! clearly we should always use those moments to improve ourselves, but we dont have to worry about everything when things are bad. This week Carolina got really mad at us, we hadnt really done anything but she was just mad. and it was hard to see her mad at us and everything, but it was just a moment for her, and it was a moment for us, but it just had to happen... yeah... i make no sense but God is just awesome. and He is always helping us. even when we cant see it. thats part of the whole faith thing. just move on with what we feel is right and he promises that one day we will understand why.

Ummmm this week was a little rogh as far as the missionary work went! we had LOTS of things planned that just did not happen. for one reason or another, but thats ok! it was just one week. next week will be better! And! im staying with Elder Gines for the next 6 weeks until he DIES! im going to KILL my comp! hahaha. thats just how we say it in the mish, but i love him, its gonna be a great 6 weeks! 

In other news.... We may or may not have definately waxed our legs.... right where the sock is... man! that hurt! but sometimes the little leg hairs get all tangled up in the socks and it hurts, sooo we just decided to wax it! our mamita has all the equipment and such... it was interesting! but now my legs are super duper smooth!

But! we did have an AWESOME lesson this week with one of our investigator families that is attending regularly to church.. they have had TONS of problems... tons. but they are just working out of them. it is so great to see thier progress. i love the gospel. i love seeing changes in people. this isnt just another religion. this isnt just eh way that we choose to believe in God. this is REAL, and this is what he wants us to do. this is the way to Eternal Happiness and happiness here on earth. im so sure of that. i will never be able to deny it. i love you all! have an excellent week!

Elder Gold

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