Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Pues ya no temáis...‏ (December 8, 2014)

Well! There we go! one more week that has come and gone and i just didnt even realize it! we had this awesome FHE on monday, its a member who organizes it every week, and we brought 14 people! i put on a tiny video that shows 4 of the 6 members who were there... and 14 negritos! (i can say that in spanish. its not offensive, in english its just calling them black) but it was gret! its all coming from one family, we just keep finding more and more of this family who want to go to church! we went to church with them this week as well and found more kids! its awesome! 

Tghis week we had divisiones with the assitants, i dont know if i already mentioned thi, but Elder Mangum, my comp from the MTC is now the assistant so its cool to see him a lot more but they came down to work with us on thursday, i worked with the other assitant Elder Palomino... and i got to take the half of the sector that we didnt have as many people in.... soooooo that was interesting! plus we had this list of people that i always carry around in my folder in my bag but that day, Elder Gines had taken it! sooo we were basically just chillin over there with not much to do, however, intercambios with Assitants are awesome because we always see some miracle! we have this family that got baptized almost a year ago went for 3 weeks and then never went again... so that was sad, and we have tried to visit them a few times but they havent really been interested, and we went with Elder Palomino and they just let us in! so easy! and we shared with the whole family and one of the daughters that didnt get baptised! they are basically not members though... they are just people who got baptised... they never read the book of mormon... they dont believe that the church is the only true church... they dont know the doctorine, they just know that the church is good.... so we are gonna have lots of work to do with them but it should be good!! hopefully they will progress.

This week was a little bit hard for me in general, i was feeling a little bit sad but then i remembered something that i had learned earlier on in the mission that i wasnt doing... enjoying the journey, i was just living it, and working hard! but i wasnt enjoying what i was doing or counting my blessings. so i started that up again and ive been feeling a lot better. its funny how the world really does HAVE to be like that. WE have to go through some times that are worse than others so that we can remember what happiness is. bad times are truly inevitable, but so are GOOD times. and EXCELLENT times. we just have to find the joy that we can in all those times. thats the awesome part about the gospel, it helps us deal with this stuff and have a happy outlook, and even when things get beyond our control, thats when Christ comes in to save the day. I feel like he just works with us every single moment, its just that sometimes when we dont feel like we need him as badly, when things are good, we dont feel him as much, but when things get bad again we can notice his push as it gets a little harder. Basically... the Church is true and im so grateful for it. Carolina, the lady who got baptised had a REALLY hard week this week. but I know that she has the tools to get though it. its sad for us to that she had a hard time, but thats part of life. all we can do is juust keep on pushing! it all works out in the end!

Saturday morning we also helped dig a whole that these people are gonna use as their bathroom! Its incredible how these people can live so happily with so little. They dont have hot water, plumbing, a nice shower head, a sink, a bathtub. they have a hose and some big buckets of water that they use. they siphone the water out with the hose and use it in smaller buckets to do everything. There entire house is literally as big as the upstairs livingroom in our house. they have 2 beds and they are 5 people living there. and thats not the worst ive seen by a long shot. but they are happy, and getting happier as we are teaching them the gospel. so. the world.  its all about perspective. I am very grateful for all the things that i have. sometimes i miss taco bell, or driving. but i have running hot water and a house and a bed to myself. that is all that i need.

So! the church is true! Also with the He is the Gift thing... go online and share it with all of your frineds! all of those who put like on your post, write them a message and if they are members tell them to do the same thing! and if they arent, invite them to learn more on the website, or just in general! fast and easy plan to share the gospel using only faccebook! do it!

I love you guys so much! have an awesome week! next week or possibly the week after i will let you know what time i will be calling! be happy! Emvbrace and share the Gift!

Elder Gold

(Mom's Note: Pues ya no temáis...‏means "Then be not dismayed...")

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