Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Thanksgiving!!! (December 1, 2014)

well... thanksgiving was pretty lame haha. we went to antofagasta a week early for the conference thing and spent all day on a bus or in the meeting. i was sorta praying that the office would just decide to make us a deliscious turkey lunch... but no luck there. however the pizza was deliscious and i was grateful to have dominoes in antofagasta. with ranch dressing. I remember in the states when i felt like thanksgiving got forgotten always... here... even amongst misisonaries from the states.... doesnt exist. but thats ok. everyone is all sorts of prepared for christmas! sorta. its crazy how fast the time passes. its already almost christmas again! how crazy is that!

We had a really calm start off to the week. we did splits for a few appointments... man, its feels so strange to be without my comp! i was with another guy... but im still like alone... i feel like everyone is just looking at me. we no longer share the attention. but its great. it saves us lots and lots of time! and we get to work with members wich is SUPER important! 

We went to antofagasta and then got back and got back to work, started preparing for the BAPTISM that saturday! that was awesome!!! it went off great, Elder Gines and I baptized and She invited lots and lots of her family and the ward went. it was a great experience, we had a little refreshment thing after and we were able to just chat for a bit... i cant explain it that well but it was just a really excellent baptism. we will almost definately start teaching some of her friends and family now and the ward is also excited about it! i love that! so in the near future there will definately be more baptisms. coming soon! The baptism was the big thing this week and it was soooo super duper awesome!!! love you all my family! have a great week!

Also! i was gonna write more about this but learn about He is the Gift! the new video from the church! and then go do things with it! we just realized that we have to go right now so i ran out of time! but more next week! do it!!! 

Love you
 Elder Gold

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