Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Birfday Week! 20?!?!?!? (November 10, 2014)

Wow! so we had a party this week! last week i tlaked about how we were gonna have to be in the bus terminal every night... that definately happened. every night this week until 4 in the morning until friday night. 5 nights in a row. and it cost 10 bucks to take a taxi back to the pensh... luckily we had a couple people that saved us so we didnt have to do that EVERY night. but it was fun! we were suuuuuper tired. but thats just the mish ;) lovin it. on thursday we went to antofagasta again for a conference and our bus left like 12 and a half hours late... so we got to the cnference when they were already taking the break... but if nothing else we got some dominoes pizza :) mmmmmmmmmmmmm hahaha. no but the conference was sweet. we read all together 2 nephi 2 and talked about  some of the doctrine in there and applied it to missionary work... but it just barely struck me, in like... Jarom i think some guy basically just right "i know that the plates are true and im writing this down, and i dont have to write anything else because they have already written the plan of salvation down here" really bad paraphrase but there it is. anyways, i always htought wow... the plan of salvation is really well hidden then because i definately didnt take it out from there! but 2 nefi 2 is definately a huge part of it! it talks all about the creation and the fall of adam and the purpose of Jesus Christ. When you read the chapter well and analize it you can see how well it explains everything, the need for good and evil. the patterns of choice and the agency principle. it tells us exactly wht we need to do to be saved.... awesome. so that was a really uplifting experience for me. one of those huge testimony builders when you just have this moment like... "wow, the church is so true" and you just feel it so much. basically loved that! This saturday was my birthday! crazy how things like that sneak up on you in the mish, i had told my comp but nobody else. he remembered in the morning and said, happy buirthday. then we just kep working, we went to a couple apointments, then in the afternoon we had this big activity with the whole stake and we went there. it was really cool, the missionaries in our city (like 30 of them) all sang a few himns in a choir, im so glad that we had some awesome really talented musical people there. i kinda got put in charge of it but i do NOT know enough about music to do this stuff, so one of the hermanas helped us out a lot. PResident Dalton and our stake president both spoke during the activity and then after that we had a few baptisms... it was really awesome to see that. 4 people who were just REALLY excited to be baptised. it made us really happy and you feel the spirit. when it was about to end 2 hermanas who had seen that it was my birthday in the mission newsletter said happy buirthday and my comp started telling people but i escaped most of it :) just a really chill normal day! then the next day we went to go visit an investigator and it was his brothers birthday so my comp told them and they re lit the candles for me hahaha. so i got a little bit of cake the day after. and your packages :) thank you so much!!! This sunday we had a TON of people who said they were going to church and something happened with EVERY ONE OF THEM! well not everyone. 2 of them went, but i was expecting like 9... cant say i was super happy that moment but thats ok. next week will be better. just barely realized that the organization of this letter is terrible... one huge pragraph... but thats what happens when you are in a hurry. i will upload a few pics and such next week! hope you guys have an awesome week! keep it strong! keep the faith! read your scriptures! love you all!

Elder Gold

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