Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bautenivar! (November 24, 2014)

So we just had another awesome week! parties all around! had intercambios with Elder Cazier and his "son". i was with Elder Duke and we had a sweet day! Found a couple new people to teach, and met this awesome colombian guy who was super excited to learn a bit more about the church, e already goes to a church but he is just such a great person that i will be surprised if he doesnt start seriously investigating. he just had such sincere desires to come unto Christ! so hopefully be talked about a little bit later on! but we had a fun day together. learned lots.
On Saturday we went to a baptism in El Palomar, my old sector, and saw Mary get baptized. i taught her for almost 2 months, it was great to see her take that step in her life. and it was fun to go back to my old Chapel! i miss those people. it was great to see them too. The baptism was great, and Carolina and Noemy went and really enjoyed it! they are getting baptized this saturday at 4 in the afternoon! Carolina asked me to baptize her. its gonna be a great day! She is so prepared and so excited! so we will keep helping her aftere her baptism to retain her and reactivate her friend who lives down the street. thus the word bautenivar, bautizar, retener, reactivar! thats how the misison should work, we do it all at once.
We had a couple great lessons this week, more people that are progressing really well. We are so blessed with people who have sincere desires to learn the gospel. so blessed. We have lots of members who are helping us as well. tonight, we have 3 lessons with members planned. its gonna be great! so, the mission is just awesome. i am so grateful to have a companin that is willing to work. He is great, we are both doing our best to be the best we can. Its funny this is the second time that i have lived alone with my comp, like just 2 in the apartment, but its really easy because he is just easy to get along with.

Its getting really really hot here! and i am turning into qa tomato... everyone makes fun of me. i always put sunscreen on! always! but... the sun here is just so much. so its gonna be a fun couple of weeks here in copiapo. hopefully i dont dry up. or get cancer. Elder Gines i so lucky, he just gets tan. and i burn. but thats ok! each to his own. at least its a good conversqation starter. evryone talks about it hahaha.
We have had lots of sucess in the whole zone, and we can just see it keep growing! also, the church is starting some new program thing, its called, "He is the Gift". so be watching out for that because it looks like its gonna be big, and really cool, WE are going to antofagasta this week to learn a little bit more about it and it looks like they are gonna do lots and lots of work for it!
Im loving the work, and we are working hard. hope you guys all have an excellent week! have a great thanks giving and happy birthday Tommy! have a good one. Love you lots!
Elder Gold

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