Sunday, March 8, 2015

Faith (March 2, 2015)

WE had an awesome meeting in antofagasta this week. i loved it. the last two that i have been to have really changed my mission! WE talked again about faith and more about our misisonary purpose. and then on the bus i had anawesome talk with Elder Bronson

Faith is and always will be the key to everything! in moroni 7 it says that. without faith everything is useless! we need it so much. if we just keep growing our faith, not just our belief in God but our faith, the whole world will keep getting simpler and happier. faith is the base of EVERYTHING. its funny how we as humans many times think that we have tons of faith as well but... many times we are just good at saying we have faith... anyways.

Im grateful for the gospel. if you go sit somewhere and peoplewatch you can tell just how many people really need this. we have so much to help them. they need to find the true plan of Christ. I wish i could better help people see the huge need they have for this and just take the decision! just do it!!!!! it will work! please!!!!! anyways... the Gospel is good. God loves us.

Im super grateful for repentance! how comforting is it to know that every day we can be better. sometimes when i learn somehting new that i need to do, or i realize that i have been failing in something i feel bad because i didnt realize it before or i wasnt doing it before. but thats why repentance exists. there is no use crying over spilled milk. you just have to pick up with what you have and move on. if im failng, i just need to get better and everything is gonna be ok. Its incredible to think about the mercy of God. forgiving those who crucified Jesus. Peter denied him 3 times in one night. if he can forgive even those. why cant he forgive us for everything that we have done being that we only live by faith. if we can just learn to repent quick and try and be better he will always accept us. it doenst matter what weve done, it matter what we do. 

This week i had in my hands the largest amount of money that i have ever had in my life... next week some sister misisonaries are coming to be in the other sector here. so we have been in charge of setting up their apartment! we have to buy everything... so its been fun! its incredible how much this stuff costs! and this is just the most basic! its a strange experience... setting up a house. i cant imagine if i had to think about dacorating and stuff on top of it... man. way much to ask of me haha.

WE have some really awesome people that we are teaching right now. i am so excited for their progress... The devil uses fear to try and debilitate the faith. They can feel the power, but its hard for them to make the decisions to really go for it with everything or not.. but thats our job! help them to have the faith to make covenants with God! thats what the mission is! i love it!

Have an awesome week! take care of yourselfs! be happy! i love you all!

Elder Gold

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