Sunday, May 3, 2015

Chañaral !!!! PUEBLIIIIITO‏ (March 9, 2015)

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! the time has again arrived... cambios! i was in my last sector maray for almost 6 months... and the time came when the Lord has called me to another place. i will now be in CHAÑARAL its a tiny liitle city type thing about 2 hours north of copiapo. a fishing town, i have been here for a good 2 hours and we have seen so many people that my companion knows! in a tiny town, everyone knows everyone, and everyone goes to the same place! so that has been fun! ive got a lot to get aquainted with here haha. it does have a fantastic view of the ocean from just about any place here though, so thats pretty awesome. i will have more pics and stuff next week. this week i left my camera cable in my suitcase in the pension so i cant upload squat. Im going to be here with Elder Barrios. he is also from Guatemala! he was Elder Gines companion before and i have know him for about 6 months as well. he is super cool and i already know we will get along great. so we are just gonna have to go to town and start to make this little branch a stake!

It was hard for me to leave copiapo. and maray more. i called a couple of people from my old sector to say goodbye to them but i was already half gone so that wasnt too bad. we ate lunch with Carlos, our awesome investigator who is just so ready for baptism it hurts, but heis afraid still. that was a little sad as well because we had a really good relationship with him, and he trusted a lot in us... but thus it its. then i had to say goodbye to fernando and his family... another hard one... i though for sure that i was going to see them get baptized... but he told me as i gave him a hug to say goodbye that i was going to have goodnews really soon... and i saw a ring on his ... womans... finger... so if they are getting married that is a huge step to be able to get batized. but the hardest one was definately saying goodbye to carolina... i was sharing with her for 8 months... ever since i got here to copiapo, she moved to maray and almost immediately i got moved as well... so that was a hard one... she cried a lot... i was about there as well... hard to leave all those people... but if its the will of the lord then i will go i will do. im sure that the missionaries are going to protect them well...

We found this massive family on saturday... we had contacted a lady in her house on thursday and set an appointment for saturday and we asked her ( as we try to always do) if she knew anyone else who could want or need to listen to us. so she mentioned one of her neighbors, and her her sisters and she said she was going to invite her sisters on saturday... we showed up to the house and they were all there waiting for us. 8 investigators.... we had an awesome lesson and asked their question which was "what religion did Christ have?" (awesome!!!) and they agreed to read and pray to be able to know. we invited them to the church and some of them werent able to , for previous commintments, but the oldest son went with his cousins and brother, and he also invited his girlfriend who went to church on sunday... so that was awesome! niracle family! This week we also had our exchanges with the assistants! we ad a good day! me and Elder Oribe took the part of the sector that didnt have any appointments, and we only taught one lesson that day... but we talked to ta ton of people who wanted us to visit them this coming week... so hopefully the sister missionaries who are going to be taking over that part of the sector will be able to find them all!!

that was also an adventure of this week. we had to go and buy all of the stuff that the sisters were going to need in their new apartment! i didnt realize how expensive all of this stuff was! and how hard it is to shop! price chacking and all sorts of stuff. plus most of the stuff that they had in stores they didnt actually have in the city, they had to ship it up from snatiago which took like 10 days... way too long. so it was an adventure and called for a large amount of stress. but it was a good learning experience! in the end it was entertaining! we got it all done. the last thing that they needed were the curtains and the bunk bed that both came in today.. after i had left haha.

I had a really good time with those two elders that last cambio... we had a party. they fed off of eachother so much... constantly laughing... but it was good. we learned a lot! we ahd a lot of sucess! we worked hard. im happy with our effort.
It was hard to say goodbye to elder sanchez now that hes going home... im going to miss him. im glad to know that at the very least, we ill all see eachother gain in the celestial kingdowm... but for now, my plan is to be incredibly rich and go visit all of them with my family. :) hahaha.

I love the mission! i love the gospel! i love you all!!!

have an awesome week!

Elder Gold

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