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Constant adventures!‏ (May 25, 2015)


le saludo cordialmente

Hello! everyone! hope you all had a good week. ​

Our week ws full of good times. we went out with ganas. we also started a new exercise program.. we have been going out to work out evrey morning with my comp, but we finally conviced Elder Larsen, the UVU wrestler, to come be our personal trainer... the workouts are much more effective. he knows how to destroy my muscles without weights, and in many ways. so i have been sore! in a good way, an happily but its been a party. before i would do a few exercises just at my pace and with breaks when i got tired, but now there are no breaks. hopefully it pays off! the only thing i need now is a better diet!

this tusday we had the Elders from Taltal come down to do exchanges with us, i got to be with Elder Perez. he was a fun guy from Mexico, im excited to get back to the states and talk to someone from mexico because most of the mexicans i know speak so slowly! theyre super mellow about it all. And Elder Walker was with my comp. i just love Elder Walker. he is the most innocent angelic person i have ever met. hes a fun guy. then that morning i went again with Elder Perez to go do some visa stuff! i got all ready and i already have my second year long ID. so im set now. no more paperwork or visits to government agencies! yay! 

When i was with Elder Perez, we taught Luis Perez, his family travled down to santiago, so he was alone, but we taught him about keeping the Sabath Day holy. he is really starting to understand very well... its hard for him to follow through becaus he literally works every day to support his family. but thats why members are so important. their testimonies from real ife to these people do so much more than just a missionary can. but it has been awesome to see the porgress in these people, little by little.

On wednesday i had to do the member registry audit in the branch. oh yeah, that was this week too! President Dalton called me monday night to ask me to do a membership record audit to the branches of chañaral, taltal, El Salvador, and Diego de Almagro. which is my zone, but its gonna be sweet because im going to get to see all of the cities in my zone! i will try and take some pictures because this will probably be the only time i get to go, especially to Diego, and El Salvador. i just have to go with the ward clerk and make sure all the member information is right and updated. really easy. fun stuff. so we did that on wednesday night.

Friday morning the other Elders went out to go do service in one of the stores in the mud zone with some people they had talked to and as they were working a bit of glass fell on Elder Fuller and cut open his shoulder, it wasnt terrible but it was bead enough to send him to the hospital to go get stitches. he kept saying that he didnt feel it, and he was totally cool through the whole thing. and plus when we went to pay, the guy asked the if they were helping, then if we were form the church and when we said yes, he just looked at the paper and told us to jhust go. we didnt have to pay anything! so that was cool! i was really grateful for that. he was a nice guy.

Then this saturday we had a weeding reception thing for a couple in the ward who are getting married. they are headed off tonight to go to georgia where they have a daughter married to an RM and they are going to be sealed in Miami! and have vacation time there for a month or maybe a little bit more! so that was cool! and on sunday i gave a talk. much less drama for me giing a talk now, and the fact that its in spanish stopped scaring me a long time ago. just chill. and then we were in the church until like 430 that afternoon. yet again respect for all those who serve in the church and have to do that much more than i do. Church leadership callings really are a sacrifice, well, all callings are a sacrifice! especially if we are doing our best to magnify them. thankfully the other Elders made us a little bit of lunch so we were able to go back and eat :)

The mission is just good, i think every sunday night i realize that another week is gone and that the number of weeks i have left is getting smaller an smaller, but im glad that God has helped e to not think about it. Im finally finishing Jesus the Christ. i started it at the beginning of my misison and ive taken a few breaks in between, but it really is such an awesome book. it has definately helped me to focus more on our Savior, and to apreciate Him much more as well. He is the most important thing in everything. without Him nothing else matters. we just need to focus on Him and His plan and everything is gonna be ok for us. what a comforting thought that. Gods plan is perfect, and we are part of it.

Have a great week everyone! keep up the good work! take care of yourselves! no sean trunkies!

Elder Gold

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