Sunday, May 3, 2015

Chaña... Tal Tal‏ (March 28, 2015)

well family! we have permission again to write you a tiny message to tell you that we are all alive! so! just so you know! im alive! i dont know if it was actually big news in the wowrld what happened here... but its incredible how big of a mess this rain made! it was a good rain. but for this place it was like a typhoon. all of the dirt started mmmoving... so many people got mud everywhere... plus it doesnt help that they never ever think that its gonna happen so they dont prepare at all. 

anyways... i was in chañaral right? well teusday morning we came up to tal tal about 2 hours north to do exchanges with the missionaries and we were supposedly coming back on wednesday but then it rained and the entire world shut down. so we have been stuck in tal tal with what we were wearing an extra pair of undies and socks and pjs. but its been an adventure! chañaral got hit worst... but we arent there... which is a blessing but its sure hard to not be there at the same time... anyways... everyone is ok. all of the missionaries are ok. also, just remeber, the news shows the worst of the worst... where the missionaries are living there were no rivers of ud or anything like that. todo bien. so! i will have lots to talk about on monday! love you all! we are all safe! thank you for your prayers! dont worry about me!

Elder Gold

i took out like 70 bucks or so because i didnt have much money and we had to buy food and stuff to prepare while there was... but everything is fine. president has already made it into the city and all is well... but just so you know.

Mom's note:  The following are all pictures from March 17-23...before Tal Tal.

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