Sunday, May 3, 2015

New compy comp (April 27, 2015)

Hello family! hope that life is all well there in your lives. 

This has been a good week. On monday a lady called us from copiapo and said that she was gonna bring us food and stuff and asked what we needed... well we had literally just got back from the store... so we didnt need anything. so i told her that... and she accepted and then told me that i was misisng out because she wanted to bring us carrot cake... that was super duper tempting but i ouldnt make her come up for nothing so we said goodbye and i thnked her very much for offering... then the next day i got another phone call from here telling me that she was in chañaral with a bunch of food for us and she needed to know where we lived.... she called president dalton to ask him about it hahaha. sooo tey came and brought us 2 boxes LOADED with food... and goodies :) 

so we are FILLED with food. wow, i feel like a king or something its nuts... e are very blessed. and the pension is sooo clean. we went to twon on it and we all made a covenant to keep it clean.  and it has worked. we have one elder that struggles sometimes but we pick up his stuff for him a lot of times, but its wonderful. its strange how that has changed on the mission, im still not that clean or organized, but i made my bed almost never at home... MAYBE once a month... but probably like once every three months or so... and now i make my bed every day... the mission, it does stuff t ya. im just really happy with the house right now. but that was a fun experience.

This week we had one day when we went to go help a few people until about 5... but other than that we were able to be in the streets and houses working for the rest of our time. it was wonderful... it was also a bt hard getting back into the mornings, plus there are lots of people who have left chañaral but it felt good to get back to full time proselyting. we have one family that has been prgressing really well. The husband has changed so much in the past 2 weeks, he finally understand prayer. but truly understands it. and since he has understood he has applied it. sometimes stuff still happens and it doesnt happen but thats like all of us, but he was really steady with his prayers, and this was a really big progress for him, now he can help out his whole family. they are a really awesome family.

we had another lesson this week that just turned into one of those really spiritual moments when the person really just wants to comne unto Christ and be clean by his power. that desire is so strong in people, and when they recognize and embrace it it changes them forever. that change in people is the reason we are here, that is our entire purpose. help people to come unto christ by having faith upon him and applying his atonement in their lives through the priniciples of the restored gospel.

It was hard to let Elder Barrios go but he was a happy camper... he has three months left and he is going to use them all training a new misisonary... it would be hard for him to be sa about the transfer, but we were really good friends, i got along with him really really well and really really fast. we had  lot of good times together and i could have stayed with him for another 6 weeks gladly. he is a great missiionary and im sure i will keep in contact with him. Elder Magnusson is alo a great guy. we get along really well. he is from Lehi Utah, he has 4 months left in the mission, and hes a ginger hahaha. its wierd to have 4 north americans in the pension right now... and its funny to have people tlak to us in the street and just immediately call us gringos because we are both very much white boys haha. we are gonna have a good time together here. he is a hard worker and we are gonna work together to meet our goals. 

Church is a little different now being the counselor... there are just a zillion things to remember now! and i have to carry around a ton of keys now. but its a lot more agitated. constantly moving but its good. sitting on the stand and all. it will be a really good learning experience. i already have more sympathy for all of the people that have to stay for 2 hours after church everyweek. but for some reason it just feels good to work for the branch.

Im grateful for what i have here. there are a lot of people that lost everything, and a lot more that lost their jobs. but EVERYONE is well taken care of. im glad to know that for myself and for other. The Chruch is true. life is good. and all #BecauseHelives 

have an awesome week! take care of yourselves, i love you all!!

Elder Gold

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