Sunday, May 3, 2015

Cambios! (April 20, 2015)

Hello family! so sorry! its gonn be a realy short one this week, we had cambios so its been a busy day, Elder Barrios got called to train and went to Caldera and Elder MAgusson came here with me! we have been dpacking bags and running little errands almost all day so i havent had a lot of time to write but all is well!! imhappy here! 
This unday they gave me the assignment to be the first counseler to the branch... lots of responsability, and a pocket full of keyes, but its gonna be good. im glad to be able to continually serve my brothers and sisters here.

We also had htat wesoe conference with president Dallin H Oaks. There were lots of problems with the audio at the beginning but it was awesome to see how it didnnt rmatter inthe end. there was an incredible spirit there, and though he didnt give us any crazy new mind blowing information we could feel the spirit directing us. its wonderful to recieve personal revelation for your life, for your investigators and for your companionship. its a awesome experience. i know that the spirit truly guides that man, and this Church. and im sure that God is directing this work. we see miracles small and big every day, as long as we lok for them and are worthyfor them. The gospel is what we need, and i wish that i could better help everyone to understand that. thats the struggle of everyday. help the people to understand and apply it. i hoe every one of you can aso apply it. try it out. sto making excues, do what you have to do to change but there is nothig like living in the path of God, if you think it looks bad on the outside, its because you havent seen the insie, or if you have you have forgotten. We must all follow christ. i promise that we are Children of God and that he loves us.

Myweek has been good. more work in the mud, and more work with people, its the mission. theres nothing like it! thank you for your prayers! have an awesome week! i will wrie more next time!!

Love you all 

Elder Gold 

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