Monday, May 25, 2015

dia de la mama (May 11, 2015)

bueno! what a fun wek we have had!

​Chañaral is just always a new party! there is always something going on. always. This week we enjoyed a good tuesday of work and the district meeting that we were in charge of seeing how our distrit leader is no longer in his sector because the city they live in is still without water from the storm. We worked hard to find new people and talked to a bunch of them! we are still usig this new "because He lives" video which is awesome because you can use it as an excuse to talk about the gosepl wth anyone, "hey! you! wanna see a video!?" so thats fun. but we give out lots and lots of little ards and then go back and try and contact the people again. 

Then on wednesday we had a new adventure, they called us in the morning to let us know that we had a special transfer in our zone.... ELDER JENSEN LEFT! our canadian... we were sad. he visited people that day and then came bac at night and packed his bags to go to ARICA. the very north of the misison. and we also watched the movie the testaments with one of our ivestigators who is just SO RECEPTIVE to the spirit. he feels it an he just starts recieving answers and making decisions. his work hold him back a lot from doing what he wants to do, but he is awesome. He read the book of mormon two nights in a row the last time we talked to him. that was cool, Elder JEnsen traveled with us to antofagasta that night, supposedly our bus left at 2... so we had to be there 15 minutes early just in case... but it ended up arriving at 4 in the morning! luckily! it was a really really warm night. i was in a light jacket outside without any walls or anything at 4 in the morning and it wasnt cold. so that was a good blessing. poor Elder Jensen had no time to say goodbye to anyone and while he left Elder fuller stayed with Johnathan, a member from the branch. 

we had a good Leadership council that thursday, President Dalton just gets so passionate about things... he is a great man. i respect him a lot. he truly loves the work and he loves the misisonaries. which i personally think is really impressive. he has to deal with a lot of stuff from them. but we had a good meeting talking about consecration a little bit and how we oculd find more people, then a lot of my friends gave their last testimonies before they end the misison in like 3 weeks... man! crazy! and we had time to go to Lider (walmart) to buy peanut butter (yay! :)) and then we took Elder Larsen back to the bus station to head back to chañaral, we got in at like 1. Elder Larsen is a good guy! hes really fun! he is also a TANK! hes like 6 2 and just... large. he squishes me sometimes. and pops my back ridiculously easy. but hes still a big teddy bear. he wrestled for UVU i think. he was also Elder Fullers comp in the MTC so that was interesting that they got put back together! they both have about a year. just short of it. 

On friday there was LOTS to do to prepare for the mothersday activity and barbecue that we had on saturday! so we were highly involved in all that, taught a lesson, and did a baptismal interview. it was one of those days where we were running all over the place.Then on sturday we had the barbecue! it was just so chilean :) it was beautiful! lots and lots and lots of meat, everyone shows up tardy. good times! but the food was good and we all had a good time together, i got a few pictures... but i just get so busy and forget all the time! sorry!!! then one of the talks we had called to tell me he couldnt! so i got to assign another one... ELDER FULLER! then he totally threw me under the bus during his talk that i had given it to him on saturday night :) i love him :) it was kindof an interesting day... one of those days when its really really obvious that youre in a branch because lots of these things would never happen in idaho. but the 3 primary kids sang a little hymn to the moms, it was good, everyone abpplauded :) and they handed out roses in the middle of the meeting, soooo overall a really good meeting! But i didnt have to conduct this week sooooo didnt mess up on that :D hahaha.

It was just a good week, full of adventures, topped off with an awesome call home, i was glad that i just felt really peaceful after this one, it was just good. short and sweet. got in enough to feel happy, good enough internet to hear you most of the time. that was all i needed. Thank you! im ready to get back to work! 

Thanks for all of your prayers! thanks for your love! i hope you all remember to do the most important things in life! and remember what they are as well! May we all apply the Atonement in our lives this week and forever! hasta la proxima semana! cuidense!

Elder Gold

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