Monday, May 4, 2015

Fall time (May 4, 2015)

well!!!! its gettin cold here!!! the sun still burns you up during the day but when the sun goes down... whooo. its chilly. so we are back to sweater mode, it feels funny to carry around a sweater when its so warm sometimes but its always worth it when night tie comes around!

This was one of those weeks where everything that looks like its gonna happenand be awesome doesnt.... but thats ok! you just have to keep rolling in those momets, the only thng that matters is doing our very best to find people who are willing to apply the Atonement of Jesus Christ in their lives. its the eternal search, but thats our job.

This week was still good! we had a lot of appointments that fell, but it was good we had one night where we were waing towardsa house late at night when this drunk guy yelled at us from his house... not an abnormal experience... and asked us when we were going to visit mauri... we told him that we couldnt right now (obviously, he was basically wasted) and we went back another day and tlkaed to muri... super cool guy! never ever would have found him if it werent for the drunkness of that man, so hopefully he will progress. we have an appointment with him tonight! one of those freebies. those are funny because we try and do thing all day to find new people, and often times those hardly work at all, but then drunk people tell us to come over without us even asking... yay! thanks for that one!

this week we went to the new feria naranja... that was  big wstore in the center of town that got destroyd by the ud... filled to the brim and basially everything in it was lost... and since then they have been searching for a way to stat working again... and they finally gt euthroizqtion and went and built this quick structure out of 2 by 4rs and cloth... but it was SOOOOOOOO nice to see them all working again, and on saturday a huge crowd of people walkin through butng things and looking at things and just... life gain, with that, they will be ble to start working again. and their life will start to go back to normal. i almost teared up just looking at it. life goes on. its hard. but it goes on.

Also! my comp reminds me a ton of Josh! i dont know how to explain it all but there are just a few things that they both do that nobody else i have met does, like they fces he has sometimes when hes beein goofy, or the way he hi fives... i know this is wierd but Josh has a super speecific power high five and his fingers are pulled back farther than his palm nd itsjust the Josh style! and Elder MAgnusson has it as well! plus they are both super white!!! (hahha sory bud!) plus hes form lehi... its funny.

AND! this week i had to conduct sacrament meeting... hwo fun is that right! gah! super stressful. i had to have people sustained and remember all the workds and just ots and lots of stuff. and you realize that there are a TON of little things that you have to put in there! and the order matters a lot! everything has to be i nthe right place, and though youve seen it a zillion times, i still couldnt remember if the sustaiings were beofre or after the acrament. so! good learning experiences! recieving tithing slips... setting people apart... its interesting. very very interestng. there is a lot to learn and a lot to remember.

good week! happy week! we got it allfigred out with a member to be able to call you guys!!! whoo! we have up to 40 minutes to talk, just so you know, andwho ever wants to go is invited. en todo caso les voy a  ver mas o menos pronto jaja, aunque no lo crean! y yo tampoco lo creo! So yeah! we have decided to call at 6 o clock our time, which is three o clock your time! if its a tiny bit later than that dont worry, it just means that we have to take turns to call, so i twill be a little before 7 my time or 4 your time, but thats only if the internet is slow. so! hope thats good with yall! i will be hapy to se whoever wants to come! and we willl talk a little bit more on sunday when i get on!

TH church is true! God is real! He has a plan for us! i know it!!! i hope that we can all lear His expectations for us and live worthy of His blessings!

I love you all!!! have a great week!

Elder Gold

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