Monday, May 25, 2015

cooold (May 18, 2015)

Well! its gettin chilly here in chile! whoda thunkted that it would get so dang cold in this desert. but i guess thats the other side of the dessert right? we are coming into winter here, they tell us that june july and august will be the worst for the cold. so we will just gear up. i bought a scarf and a pear of thin gloves already and so i will be just fine. its amazing how just warming up my hands and my neck changes the whole temperature of my body. it feels way better.

WE had a good week! we had interviews on thursday which was really good, i got a new level of respect for President Dalton, sometimes i feel like there are a lot of things that i have to worry about and i have a lot of stresses just as a zone leader and counselor as well as being a missionary in my own sector. But that morning he got there to start our interviews and he got bombarded by all sorts of call by some emergency that was happening in the mission that occupied him for about an hour and a half, he finally got some free time when he came to sit with us all in our discussions in the other room and as he started  explaining something he recieved 5 calls in a row about another emergency... then he had to do 2 interviews forr memmbers here that showed up at 1 30 for there appointment then he could finally start the interviews... 3 hours late. when the interviews were over... more emergencys and a speedy departure to Tal tal where he should have been at 4, but was leaving for the hour and a half trip at 5. and with all of that, i am sure that not one of us felt that he was hurried in our interviews. he still gave us the attention that we all needed. it was pretty cool. learned some good things. Yet again we arrive to the important time of applying them as best we can. striving to be our bvery best. thats the only thing we can do.

I have always had a problem with comparing myself to others, in evry way shape and form. Its funny how it works as well because its always negative, either im worse than someone else because of onething, or im better than someone els ebecasue of one thing, but the feeling are never good. I have been learning a lot throught my whole mission especially to not worry about other people as much as God. it doesnt matter if it looks like hes beeter than i am or if my prideful naturalman wants to tell me that im better than he is. i just need to do my best before God. as long as im doing my best, He is going to be happy with me, and i cna be happy with myself, without thinking of anyone as being worse or bad. Its a good thought, God only cares about your personal effort.

I was asked this week to sing a special number for a baptism that we had this saturday, i decided to sing a song and go tit all prepared... i felt super wierd singing completely acapella and all alone but i thought it was gonna turn out well. then the night of the baptism we showed up to a few surprises... first, those who were in charge of filling up the font didnt fill up the font in time... so we were getting up to show time and there were a good 3 inches of water in the font... We had to grab a hose form outside and turn on all the water full blast, they were worried that the water was going to be cold, but i think God blessed us with warm water from the hose from outside because it was warm, not super warm but easily surviveable. And, the person who was going to conduct the meeting didnt show up... so it was my turn! conducting... i still just feel like such a noob but thats ok. it was my second time ever, its not that i stumble up so much, i just forget a lot of the special touches of conducting that often mean a lot... dont know how to explain it, but there it is. However, because i had to conduct i felt like it was going to be really wier to be conducting then sing my song and then conduct some more so i just asked the other Elders to come sing a song with me right out of the hymn book. it turned out well, we had tried in a few occasions before hand to practice them staying in the melody and i tried to sing the harmony... but that wasnt a possability. either way it was nice. she was happy. she got baptized and shes a great lady.

The next day i ALSO had the great privelage and blessing to conduct sacrament meeting, President Toro almost had to leave and i was going to be left to preside as well but he was able to stay through sacrament meetin gas well, so that was good. thankfully it looks like the third time is a charm because that time came out a lot better, i still missed some things and it wasnt the best in the world but i was happy. President Dalton told me in my interview that he cant think of any time that he conducted a meeting prfectly, so that gives me hope. :) good learning experiences!

Also! this week we found an awesome new young family. its actually one of our other families sons fmaily.  yeah... but they are super cool, we went to go teach them the first time, and when we went in the first time we were just with the guy, Kevin and later on his wife valeria came in and shot him a look that we both thought ment trouble, but then she came down and started sharing with us, she had awesome questions, and we invited her to the baptism and they both wanted to go, (though in the last minute they couldnt) and when we invited them to pray she totally volunteered herself to say the closing prayer and it was awesome. they seem super duper receptive! awesome little family. we were stoked leaving that house. jumping and hugging and everything :) happy days

I hope you all have an awesome week! i love you! take care of yourselves. live the Gospel to the fullest point you can! Ask God for spiritaul experiences. He speaks today, He will speak to you.

Love, Elder Gold

P.s. Elder Larsen reminds me a ton of michael, i will try and get some pics or something so you can tell me if im crazy or ot :)

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