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Chañaralll‏ (March 16, 2015)

well.... to be honest im going though withdrawls for copiapo... this place is tiny... and my comp is awful... remember last week when i was so excited because i knew him? yeah, when i knew him he was all cool and i was stoked, but..... hes ridiculous. i dont like to talk bad about people but im going to flip out with this kid... hes such a girl, and so bossy. and just.... i dont know how im going to survive it. he brushes his teeth like 200 times a day.

anyways... we had a few awesome lessons this week... we are teaching this family that should be getting baptized the 18th of april... they are super excited but they are a little lazy about their reading... and the husband works a ton so sometimes he is a sleep. but we have great suppor tfrom the branch to fellowship them and help them ot make it to church! they are a really cool family. 

alright alright alraight.... hahahahaha i just had to put a pragraph inbetween so that it looked more believable but that first one is all a lie! my comp is awesome! we get a long really really well... i already feel like i have been with him for like a month. we are super tight. we teach really well together. he is an awesome teacher... and we talk to so many people... we are constantly talking to people in the street. im loving it. its been a little hard with the investigators... we have had some toruble getting more people... but we are working hard and doing our best to talk with lots and lots of pople... the more people we talk to the more people we will be able to teach! plus somthing that we have been really good at together (did i already say this?) is asking for referrals from everyone... there are a lot of people who just dont want to talk to us... thats understandable. but we just ask them if they know anyone else who might be interested... usually they dont know anyone, but every once in a while they say someone... and usually that someone is receptive! so thats good stuff!

also... this place really is tiny... and i miss a tlittle bit copiapo... back where i had everything... we stuggled to find a place to eat here during lunchour... sooooo thats pretty crappy... bt thats how it goes. it really is a great place... i just have to get used to it... my body is struggling... i have alergy problems almost constantly... but its all surviverable... im thinking it might be because of our dog.... we arent supposed to have a dog... but this dog has been with the missionaries for 6 years at least... the whole town knows him... and the branch even more! plus there is nothing we could do to get rid of him... he just sleeps outside our pension... president knows about it, but the only hting we could do is kill him or wait until he dies... so we are obviously choosing option number 2... hes a fighter though! He is like the rocky balboa of dogs! because im pretty sure hes laready like 8 or nine years old in human years... but he goes up against 2 or three dogs his size and wins! always! unless there are more than 3 or there is a massive dog... but he fights somewhat frequently which is kindof a problem.. his name is eugenio... which is eugene in english... este perro les saca la mugre a todos los demas en serio. me impresiona.

Its fun to be in a little branch again though. everyone knows everyone... we had 54 people in church this week and they were so excited because thats the highest its been in a llong time... thats techinically 48 members because there are 6 missionaries here (6 missionaries here in this branch when there are 6 missionaries in our entire stake... nuts) i also gave a talk about the word of wisdom... its funny how easy a talk is for me now hahaha... i used to worry about it but i talked for 10 minutes and i didnt even use aqll of my material... also... my companion is the second counselor here so we have a really close connection with him... we have very little priesthood. and a lot of less actives who come like once a month... but we are gonna work hard to get this place lifted up! theres nothing else we can do but just work our hearts out! and thats what we ill do!

Also...  The Elders in my house are awesome... Elder Barrios, my comp from guatemala... the thrird comp from guate that ive had. Elder Jensen is from canadia... hahaha... we make fun of him a lot... but hes totally chill. hes form maple ridge british colombia... ive heard it super pretty up there but hes really chill. and with Elder Tate (thats my best friends name!!!"!!!!) Fuller from ... weston idaho... wich is west of preston, he went to west side high school. he says he talked to leslie once so that was a cool connection. he is originally from logan though. but hes a sweet guy. we have a oparty. hes kinda crazy.. but in a good way. we love eachother. so its gonna be an awesome cambio! (cometela E' Café es un cambio. aun te kiero :))

other things i wanted to say... life is still good! the sun is less terrible here... there are no supermarkets... i found a cool new type of toothbrush... colgate black... dont know if it was a rip off but its fun! im sleeping on the top bunk again... its starting to get cold at night... the last 6 months ive slept with a fan blowing on me... we are still cooking for ourselves... any random super cheap and quick recipies that dont require any mixes would be appreciated... annnndddd what else.... i got some new pants i found in the pension.... i have to iron my own shirts again... missing dryers... oh yeah!

this story deserves its seperate paragraph... we found this guy in a wheel chair. we visited him twice and he was super excited. he is awesome, a little deaf but just a great guy and really receptive, he wanted to get baptized! then we went back on friday... his family told him that he couldnt share with us anymore... his ex wife, his son. his grand daughter... they all cam and chewed him out and told him we were gonna brain wahs him, and he made us take our book of mormon back... that was sad... the world is just so far agaisnt anything that is Godly... but thats the work that we are part of... Salvation was never easy! we just have to keep doing our best and everything is gonna be alright! i love the Gospel and i want everyone else to have it and live it! 

i love you all! i love the mission! im learning to love chañaral... ;) but i am happy :) the people are fantastic we have a lot of people that we are finding. everyone knows everuyone, its like a big family.

take care of yourselves! be obedient! keep praying! remember to love the gospel! have an awesome week!

Elder Gold

From Left to Right: Elder Gold, Elder Jensen (from Canada), Elder Barrios (from Guatemala), and Elder Fuller (from Idaho)

 Elder Gold and Elder Barrios

Silly boys

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