Sunday, July 5, 2015

Last Cambio!‏ (June 1, 2015)

Well family! here it is! my last six weeks! i usually dont feel to trunky about it to be honest, except for a bit more on p day. but what can i say! i write to all of you and find out how you are all doing and such! But everyone else seems to get really tunky FOR me, Elder Fuller is counting down my weeks more than i am. i think he took it as a personal responsability to remeind me every few minutes that im going home haha. Plus we have two other people in my Zone that are going home with me. But the most trunky moment was just a few minutes ago when i opened up my email and saw my flight itinerary... goodness. i now know exactly what time i wil be home.
im grateful to be able to just push it out of my mind most of the time and keep working without thinking about it. otherwise this would be a whole lot harder.

This week a lot of friends from the mission go home, Elder Bronson, who im probaby gonna be seeing when i get home, Elder Chambi, who was my comp down in Copiapo, and Elder Mangum, that one is super wierd for me, but its cool that i will get to see him again in BYU, he pulled out his Chilean Carnet (licese thing), but wont have time for it to get to him while he is here so they are gonna give it to me to take it to him haha. i love that guy.

This week was cambios, we got our call saturday night and noone from our city is leaving! we have 3 people changing in the zone and 2 f them are in the city like 2 hoursnorth so we barely had to do anything for that, and last night at like 11 they called us to let us know that the only cambio we were going to have to go to tur bus for got postponed for a week for who knows why. so we just a get a normal p day! though later on this week we do have to travel to antofagasta for the leadership council of the month.

This week has been interesting. we found two REALLY REALLY awesome people, i am convinced that they were prepared by God to recieve the gospel in this time. honestly, one lady we found by a gift from God, we were looking for  less active members house and we went to the street, and they didnt have the right number on the street (which happens ALL THE TIME here in Chile) so we started knocking the numbers close to it. and we found his house! we talked to a bolivian lady who is living with the less active guy. she has shared with misisonaries before and Almost got baptized, but they seemed way cool, they have talkedabout going to church, but just never go around to it, sooo basically thats gonna happen really fast i think, then as we were leaving, after a long day and so happy to have found someone, we realized that we were on the completely wrong street. i made a mistake and took us to the wrng place, and we still found this family. so that was awesome. i was happy. then, on friday looking for another person who had shared with the missionaries before we talked to a lady in her ittle store in her house and we startedtalking we met her son who is 4 years old and has special needs. heis the coolist little id ever, so so happy and he only knowes how to say "yeah"  loved him after 30 seconds. and she was just  fantastic person. now, both of these awesome people are women which eans that in our mission the sister missionaries teach them. so we passed the lady with the 4 year old over to the sisters and they went yesterday and had an awesme lesson which just made me super happy, and the next lady we will talk to when her husband gets home on thursday to teach them once at least, then we will probably pass them to the sisters as well. which for the natural man is not the funnest experience, but its not our work. if we wereable to find these people then that was our job in their salvation, wedont have t worry about who teaches or baptizes them. wewill havejust as much joy seeing them be baptized as we would actuallybaptizing.

so those were great experiences, this sector has been really hard to find people in, but we continue to talk to people all the time, as much as we can and i know that if we re dilligent we will find those who have been prepared! we can do it! He wants us to!

 So tht has been my week! its been fulllllll of walking and talking to people. but thats the way life goes, this week will be better.

hope you all have an awesome week! i know that God lives and loves us. i know that He sent His Son to save us and that we can all be clean and pure by applying the Atonement in our ives through the teachings and ordinances of the restored gospel. its truly the only thing thatmatters, for what would a man gain if he were to acumjulate many tereasures here on hearth but lose his soul? we are ETERNAL. i love you all! thanks for everything!


Elder Gold 

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