Sunday, July 5, 2015

Zone conf! (June 29, 2015)

So, we had a good week this week! it was fun! This monday we had a guy tell us that we werent built on a sure foundation because we believed in Joseph Smith... and as we were talking to him at least three people drove by screaming things about "mister esmith!" "Buscan a esmith" and such... so that was good. we explainind to him really clearly and basically gave him a short version of lesson one but he did not want to understand. it was hard to get anything into his head... he told us we were never going to have sucess because we built our foundation wrong. but those are the experiences of the mission... its interesting how i grew up in the church and i was NEVER told to worship the prophet... but now on the mission lots of people tell me i do! i never knew!  Im proud to be a member of THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS. i follow the one True and Living God. and noone else. that makes me happy. no matter what anyone tells me, i know this chruch is the true church of God because he revealed it to me by the Holy Spirit. period.

We had a few rough days this week but i had an awesome experience. we had been doing our very very best that whole day, through the morning and into the afternoon.. it was now about 7 and... it had been a rough day. honestly nobody had even pretended to show interest in our message. but i was just happy. I have been able to learn through a lot of hard experinces, even though its not always easy to apply, that not even JESUS CHRIST Himself walked around having sucess at every turn. He had a few rough heart wrenching times. as did ALL of the prophets. Many have been rejected, beaten, persecuted, and all sorts of other stuff for this Gospel, but that doesnt change the truthfullness of it. nor does it change the need we have to proclaim it and preach it. It is a privelage to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, in times of sucess and in times of utter rejection. so i had the happy ability of just continuing, and with joy and hope! doing my best to give every person an opportunity and a desire to accept our invitation. that night we were also able to teach a lesson to a newer family, one of the highlights of the week. They are called Carolina and Mario. he is a little less receptive but still cool, he just doesnt like to read. but she is awesome. she had a crazy week this week and wasnt able to read much of the book of mormon but she read everything up until it says "El Libro de Nefi" she said she has felt good about it so far and is going to contnue to read. we talked alittle bit about the plan of salvation and included the baptismal invitation. she says that she thinks so. she asked a lot of questions about our way of baptism and everything, how we baptised what it means etc. and also commented on how in our church it seemed like we were actually expected to repent and be better! yes! she told us that was good because in the catholic church they just had to go say a few Santa marias and some PAdre nuestros. so she is amazing. looks like they couldnt come to church this week becaus ethey had to travel... but hopefully next week!

Also! this is the time of the year of the COPA DE AMERICA!!!! and CHILE is rockin it! we got a call on wednesday that we get to see all of the Copa games that Chile plays in as long as we have the purpose of finding news... they played that night! and we had no time to make plans so we just said a prayer and let God guide us... it was awesome! i just kept getting these little promtings... we started walkling down one street then another, then got to a corner and i felt to stop. we stopped and a recent convert who has been struggling a bit came around the corner... so we talked to her for a bit. we were able to help her out and tlaked for about half an hour in the street. talked about some scriptures but mostly just let her vent and told her that everything was gonna be ok! so we said goodbye and we had missed most of the first half... so we tried a few other things, thinking about where we could go but nothing was working out... so i just asked one more time and tried to listen.. where should we go?... and i had a picture of this street corner come into my head... soooo we went their! and we kept walking down that street and all of the sudden i looked at a house and i felt that that was it... we couldnt see the game on in the house... or hear people... nothing but we had to go there. so we were apporaching the house and a few other people came up and asked us what we needed! we told them we wanted to see the game. and they let us in! a father a mother and their 16 ish year old daughter and an Aunt. awesome people. they had no alcohol (which is a miracle) they said almost no swearwords, and they were as into it as we were so we could scream and get all excited just like them! it was awesome! it was right at the edge of time when the game ended so we had to fly from the house without much time to talk to them, but we are going to go back tomorrow with brownies to thank them and to try and contact them again because they were AWESOME people! God showed them to us!
Chile plays again tonight, and we already have a house and some references to contact planned, and on saturday they are going to beat Argentina or Paraguay in the COPA DE AMERICA at 5 o clock chilean central awesome time. soooo Eder Brown. prepare yourself. plus its july fourth. and the chileans have connections with the US. AND the flag is red white and blue!!!! ITS MEANT TO BE! CHILE 2015! 

And next saturday the branch has 2 baptisms in the morning so its gonna be an AWESOME day!

And!! this week we had zone conference... it was really good! i felt that i recieved personal revelation and we talked some more about santificacion personal. i love that subject. the lord keeps all his promises. if we are consecrated to him. he will do miracles through us. and i had to give my last testimony.... i will have to do it again in the leadership council this thursday... wierd experience. but its amazing how much its grown in this short time... AND! President Dalton was here in church on sunday. and it was my turn to conduct! yay! but it actually went well i think. probably one of my best days. it was all mostly fluid. plus we had 50 people in church! thats the highest its been since the flood! i was stoked!

It was a good week! this one will hopefully be just as good! life is awesome! have an awesome week! the church is true! God loves us! dont expet a big letter next week :) dont worry about me. im finishing at a sprint! not letting up at all!

Love you!

Elder Gold


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