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My week (June 8, 2015)

Jelou family! huerrar tufron?​

WE had an interesting week as zone leaders this week, started out monday night after we got back to the pension and we were getting ready to leave an Elder in our zone called us and said "umm... my comp never got here" GREAT! so we started calling people, to the office to the elder trying to find out when he was going to get where and where the other was going to stay and how it was all going to work out! it was a mad half hour of phone calls and coordinating things, the Elder that was coming in missed his bus, and so they sent him on a different bus that was coming later and was going to chañaral instead of Tal tal, they never told us when they made this decision at 10 in the morning so we didnt know, which means that the other missionary that was waiting for him in taltal 2 hours away with a member wasnt going to have a companion until tomorrow and it was just all a big mess and all LAST SECOND. so, we got it all figured out, brought them both to chañaral for the night. and they left again at 630 am. not fun for them haha.

on tuesday we had district meeting which went well. we had all challenged ourselves to memorize D&C 4 last week, and this week i passed it off and the hermanas brought juice and raisins with a little note thing that makes the combinacion make sense. ive had it down for almost a year already but i was happy to have juice! its funny to be in charge of district meeting every week now because the elder that should do it is just staying in his city right now because all the roads are bad ever since the flood. so we get to do that too. On wednesday we had a meeting as the branch presidency and then that night at 2 in the morning we traveled to antofagasta. it was miraculous but our bus actually showed up on time! so we got to antofa a little early and had time to talk to the new senior couple in the mission. she wa super funny. she was just trying to shove food down us for all she was worth, EAT EAT EAT! she knows 0 spanish but that didnt stop her from inviting all of the latins to eat as well, even if they understood nothing :)

The council was good. it was an uplifting experience. I was asked on last saturday night to give a 20 minute discussion on dilligence in the council. it went well. i had 2 pages of notes... and lots of preparation and i ended up talking for 27 minutes and only using 3/4 of a page haha... but it was really good because the other missionaries participated a lot which was the idea, not just a talk. the only problem was that sometimes the missionaries get so strung up in the rules that they start to ask a zillion little what if questions. theres one scripture that i always want to cite when we get into long conversations where elders start in with the what ifs. paraphrasing it says. "be prudent! what more can i say?" but luckily this time president Dalton did that job for me, not with the same scripture but the idea yes.

Got back friday in the morning for a good day of work, and saturday had a sweet activity in the feria where we talked to tons of people and then a ward acticity at night with a good turn out.

We have also been planning the zone meeting which we just had today that also went really well, and all the busses and everything so that everyone can get here! there has been a LOT to do around here but its been a party! its better when there is work to do than just to be sitting around right.

ALSO! the sisters went to teach scarlett (the lady with tthe special needs son) and she was actually athiest! which means that she needs our message more than anyone! and she is super receptive! they are gonna keep teaching her and it will be great. we also stopped by just to see how she was doing and buy something from her store and she is still just awesome and happy that they had come, and the other lady is also progressing well and hpefull will be getting to church this week! yay!

The church is true! im out of time! i love you all! follow the LIGHT! remember who you are a nd what you stand for :) thanks for everything! have a great week!

Elder Gold

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