Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Here we GO!!! (July 6, 2015)

Well!!! last week was a BIG week so i will do my best to try and fit as much as i can in in a really short time! :)

Well monday night we were going to try and visit Mario and Carolina again... but they couldnt because of the game... so we tried for tuesday but he left for the mine for the following seven day on tuesday in the afternoon and she didnt even get home from work until later soooo that was ano go. but we will probably be going again this thursday. we have had contact with her and she has been reading! so that excellent! we are very happy!! That monday night we got to go see the Peru Chile game and meet Fabian who we will also hopefully start teaching this week! hes a cool guy! we watched it in Dario Rojas house. hes a cool member who is going on a mission to guatemala on august 5th. Chile played really bad the whole game... but we were able to win 2-1 sooo i was nervouse for the finals especially when we found out that Argentina had beat Paraguay 6-1 or something like that and so thats sho we would be playing. but thats ok!

On Tuesday we made a cake and took a good chunk of it over to the house where we saw that first game, where we were led. and come to find out... she is the daughter of a member here! this is a member who went inactive shortly before i got here but is close to coming back and still considers herself mormon, just things... but she knows lots of missionaries. Her husband was working in the mine until thursday snd we didnt have a chance to get back to them yet, so hopefully this week we will get to go teach them!!

On thursday we had my last Leadership council in Antofa, i had to bear my last testimony again... still feels wierd, and i realized that i was the person other than president and Hermana Dalton who had been in that meeting the most amount of times... its been a while. but it was a good meeting. we learned how to teach a little better the pure and simple doctrine and President Dalton gave us some good instructions for watching the Copa de America final on saturday.

That friday somehow turned into a crazy day of rushing form place to place to place making fone calls and all sorts of fun things, zone leader plus counselor in one day made it really busy. but happy! then on saturday we had the BIG DAY!!!

FIRST of all... it was the fourth of July so that was awesome!! we woke up to some MURICA breakfast: eggs bacon (a tiny bit cause its hard to find and way expensive) and hashbrowns. Then we were off to a double baptism that morning Francisco and Elba. Francisco is like 19 i think and Elba is in her 70's one baptism from the Hermanas and one from the other ELders in the branch, but it was a great service! we had a good amount of people there. and then we had time to eat lunch and hurry back to the church and set everything else up for the GAME!!!!! at 5. it was an awesome nailbiting beautiful game. chile had played poorly against Peru but against Argentina they really shined! both teams had a few good looks but neither of them could get completed. it was a really intesne game, screaming and jumping and pacing and all sorts of stuff. then we went to the penalty kicks... and thats wehre Chile took it home... we had lost to Brasil in the world cup in the penalty kicks in the world cup, but this time was domination... we made the first 4, argentina could only put messis in out of their first 3 attempts, one blocked, and one way high over the goal... so we won... and SCREAMED LIKE MAD FOR A REALLY LONG TIME, i was nervouse and pacing and all sorts of stuff... it was great, but presidnent Dalton had given us the strict instructions to be in a safe place to watch the game, like the church wehre there would be no alcohol, and to be home an hour after it ended... which was great coucil... we were in a small city but the place ERUPTED! as soon as the game finished. people driving in caravans waving flags slamming into things... madness i tell you. so we were in our house by eight thirty with the door locked listening to people screaming and driving around like mad people for the next few hours... crazy... so we took advantage of that time to have our FOURTH OF JULY barbecue and celebration of the triumph combined... it was deliscious :) 

so overalll it was just an action packed week!!! and this will be my last one. we have set some goals with my comp to make it an amazing week and work hard until the very end. its gonna be a great week!!!! i love the mission!!! im excited to see some of you in a little over a week :) be strong! the Church is true!!! i have felt the spirit change me over the past 2 years... its incredible!! my new direction in life! i love it!!!

Take CAre!

Elder Gold

p.s. Elder Brown... youre a great guy. No llori tanto ;)

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