Friday, August 23, 2013

Another step forward

This week was just another step forward. the language is coming along still. im learning new stuff everyday, learning how to work harder. teaching more lessons. and just growing so much. This sunday i was able to give a five minute talk on faith all in spanish. full five minutes. full spanish. and a good talk to! yep, it was pretty sweet. its awesome to keep understanding more and more about the language. to become fluent i need more practice, but i understand more now because of all the concepts ive learned. I also LOVE to study the BoM. I have one hour of personal study everyday and i always use all of it just to read and mark and love the Book of Mormon. sunday night we had a devotional recording by David A Bednar. i learned sooo much from that one! David A Bednar, an apostle, vigorously studies conference talks. its so cool. you never have an excuse to quit. then he showed us how. just a great talk. it was a lot about the importance of the living prophets and how we need to remember to read their words. then on monday we listened to the talk on Grace by Brad Wilcox. Its amazing that i can just pick out so many new things even though ive read it twice before. things i needed personally. then that night we just had like a little district chat session and Elder Strang shared this quote from "Believing Christ", "Mercy can only be mercy if we dont deserve it, if we deserve it its justice." i thought that was very profound. we need to fully accept the mercy of Christ as mercy. knowing that our mistakes arent taking away from it. thats why its called his mercy. Then tuesday night devotional by the area 70. He told us that he sicerely hoped that these were not the best two years of our lives. he hoped that we would go on to have so much more joy. he just hopes they are the best 2 so far. He also talked a lot about the importance of knowing that GOD IS OUR LOVING HEAVENLY FATHER. as missionaries its easy to just skim over that in the first lesson then keep moving to the fist vision. he made sure we knew that people needed to know that. God loves us all, and Jesus Christ is always there for us. then wednesday was just another day! more learning! more teaching! more studying! more spirit! always joy! good stuff! today we went to the temple again, i understood so much more, spanish and spiritually. good day. good life

I am so sorry for any complaining that i have done. Its amazing here. my life is amazing. the work is amazing. its all just amazing. MY LIFE IS SO GOOD! i am incredibly blessed


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  1. You can feel the JOY in his letters. What a great kid, young man, missionary!!!