Sunday, August 18, 2013

Hello All!

HOLA! comó estan? quieren una carta en español? hmmmm. sí, pero estará pequeno. Me encanta vida aqui. La obra es perfecto. Yo hablo español casi todo tiempo! es Muuuuy difícil pero, esta bien. buen practica. mi camara es fantastico! muchas gracias! me gusta mucho. Yo tengo más fotos para ustedes hoy! yo quiero saber más a cerca de la escuela! bien? esta un bueno día :) me encanta correo. yo tengo que dar un discoursio en la reunion sacramental en domingo... esta bien. yo puedo. según esta carta, mi español es mejorando. les amo :) nos vemos... en dos años ha

Well this week has been another crazy week at the CCM! i dont feel like theres a lot to say because not that much has changed other than my knowledge!

ummmm Elder Mangum and I have decided to speak in as little english as possible! thats going really well, i have learned a lot since we started. our new teacher is pushing us really hard! its good stuff! Sunday was good, its always good to have that sort of break day. one of the districs left this week. it made me sooooooo excited to get out there! i know i need this time but im excited! on tuesday we had a LIVE broadcast form Provo utah! that ROCKED! they anounced that one of the apostles would be speaking ( this was during dinner) and we were all soooooooooo excited to find out who it was! so we got to the auditorium at 715, 15 minutes before it was scheduled to start and found out that it was actually not until 8. so we waited for 45 minutes for it to start... then finally it came and it was Richard G. Scott, ashamedly... i was dissapointed, but i prayed that i would be able to have a good experience and learn the lessons that were going to be there. then he basically just knocked my socks off. it was amazing. he gave a talk on prayer, which ws good because as missionaries we pray like all the time. so much praying. and he was explaining the importance and the significance and it was just REALLY profound. i was learning so much and taking notes like crazy. then at the end he talked about those of us learning a language and he gave us an Apostolic Blessing, big deal. He promised us that we would all have the gift of tongues and the guidance of the holy ghost through our faith, diligence, use of the language, obedience, prayer, and effort at making our companionships better. so that was really cool. then yesterday was just another day of study and learning. This morning we went to breakfast then headed over to the Temple... all in spanish, but it was sweet. I felt the spirit soooo strongly. it was just an amazing experience. the temple down here is huge! it has 3 stories! wow! it was really cool. it was crazy driving through the city again. i have a few more pictures of it that i will upload. it is nuts here. i cant explain it and pictures will never do it justice. its just so strange. 3rd world mixed with westerized culture. nuts. oh! and i get to give a talk on sunday... hard. but its only five minutes. not too bad. im lovin life! as always! feeling blessed! miss you all! les amo!
 This is what we live on here in the CCM as Elder Munson likes to say.... such is Mexico

 The district - Back row: Elder Gold, Elder Dudley, Elder Rallison, Elder Thompson, Elder Herring, Elder Strang, Elder Mangum, Elder Munson  Front: Hermana Gatherum, Hermana Lundin, Hermana Francis

Mexico City Temple  

Pics from the drive through Mexico the temple

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