Thursday, August 29, 2013

...and there begins this weeks adventures!

Listos? bueno :)
Well! this week was fun! thusday night President Alvorado (such a cool guy) brought me and Elder Mangum out into the hall and asked us to be ZLs! [zone leaders] and there begins this weeks adventures!

I didnt think it would be much since were in the CCM, and its not that much, but its more than i thought! We had the next 2 days to set up all the meetings. We are in charge of lessons for leadership and priesthood meetings, as well as all of sacrament meeting. so all the prayers and hims and seven speakers. not a big deal. we assigned the leadership lesson out and took priesthood for ourselves (since we only had a day to prepare). assigned the other stuff. but every night we work with all of the district leaders and try and help them with any problems with companionships or anything else. as well as help them learn how to keep the district motivated and dilligent. FLIRTING IS A HUGE PROBLEM HERE! i dont know if its just because of the age change or what but there are many people who are struggling! thats a huge focus of our meetings with the DLs. staying appropriate with the hermanas! we have people trying to single off and companionships singling off with other companion ships... we arent even ssupposed to go out of our way to talk to the hermanas! or have a conversation with them about anything other than missionary work! its ridiculous how hard it is for some people to understand this. There are girls literally stalking my comp. we were playing soccer (by we i mean the district, i promise im being good with my knee) and these girls are just sitting outside of the court... we played 20 minutes over and they waited, then as soon as we left they followed and started talking to Elder Mangum. it was raining pretty hard one night after dinner and we were kinda sitting there hoping that it would die down a bit (no i dont have an umbrella, im going to the dryest place on this planet! i dont wanna buy one and then only use it for the next 10 days!) so we didnt have to get soaked and these girls come and one of them says "come on lets run!" and her comp says "no lets just stay here and wiat" then starts chatting it up with Elder Mangum. luckily hes a good guy cuz hes said " well ready elder!" and we ran off through the rain. THEN THEY FOLLOWED US! thats alright, were working on it. getting better. its all a learning process. 

That all isnt a huge deal, just more adventures :) the hard part is the heart ache! i really do love all these people. i want to help them as much as i possibly can! last night we had an hermana in tears just struggling so hard. her DL [district leader] gave her a blessing and that was good. Its just sad. i want to help her. i lost sleep over it! but its ok because today is pday so we took a short nap :) anyway. not complaining at all. its just a lot.

Anyways! our lesson in pristhood went really well! we can speak spanish enough to give a half hour lesson! im feelin happy with it. i know as soon as i get into the field im gonna be dying again but at least i will be able to contribute a little in the lessons! its the speed that kills me most! when people talk fast i just die hahaha. but thats alright! im gonna learn! were speaking spanish almost all the time. only like words we dont know. but as much as we possibly can we do. its good!

man, this letter has like 0 structure! ummmmmmmmmmm life is interesting :) i love it here but im soooo super duper excited to leave and get out into the field. the time just flies here. im interested to see what it will be like in the field! oh! we had another live broadcast devotional on tuesday! Elder Anderson :) that was good :) life is just good! im just happy right now! yay! LOVE YOU ALL! THANK YOU ALL! :)

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