Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm in Vallenar... (2/17/2014)

Family of mine!

I love you guys a lot!

K! so i got transferred! ite been an interesting week! Im in Vallenar (sorry if i repeat stuff from last week), which i super duper different from Arica... probably because its almost a days journey to the south! here there is green! not a ton! but yes, it exists here! and you can drink the water straight out of the tap as well! it doesnt kill you or give you diareah! its like heaven or something! im so stoked to be here! im working with Elder Estrada ( i will include a photo) he just completed 3 months as a missionary so it has been a little interesting with both of our first changes but were getting it done... we walked a ton this weeek and got to know the sector really well. But i know that we are gonna work really hard. we already have some people that are progressing. Catalina who is 16 with 2 little girls and has problems at home but she really has the desire to learn more and to help her daughters. Wilma who is like 40 but is just super duper nice.she works with little kids and has been really busy this past week but she is great. and a few other families that we are working with and have good potential but we havent had many visits with them.. this week has been a big learning experience for the both of us but i know we are going to be working hrd (side note Elder Estrada just completed 2 years as a member of the church today). Also we are in downtown so the sector just feels totally different! but this week we will be focusing really hard on finding!

Thank you for your prayers and your love!

Elder Gold

PS im with Elder Said from brasil, with a heavy portugese accent wich was hard to understand at first, and Elder Miranda from chile. good guys, im happy. oh and Elder Estrada is from bolivia

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