Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New area!

Family of mine! i love you guys lots and lots!

As you should know, i got transferred to vallenar this week. the other side of the mission. 24 hours in bus. but! luckily i was saved. i got on the bus wednesday night and thursday morning arrived in antofagasta, i stayed in the mission home all that day being a slave to the presidents wife, cleaning floors, the car. doing yardwork. lots and lots of housework... even though they are almost never in that house so it was almost sparkling haha. then i stayed the night there and we woke up in the morning and headed to vallenar in their car because they had a conference down there. it a good deal, even though it was a little awkward to be with president and his wife alone the whole day hahaha. he told me lots of really cool stories. Vallenar is great! there is a little tiny river! that always flows! and green everywhere! and its not quite as hot either! that was super duper happy! My comp is great, he is so ready to work and just an awesome guy. his name is Elder Estrada from santa cruz bolivia. The branch here is fantastic as well. sorry, but i am really short on time this week so thats gonna have to be all. but just know that im super happy to be here that im doing well and expecting lots and lots of good times! love you!

Elder Gold

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