Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Mamitas, mamitas.... (Feb. 3, 2014)

Hey fam! hows it going!?

This week has been pretty good! pretty normal! its just crazy how the time has been flying!

This week we decided to change mamitas so we talked with one of the hermanas in the ward and asked her if she was willing and she said yes and so we let the mamita know that we were gonna change this month... then that same day her grandson who is like 2 went to my comps backpack, grabbed his week old 20 dollar sunglasses and took them to the door... then slammed it on them. that was a very very sad moment... and the next day we were all sick from the food that she had served us hahaha. rough day with the mamita! but all was well... we werent so sick as to not go out and work so we left like normal and one of the visits we had we went to this house and they were having a party! so they invited us to completos with w huge group of people... we were sitting next to this couple from spain (their accent is way cool!!!! they make z and c when it sounds like s into th, and the s is like... airy. and vosotros too. i dont know why it was fascinating to me but i liked it a lot.) and she was forcing me to eat this giant completo and i was trying not to throw up and eating super slow and drinking lots and she just kept reminding me to eat and telling me that eating was more important than listening and that i could eat and listen at the same time and all sorts of stuff, and my comp was just there laughing at me... oh... problems... but thats ok! i survived.

The next day we went and did service to prepare for EFY and we moved these massive platforms and got our hands all torn up and super tired and washed a ton of stuff and cleaned bathrooms and basically just worked like dogs! it was a good time. Sometimes its nice to just go work really really hard doing stuff like that... but annoying to have to take care of my knee.

The mission is great! sometimes i start thinking and my life is just crazy awesome! I dont work, dont play video games, dont watch tv, dont do basically anything that everyone else does, I only have to focus on the work of the Lord. crazyness.

Thats all for this week fam! love you guys lots and lots!
Elder Gold

  (Note from Mom: I'm not 100% sure about these pictures because at the time we were in the process of figuring out the best method for sharing them: one drive, sky drive, attachments, etc.  But my best guess is that they come from this time period... ish.  I guess)

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