Monday, October 6, 2014

First week here! (Sept. 29, 2014)

Wow, its been a fun week! Im actually in a sector where in the past there have been 4 missionaries... its HUGE! but thats better! we have more room to be sucessful! twice the area is twice the amount of people that God is preparing to hear the Gospel!
the other thing with the new sector is... im soooo tired! we have so much stuff to do! luckily we arent walking very much, but we have lots and lots and lots of things to do, and we just end the day totally beat. its a good feeling. Elder Gines is really awesome! we have been able to connect really well and we are both really similar. plus our teaching has meshed really well. i just feel like this whole situation is kinda awesome. Plus im stoked because this week we were able to implement something that our AWESOME INSPIRED President has taught us, called the "Family Mission Plan" Wrds all have mission plans, but families here in the north of chile are starting to have their own as well... its SO EFFECTIVE! its like perfect. Mom was talking about the challenge she had recieved to become betterffriends with someone who isnt a member and just let it naturally happen, what we are doing with that is speeding up the process a bit! All of the people here have friends who arent memebrs of the church, so we are helping them to do easy invitations! Basically we just go visit the whole family and set up a plan with them to get us and their friends in the same place at the same time! thats all they have to do! then we do the invitations. we have recieved TONS of references this week. 19! thats like 3 times more than my best week in the mission! Its just FANTASTIC. so its gonna be so sweet to meet all of these people and help them to hear the restored gospel!

When i was in El Palomar on the other side of CopiapĆ³ i had 2 cool families of investigators move to Maray... so basically i just got to follow these people! and we get to work with them again. we had an AMAZING lesson with Carolina and her daughter on thursday... she REALLY wants to get baptized and changed her life. we are just helping her prepare herself for that. she is really great, and we have been finding lots of new people this week, incuding 2 new bolivians that we taught this morning who are also just SO prepared  for the gospel, the only problem there is that he works for ten days and then has a ten day break, so its a little bit hard to keep a smooth teaching system.

Im really excited right now! This work is awesome! i just dont have enough TIME to do everything! but we are so blessed here. its gonna be a great cambio with Elder Gines. My knee is doing great as well! i love you all!

Elder Gold

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