Saturday, November 1, 2014

More happiness! (Oct. 13, 2014)

Just another awesome week her in the mish! what more can i say! i loved last week being able to download all of the conference talks THE DAY AFTER conference! sweet! so we have been re listeneing to all the conference talks this week over breakfast, some of them are even better the second time! i love how the spirit teaches you just as much as the words do, you just pick little things up every time.

This week yet again it just didnt feel like there was enough time in the world to do all of the things that we needed to do, but it makes it very entertaining, and its really satisfying to come home tired all the time. a funny experience that happened was while we were working with a list of members that we have and when went and knocked on a door and this lady came out with just this funny like smirk on her face like... oh these mormons... and we started talking to her, the lady we wre looking for was her sister in law and that she was currently there, but we just kept talking to her and we found out she was member but she didnt go to church anymore because a memmber one time did something that she didnt like, but she loves the church! so i just asked her, hey can we come over sometime and te4ach you a little more? and her response... "welllll im not making any promises, but i have time in the afternoon most days" hahahaha. i loved that! she definately wanted to come back but she just needs a good reason, we also gave her a book of mormon because she wanted one and didnt have one, and then we left and will go another day, but we just kept laughing about that response... thats like asking someone on a date and this is what they say "i dont know... but you can pick me up at 7" :) perfect 

Carolina is still just Super energetic. we went to stake conference this sunday (which was SUPER packed btw, they didnt have enough chairs in the building for everyone and we didnt all fit, the missionaries got moved out to the hallway haha) and she loved it! then as she was leaving she immediately points at me and says "when are you coming back to teach me!?" She is just so hungry to keep learning more! she loves to feel the spirit. her biggest challenge has been that she has been living with someone, he doesnt wanna get married, nor listen to the gospel much... so that been hard for her, but this week, he got annoyed with her and left... sooo its like a blessing, sorta, i dont even know how to treat that! we just keep telling her that God is helping her on her path to happiness. but she took it really well and just keeps moving forward with faith!

We are also working with a bolivian family who have been awesome, the 30 year old daughter is REALLY excited to learn about the gospel and she reads the scriptures always, she just wants to have a mighty change in her life, and her husband is also really cool, we are gonna keep working with them, even though its gonna be a little interesting because they are starting to build themselves a house, we went to help them saturday afternoon... the land that they were given was on an angle and FULL of rocks... we went to help for a little more than an hour and i was dead tired, trying to use a pickaxe and a shovel to get it all smoothed down and flat! big old blisters! so much for all those calluses i used to have! defiately should have brought a pair of gloves, but thats ok.

there were just lots of times this week when we just knew we were guided to be in the exactly right point at exactly the right time. God just guides you through small and simple ways, and sometimes just being in a certain place is all that someone needs. i love that. Gods plan is so perfect.

I love you all so much! i hope you have a great week, you are in my prayers!

Elder Gold

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