Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happiness (Oct. 21, 2014)

So! we are just havin a great time here! yay! 

This week we had interviews with the president on monday, so thats why im writing a day late. fyi. that was fun! the interviews we had like a big chat and study session while president was doing the interviews and it was really cool. we were able to all share a little bit about what we had been learning about faith and such, it was fun! plus, we had intercambios with the assitents sunday night and monday nigh, and they stayed with us both nights as well, i was with Elder Cazier, he is just a massive stud, i love him. he has helped me a lot in the mission. i always learn new things from him. hes just got a really contagious love for the work, but he was also helping me to understand a little better how we could help out the zone, but i basically realized that the best way to do that is gonna be by trying to be like him in that way! i love the work but somehow he just shares that love with EVERYONE. ive know other people with that same attitude at home, even if its not about misisonary work, i always love them.

We had dinner for like the first time in the mission with a  returned missionary from hawaii who studied at byu i and is now working for a few months here in chile! he is way cool. We had an intercambio (exchanges i think) with a few elders this week, i got to go to a little tiny city called Tierra Amarilla (yellow earth) the funny thing is that Elder Mangum started the mission there, so i got to meet his converts and they were so happy to know that i knew him, they love him a ton! but it was good, its funny that we just changed positions, im a zonle leader where he started and hes a zone leader where i started, yet again on opposite sids of the mission haha! but! im pretty sure hes gonna be the next assistent in a few weeks so then we will get to be in contact a bit more ha.

I dont know if i already tlaked about hermano paulino, but he was a peruvian that we met that was here on vacation for two weeks who helped us out with a couple appointments, he has a GREAT testimony, plus, he is helping us out on his VACATION. soooo we love him. and he has helped us out a lot, yesterday we went to 2 appointments with him and both times he testified so strongly and just really helped these people out. we had to amazing visits, the spirit was felt SO strongly. i love that. both families were very decided that they were gonna do better to follow christ. I was alos able to give a blessing to Carolina, that was awesome, i really felt that my words were guided by the spirit a lot! and when we finished there was just this great feeling of calm and happiness and then she just said... "i can feel the spirit" and got choked up and started crying and could continue. i just said, "He is here, this power is real", and we just sat there all in silence for a moment. it was really awesome, she loves the gospel so much! im so happy for her!

Paulino is headed back to peru sadly, so we will miss him, but it was great to met him, it was just a great week, we are going to be working with his family that he was visiting as well. LOVIN IT! God loves us all! and he IS there!

I love you all! have a great week! you are always in my prayers!

Elder Gold

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