Saturday, November 1, 2014

Another week in paradise! (Oct. 27, 2014)

So! we had a party this week! On wednesday we went to paint this ladies house, well its actually the aunt of one of our investigators but it was a fun time, they were suuuper impressed with our work hahaha, we had to put up some styrofoam molding stuff and the person she had paid to do the first part was really really bad, and didnt even try to do corners, he just like filled it with putty and called it good, so we came in and measuered it and made it look nice and then painted and she was super happy with  us ha. But she invited us to eat lunch with them after... not like we were gonna turn that down! but the awesome part was that after we left we saw her again yesterday and she said that ever since we went her 6 year old son wont let them eat unless they do the prayer first! hahaha! that was super awesome! 

Also on wednesday we went to go visit carolina again and she is still just super excited with everything!, she went to church again this sunday, but its always cool to go with other families, we have 2 families that have helped her a TON, with their experiences and in the church just being their friends and inviting them to stuff, its so awesome. we barely even have a chance to talk to her in church because all of the members are jsut taking her everywhere! what an awesome problem to have!

We also did another service on friday... that was a party! We had to build a wall out of rocks on an incline and put a bunch of dirt up behind it... i wish i had taken pictures but... i was busy haha. anyways, the rocks were really easy to find... but the dirt... out of the whole MOUNTAIN there was no place that wasnt comepletely full of big rocks... so we had to go down the mountain a bit, use a pick axe to break it all up, take out all the rocks and then we could think about putting it in the wheel barrow. party! so we did that for like 2 hours and we were able to finish a decent chunk. now, we wanted to make sure it was really secure because there were gonna be little kids running around and she had started building this wall on an incline... with sand on the bottowm, sooo the foundation was questionable at best, but we were putting in a few more rocks and evening out the dirt when.... the whole thing slides down... gah! all of that work ruined! now the worst part is that we had to go right after that... so we basically  just had to tell them we would go back next week... and i got fried hahaha. my legs and neck. but thats just normal.

Then on satuday we went a little bit to the interior of copiapo.. like towards the mountains it was like 40 minutes on a bus to go do an interview. it was suuuper prettty once we got up there. i dont know how stuff grows but it was awesome! really pretty green and then straight desert without a sign of life. but these are the grape vinyards that get shipped to the states during winter over there. there are LOTS! i was able to take a few pics of that haha. 

On sunday we also went to go pick up a few investigators but when we got there, nobody was there... so we left them a little note on a card thing we have, and my comp wrote : "we trust you! we will be waiting for you there!" i was thinking... ummm ok. and they toatlly showed up to church! late, but they got there after sacrament meeting! and they LOVED it. so that was awesome. we just have so many people who are progressing! sometimes its a little hard to teach them all because they mostly all have time at night, but its awesome. Sunday night we went to go visit a family, it seems like every time we go someone else from the family decides they want to share with us. so thats awesome! but we were able to help 4 of the people in this family set themselves a goal to get baptizd in november! its gonna be awesome! they all are just super sincere! 

I love the mission! the spirit is so strong. we went to visit a member family and that morning while i was praying i had randomly felt that we neeeded to share something with them... so as are about to share she jsut says "alright Elder I hope you are gonna share what i need" hahaha, talk about pressure, so i was a little nervous but i decided to just keep going with the plan... EXACTLY what she needed... small and simple means. love that. I love feeling that Christ is just directing his work here. all we have to do is keep our part and he does miracles, in us, and in the other people around us. sometimes its hard sometimes we fail, but we can always feel him. i love it.

I hope you all have an awesome week! 

Love you!

Elder Gold

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