Monday, September 29, 2014

Better! (Sept. 22,2014)


Sorry for the drama haha! This week i got a new comp! Elder Ontaneda from Peru.We new eachother form Arica, he started a tiny bit after me. 

we were together for 6 days and then... i got transferred!  i am  Zone Leader in Maray which is like 10 minutes form my old sector. i will be working with Elder Gines from Eagle, Idaho, who i know from Vallenar as well! so its gonna be really fun! the pension we live in is Way better! but on the fifth floor hahaha. we are gonna have a great time! there is lots to do in this new sector! its a super wierd cambio for me, because im in the same Zone, the same Stake... so its like im saying goodbye... but not really ha. 

My knee! is great! so dont worry about it. i basically took a full week off. then on Friday we were able to go work all day like normal. I am pretty positive that God healed me... because what i felt in that moment, and how fast it has healed... dont match up. God works miracles. I´m grateful for the Sacerdocio. such a blessing. it was actually Elder Gines who gave me the blessing when it happened haha! It gets a tiny bit sore when i walk alot but its just peachy now. i continue to ice it and raise it at night. 

This week we had the 18 of september... which is the independence day here that is MASSIVE so we ate a lot and then i got sick hahaha... worth it. deliscios deliscios barbecue. we also flew kites for a bit while we waited... you can tell me im like  3 year old but i LOVED it... plus i have cool new things that i can show you when i get back :) yay idaho wind!

It was a little sad to leave these investigators that we had worked with, they were basically all news from me and Elder Juimenez. but the work is really gonna take of in El Palomar. Elder Ontaneda is great so they are just gonna tear it up like crazy! im sure!

This sunday i gave a talk, i love feeling like i can basically just talk on demand now... i prepared it well, but i wasnt even nervous! i just got up and spoke! it was good! i felt happy about it, and i took advantage of the opportunity to announce that i was leaving... i said it and there was a big "aawww" through the whole congregation :) that made me feel good! i feel good about my time there. We worked hard and set a really great base for these next missionarys to work with! 

I love you all, and i know that God does too. He does everything just for our benefit. EVERYTHING. i saw that in a talk one, about how God in the Ancient Testament is just as loving as the God of the New TEstament... it was hard for me to understand at first, but as i have been reading the Old Testament (with alll of my down time) i have been able to see that, and i have seen how his ways are SO MUCH higher than our ways. it may look like punishment to us. but its just opportunity. I wish that EVERYONE had this faith, The hope of a better world. Im so happy to be here helping people to find this same faith. I have seen the gospel change people in incredible ways, they just have to be willing to let it. I love you all!

Have a great week!

Elder Gold

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