Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Turning over a new leaf?‏ (September 1, 2014)

I feel like ive said this a lot... but i think we are gonna be better now! We had another really rough week... but it was more real this time... he finally started putting forth the effort... so hopefully things will be better... after starting the no extra attention technique it took about 2 weeks to work... not the 3 days i was hoping for... but thats ok! Its just been a really really dramatic week... but weve been able to keep working and have some sucess. 

So this week we were told that on wednesday and saturday morning we were going to practice to have a missionary choir! so we went wednesday and it was a party! this was the first time i was one of the people who actually knew stuff about music, usually i just do what people tell me, but here i actually have skills! wow! but it was fun, we are singing come come ye saints. 4 parts... we struggled a bit trying to teach a few people to sing... but it sounded good... then on friday night, they announced that they werent going to do it anymore because the stake conference got rescheduled. DARN! but hopefully they still make the misionary choir. we also did some service on friday... that was interesting... poor people here are hoarders... i sent some pictures... lots of the houses here are just built out of left overs that nobody wants, and they dont want to chuck anything so it just piles up. so much junk... and its just stored forever... but we burnt a bunch of old sticks and stuff and helped out this older lady. 

We had a cool lesson with a less active member, and her kids... felt the spirit really strong, hopefully we will have more follow up lessons with them! but they are kind of partiers... its still hard for them to even imagine not partying, but thats ok, we told them to just think about one thing at a time, knowing if what we said was true, and from there they could move forward!

We ate some deliscious food this week... so good. Roman and Yanina who have made us lunch this month are awesome. they made papas a la guancaina wich is a famous peruvian dish... that is incredible. thats the picture of the sauce and potatoes on a lettuce leaf. and they have an incredible power to make rice and chicken turn into pure heaven in your face. yes. im lovin it... sadly... the month is over and they arent going to be able to continue... we also had aji de gallina wich is like hen pepper tanslated.. its this salsa with chicken stuff with rice... i dont know what they do to their food but its so good. love it to death.

Also, yesterday night we were visiting a person and a cat jumped up on me so i gently moved it off me... 5 minutes later i touched my eye... and in 1 minute flat my eye had swollen up to almost shut, i was crying (not frompain), my nose was running and i couldnt talk. and it flet like my eye was going to pop out of my head! this happened as i was reading sa scripture, so i just managed to finish the verse pass my comp the book, and put my head down for a second... after like 5 minutes it got better and i put my head back up and they all started to tell me i had something in my eye... duh. but they put oil on my eye and we finished... and my eye got a little better that night. i have been taking benedryl... but, my eye hasnt got any better since last night. so today im an ogre... so thats good!

This week i have had lots of "perfect timing" experiences... i love it when that hasppens. when people are suprised when we call them or pass by becasue they were JUST thinking about us, or they are never home at this time but today yes... i love that. The direction of the spirit thats basically just happens unconsciously. God directs our thoughts and words when we try to align our life with his will. lovin that. Sometimes hard stuff happens, but life really is great. im happy to be where i am.

once i gave a talk on alma 5:26  i didnt understand it in the slightest... it wouldnt be a bad idea to look that up and meditate on it :) have a great week! all of youe


Elder Gold

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