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Just another awesome week (August 18, 2014)

Well! here we go! another awesome week! 

First off.... i think i may have found the way to help Elder Jimenez... we will see how it goes this week! i have been trying lots of different things with varyng efficiency but i think i found the winner.... everything kindof clicked this saturday when we were eating with a memebr family and we were asking how they were and everything and they said great except for their son... they took him to the doctor and they told them that he was on the point of malnutrition! and this is why... he is 1 and a half and still breast feeding (that might be surprising, bu i have seen 4 year olds so...really normal in chile). he doesnt like eating, just breastfeeding, but he doesnt get the nutrition that he needs from the milk alone, so he is really unhealthy. they were sad because they said that they did it because they loved him so much. so when he starts crying they immediately give him what he wants... and even now they have a lot of trouble saying no. and the kid starts crying because he want to eat and is hungry, but he wont accept anything that they give him, so at the end they give in anyway. i was thinking alot about that and the line that the dad kept using "we love our kids so much we sometimes make mistakes raising them" so this is what i have been realizing.... like i said lots of stuff kinda fell into place in 1 moment, but this is the end result. Elder Jimenez needed attention. (yes mom, this is what you said, but i didnt understand it or apply it right.) so he would get mad, or depressed and throw a fit and i would do everything i could to try and fix it and make him happy. sometimes to varying degress, sometimes i would just let him do his thing in the day but at night i would talk to him a lot about it. ive tried just bugging him to death until he talks to me, which also worked, but then he just would get mad like 3 times in a day... i would bug him about it for 2 hours until he broke and we were all good and then he would get mad at something else that i didnt understand and we repeated. so that just gave him what he wanted and didnt actually help him at all. in my head, he stopped "crying" so i was doing good and helping him. but it didnt help. so, im in the process of giving him what he NEEDS. Its HARD! he gets mad and i just treat him 100 percent normal, i dodnt give him any extra attention. i let him know i love him, but not any more than i would if he were happy. hopefully this works! we will see next week! 

Also, last week i forgot to mention, Fabian, from Vallenar that i taught for like 4 months, got baptized. and went to Santiago to tellhis parents and send the missionaries! how sweet is that! now! even sweeter! he found some missionaries in the stree and called them over and told them that he had just been baptized and wanted them to go teach his family. and one of the missionaries is named ELDER CANNON! how sweet is that! Elder McKay Cannon is now teaching this guys parents! Fabian sent me an email and i was able to talk a bit to Elder Cannon as well about them, he said that fabian said that he knew Elder Gold and he asked him to show him fotos and it was me! sweet connection right!? made me really happy!

Also this week i did and intercambio with Elder Hortua from Colombia, he is still pretty new in the misison, but he is awesome! we had an awesome day together, talked to Tons of people and found this lady on the street that called us over and asked us for help she said she needed to forget her only love because he was a horrible person... well it was a littl wierd but she told us where she lived and we set an appointment for saturday. We went and her whole family when we came in was just so happy to see us, they have tried everything they can think of to help her out but there is no solution. so they were very happy to see us there to try and help there daughter! they have a lot of problems in the family, but we will see how it goes with them!Also, Elder Hortua is going to BYU when he gets back from his mission! in august of 2016! that will be awesome! but hes a great guy!

We also found another person through the english classes this week, she asked us something about adam and eve and we told her that Adam had to fall, and she just about died hahaha. she was super interested, she had never heard that before, she always just heard that adam was the worst, but we gave her a book of mormon and marked a chapter to read and a pamphlet of the plan of salvation! hopefull we can help her, she is one of the many people in the world who say they believe in God but not religion, because the religions they have seen are... less than great. But all of those people just need to find the Church that is truly of Christ... because... well thats what everyone needs! what could be more important than that!

its been a great week for us! Things are starting to look up! we are finding new people, we are teaching. i love the mission! The weeks just fly by every time a little faster. its nuts, but i love it. There is nothing like it. i will serve the Lord forever. 

I hope you all can search for a connection a little stronger with Christ, and find the renewed desire to give everything you have to him! (mathew 10:39) arrepientanse! ;) les quiero

Elder Gold

NOTE: The following is a portion of a letter from Elder McKay Cannon, SHS Class of 2013, to his mom, Jennifer Cannon, on August 4, 2014.  He is serving in the Chile Santiago Mission.

well this week was one of the sickest weeks that i have had on the mission... tons of miracles...   but honestly the coolest story of the week was when we were working and a kid stopped us and was like hey i got baptised a week ago... but my family isnt members sooo can you guys some teach them? of course we got over there as soon as posibe but did manage to have a lesson before haha... but we got there and we had a good lesson but the CRAZIEST thing was the HENRY GOLD taught him for 5 months hahahaha he showed me pictures of him and everything... gosh i couldnt believe it actually henry gold wrote me today and we were freakin out.... we are going work with his parents... acutally we were able to find 10 new investigadores...

basically i am sooo very blessed to be a missionary!!!! i love having the spirtit with me each and every day!! i know we are going to see some miracles in this sector... i am soooo very grateful to know that god lives and that i have a savior and that i am a member of the church of JESUS CHRIST of latter day saints

I love you all so much

Elder Cannon

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