Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Peace, be still (August 11, 2014)

I am so thankful once again to the Lord for his overpowering and impressing influence on my life. The song says it perfectly, "they all shall sweetly obey Thy will". i can feel that. sometimes its just a lot of life to try and live with, but He is there to calm it perfectly to what we can handle, and what we need to grow. but only with Him, are we able to have the strength, and the vision to do that. 

This week has been fun! we were able to find a new family through a member this week, its a 65 year old alcoholic woman and her pregnant daughter and the man she lives with. we had a good lesson with them, Hopefully we can help them out with what they need, which is a lot but they are looking for help with their family relationships. thanks to the gospel, we have that! yay! 

we also found another lady the other day... i sent a couple pictures but heres the story. so we had basically run out of things to do, so we looked at this list of old investigators we have and decided to look ofr a couple of people that lived on this hill we had never been on. the thing is with chile is that people just do whatever they want basically... so they took this hill, and SOMEHOW turned it into a bunch of houses! now, this isnt a soft dirt hill. this is basically like solid rock... but they went and built a maze of pathways and stairways to get to the houses and found a way to get water up there and electricity and just built themselves houses! its impressive! but the funny thing is most of these houses come up to about my ear... so im crouched a lot. so we were trying to find our way in the labrynth of houses and pathways, when we found this lady in here little house trying to throw some pallets around, so obviously we stopped to help her. well, she was building this little storehouse thing for her work, because she is trying to get a governement grant or something, but she had to raise these walls she had created to make it more safe... i wish i could just show you all how it went because there is no way i will have the ability to explain what went down. but basically we found out that she built the whole house thing that is in the picture by herself. so we helped her put up a few more pallets into the walls (she was a pro with the hammer! she made me look like a fool! and shes like 4 and a half feet tall and almost 60!) and make them sturdy then  we also helped her move this cart thing from her house at the top of the hill down to the road to take pictures and then back into her storehouse... we got covered in paint. and thats why i have these pictures. she says she shows them to the governement and they give her money to keep working and surviving. but its impressive that she does these miracles!
 i know that wa really jumbled, but basically. shes kinda crazy. so we will see how things go with her! shes nice!

We also had 2 activities this saturday, we went to the park again to try and contact some people and got uber bombarded by testigos... jehovas witnesses, trying to prove that they new the bible and stuff, but i like the stile that they teach us. Testify, and invite. they  cant say anything else. just testify that you know its true and invite them to learn more. but we had a fun day. the english class continues to be the main attraction for them. then at night we watched 17 miracles with the ward... i dont knkow if you have seen it, but it is fantastic! watch it! we had a great time with the ward. 

And cambios.... im staying here with Elder Jimenez. everything happens for a reason :)

I love the Lord, i love knowing that He is there. i love serving Him for this time. im very grateful for everything He has given me. I feel his love and guidance. i know He watches me.

I love you all very much! thanks for everything!

Elder Gold

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