Monday, August 4, 2014

My trip to lagoon! :D‏

The president let us all go to an amusement park! no. but i have still been on a rollercoaster aaaallllll week long [with Elder Jimenez].  "I hate you, stop talking, i love you, thank you, lets study, please just go away, never let me be silent, youre prettier when you dont talk, thanks for not giving up on me, i dont care at all, youre my first true friend, lets work, i have no desires, why do you care, im suffering so you have to suffer too, today was great, im grateful for my trials, "...", i want to go visit your family when i get home." its the most intense rollercoaster of my life! BUT! i have an excellent Security Bar.

Now that i have done everything that i can think of, or that others can think of, and nothing has really worked... i will just keep moving keep seeking the guidance of the spirit, being happy, being a missionary. loving my life and what i do, and giving everything i have to help my companion and to serve the Lord. 

This week has been fun! we had intercambios on tuesday and we basically just bounced form house to house! it was awesome! everywhere we went they opened up the doors for us! we found another lady to teach as well, she is the mother of a 13 year old boy who got baptized but doesnt have lots of friends in the church and stopped going a few months ago, we had an excellent lesson with them and we really felt the spirit, she commited herself to read and pray and we will visit with her again hopefully tonight! its kindof hard to get in contact with her because there isnt a man in the house and because she lives really far away, but she seemed really open to the message we shared, and i think she was interested in how it could help her better her realtionship with her son.

Then later in the week we were also able to visit a less active woman who actually made it to church this week! we had 2 less actives that we are working with come this sunday! that was rewarding. but we went to go visit her with an RM in the ward and she was telling us how aweful her life was and that she just wanted to die, and she started asking about the possibility of suiciding and still being forgiven... it was bad... so we just started teaching because she was going down dark paths and we knew that she needed the spirit. so we started talking about Christ and about the scriptures. we had a good talk about it and we challenged her that when she felt crappy, instead of just sitting there, she had to pick up her scriptures and she seemed excited about it, then at the end she told us another story about suicide... and the RM said something that i thought was cool, i dont now if its doctorine but it sounded good to me! as we know we will all be restored to our natural state in the spirit world. good to good, and bad to bad.... even a good person cant expect to kill themselves because of depression and show up happy in the spirit world. if you are depressed when you leave, thats how you will show up! i thought it was a cool thought! it seemed to help her a lot! but she came to church and we talked for a bit and she said she had been reading and feeling a lot better. that was good.

We also visited a family this week who have been having LOTS of problems... its kindof sad, but this has been like the theme of my week because of what ive been studying in the book of mormon and for what ive been seeing. The lord sends us trials to soften us up a little. The husband of this family hasnt been progressing at all. he hasnt really wanted a change hes just been content where he is. but after this... he opened up a TON! we had an excellent lesson with him and he commited to baptism, prayer, and yesterday night when we went back he commited to read the book of mormon! but all by himself! we didnt even challenge him to do it, he just said while we were teaching "wow! i need to read this book! i didnt realize it was so important" then promised us that he would read it without us even asking! that was cool.

Its been interesting this whole week to see all of the bad things that happen to people, but how they choose to take it. some choose to get mad and depressed or shutoff... and some people take the iniciative and try to get out of it and get over it. and the greatest blessing that we have is the Gospel! it shows us how to make it through everything, to carry every burden, to conquer every trial. it is truly everything we need. Christ has been through it all, if we CHOOSE to let him help us. he gives us what we need to make it through. that has been beautiful to see. God isnt ashamed when,in our trials, we look to him. thats what he wants! obviosuly that he wants us to look to him always, but theres no better opportunity for us to start than when we feel bad! how merciful is our Father in Heaven.

We also did a sweet activity this saturday in a little farmers market shpeel that they do in a plaza close to our house. we were inviting people to english classes and we had a big bowl of candy that they could win candy if they answered bible questions! we talked to LOTS of people! hopefull next week it can be even beter! i want to do it every saturday! we will talk to LOTS of people :) i know that the Lord is preparing people. i have seen it SO many times. we just need to be watching for them, and praying for the Lords help to be able to find them! Everyone should be doing this! i invite all of you to pray, EVERY DAY for missionary experiences! then just let the Lord do his work.

This whole rollercoaster week i have found incredible strength. i know that my Redeemer lives. I know that he is strenthening me. i know he is there for everyone. what greater blessing is there on this earth than to know him and follow him? there is none. We can. always, through Him.

Yeah, finally finishing up, this week i met Brother Burton from Virginia... he was visiting Chile with his son! he learned spanish 40 years ago and still remembers it! totes my new goal. want that. I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! i have been doing it for 1 year now. i love it. its hard sometimes, but i LOVE it. i feel the Gospel changing ME and changing SO MANY around me. i am just happy! i smile! i feel good! i love it!

Be happy! feel good! love life! choose Christ always! i love you all! be strong!

Elder Gold

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