Sunday, August 3, 2014

STILL getting used to things‏ (July 14, 2014)

Man! this sector has been an interesting challenge! so much not what i was expecting or am used to. The missionaries here were just so ready to chill and eat and not do any work, and that is like the norm here, everyone is just content to chill and be happy. so... we are trying to get some new stuff happening, but people dont like it when you rock the boat... so... i may have some people who dont like me very much... but we have to work harder than we have, and we have to follow the rules. women do not like to be told that we cant come in the house unless there is a man with us. so yeah, new challenges. but its been good, lots of learning and growing. i wish i could say i was perfect but... still no. darn! people just dont see us as missionaries who are coming to invite them to come unto christ, they see us as awesome guys who they like to have around.

Anyways! good week! we found a few new people! hopefully we can amplify that and keep the momentum. We had an opportunity to clean up dog poop this wednesday in a really really really poor sector of our area. It is incredible to see how little these people live on, and at the same time, how content they are with it. its just like they get accustomed to living with nothing and they lose their drive to do better. they do the bare minimum and nothing more. just enough to survive. its sad really... we have been thinking about how we could help some of these people. obviously we cant just give them things, like money or houses, because that doesnt help them, what these people need is help changing who they are... learn to work, to take instruction, to contribute. The good thing is that we have the Gospel with us, that is here to help us in every aspect of our lives... moses 1:39. Thats what God is for. he wants us to progress. he wants us to gain eternal life.

We had interviews with the President this week as well. that was good, we did a bunch of practices on how to teach about the book of mrmon and use it help people to gain their own testimony about the church. it was good! i enjoyed it! The interviews also opened up a new door for us to be able to help each other out as a companionship and try to become stronger individually and as missionaries, my comp woke up the next morning just really... bugged and i knew he had been bugged so i was praying to know how to help him and i just felt impressed to give him attention without pressuring him and i was asking about his family and stuff and then he just opened up, and we talked about everything, how he was feling and we made a couple plans about how to help him out and what i could do to make his life a little easier... i was glad he communicated it with me, it was kind of an interesting chat at first and i just had to listen through a lot of things and not react but at the end it was really good.

WE had a sweet activity this week as well! in a little town outside of the city by like 10 minutes another ward had a talent show thing outside and they invited all the missionaries and our job was to g out before it started and just invite EVERYONE and then once it started show people around the little stands they had made about the auxillary... i dont know how its called in english but like young mens and womens and releif society... and then talk to them about the church a little bit. it was fun! it was cool to just stop caring and talk to EVERYONE, i feel like i have developed that ablity, i can start a conversation with ust about anyone who is willing to talk to me. and at the end i was able to give away 3 copies of the book of mormon and get a bunch of adresses... and get rejected a lot but thats ok! but it was a great experience! we want to try and have one down here soon :)

So super scattered email i feel like... sorry about that. i think im still just trying to find my system kinda... im just feling a little out of the zone... but its part of the process, i just need to keep working :) 

I still love the work! i still love all of you! thank you so much for everything! the church is true!

Elder Gold

also... not to be tunky but you were talking about dates and all so i figured out what day i will get home... the 15 of july maybe the 16

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