Sunday, August 3, 2014

semana 3, cambio 9, año 1‏ (July 21, 2014)

Hey fam! hope that all is well! hope that you are loving life!

This week has been good! we are still just moving forward with the missionary work. trying to find new people always and helping those that we have to move forward.  

I have really been loving the study of the book of mormon and have had some cool experiences with that as well. I finally thought up an organization plan for a study notebok and i have been writing down in one section al of the scriptures that i like and a summary, in another all of the "revelation" moments when i get something aweome out of the scriptures that comes from the spirit not the words, and the main section where i write down things i have learned and basically everything else! it took a whole 11 months to figure this out but hey! it finally came. i like to have it a little more organized as i study, because now i can look back on what i have studied and actually use it. but before it was a lot harder to look for stuff. 

another experience i have had this week with the Book of Mormon was when i was reading in alma... that part when its basically all just wars and battles and stuff and there was this part that talked about how the wickedness of the nefite people brought upon them the curse of the war, and that if they would have been more faithful to the commandments of the Lord the lamanites wouldnt have even made it across the borders. and i was reading and thinking and i just felt pain for these people, that like us dont always understand the commandments that they have been given, and then they have to suffer the consequences when they break them. that if they would have just had a little more faith, and us as well, then they wouldnt have had so many trials. it would have been a trial that was easily vnquished and then over. but thats the way the world works. thats why we have to work hard every single day to get closer to god and to try and do what he wants. thats when he is able to bless us and protect us in ways that dont seem totally possible to human eyes, like defending the borders of the nefite lands from the nearly endless troops of the lamanites. just by obedience. 

this week i am tlaking about study a lot because we have been going through some interesting times with my comp, so keep him in your prayers. but i was reading again in Jesus the Christ... that book is just awesome. i want to talk about a few specific parts but im almost sure that if i do i will just want to say everything and then i wont even make sense haha. but i loved the part that talked about how Jesus talked about authority... because he had that authority, he didnt say "i have athority listen to my words" he just said it the way it was. with power. so im gonna try and apply that a little more. be more firm in the way that i know it is and let other people see that its the truth. just because im sure.

The church is true! the spirit is great! i love the mission! thank you so much for everything!

Have a great week!

Elder Gold 

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