Wednesday, September 17, 2014

One More Week (Sept. 8, 2014)

Today. im tired. still happy! but tired.

We had a decent week! we were able to talk to a lady named Marisol on tuesday, which was cool because it was one of those people i had seen before and said hi to in the street, (because we say hi to almost everyone haha) and as we were walking by i just felt that we needed to talk to her! so we did! and she toled us to go visit her on thursday! so we did that... we had a great lesson with her. her husband was there as well but he didnt want to participate. we were able to help her set a baptismal date in the first lesson! then we went back on saturday and she talked to us in the entrance of her house crying... because she was hungover and had just done drugs.. basically just confessed like everything right there but then she kept telling us that she wanted to get better. She asked us to pass by on sunday to take her to church! so we did! and she went! she has a long race to run but she really wants to be better and she knows she needs to change! that was good.

We have been able to start working really well with the ward, gaining the confidence of the bishop and his leaders. they are helping us and we are helping them! we have had to work for it but happily its worked out well! we are starting to see the changes in the ward as we become part of the ward and start working WITH them. We also had an activity on friday with them... sadly we were busy helping out and getting ready so i dint take many pics... but it was fun! My comp and I sang Hero by enrique iglesias, but the spanish version... we had a good time with it hahaha... they gave us all sorts of crap for it on sunday. they kept telling us to sing and asking for autofraphs and asking us when our next performanc was... funny :)  But itt turned out well! we never even practiced the song... we just sang. and it sounded good ha. blessings! I didnt video it with my camara but i will see if i can get it from soeone to send it to you!

Also... remember how drunk men used to be the only ones who were attracted to me? well, here in copiapo thats not quite as true... soooooooooo many girls whistling and shouting things. My comp enjoys it a lot hahaha :) it always makes him laugh.

Thats my story for the week! 

Hope you are all well! Love ya tons!

Elder Gold

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